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Dominations a strategy management game what do I mean by that is boom Beach and clash of clans at twenty rounds I what else also the game’s other at you know what we’re talking about here strategy management and so you have your home base. click and gather resources on the go. and if connect more buildings you get more free resources. Tapping on traveling peoples also gives golds. Attack other players and upgrade your home base. Gather resources and build more buildings. Once you upgrade the town hall you will be advanced to another age.Its like stone age to space age it means current age. DomiNations MOD APK 3.0.150

What’s In The MOD: Thanks to P3triiX for the MOD
1. All 66 Archivments Complete – 8k crowns for FREE{New}
2. All quests Complete , just claim them
3. Hunt an animal and you’ll get 9879876 Gold – It don’t work with crowns
4. Hunt an animal and you’ll get 9879876 Food – It don’t work with crowns
5. Hunt consume only 1 citizen
6. Gather Food from Trees and you’ll get 9879876 Food
7. Only 1 citizen needed
8. Trees regen time set to 8 seconds
9. Gather Gold from Mines and you’ll get 9879876 Gold
10. Only 1 citizen needed
11. Mines regen time set to 8 seconds
12. FreeUpgrades – you can upgrade a building even if you don’t have food , gold or oil
13. InstaBuild / InstaUpgrade – build/upgrade time reduced to 0
14. Troops train rain cost is 0
15. Speed up cost ( troops training ) is 0 crowns [New]
16. Spell cooldown reduced
17. Spell radius maxed
18. Troops , Tactics , Generals , Factory & Aircraft upgrade speed up cost is 0 crowns you’ll need just food gold or oil

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 3.0.150



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Install APK and play.

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    This game is awesome!!
    Update it please….

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    Can you please update it!

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    Hey RG, please update this game

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    Hi RG ,

    Can you please update this app.

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