Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money 1.970

Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money 1.970

Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK is a freemium Simulator Android game from Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda. You would have guess it till now that its a freemium game and it would have a lot of IAPS but you are wrong.This Free Title does not have any IAPS but developers implanted Ads which is their source of development funds. Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK is added for Lots of money to purchase any truck you want and ride it freely in Open world.

Recent Update of Heavy Truck Brought new location. A Brand new city has been added in the content menu. Beautiful graphics and almost realistic way of driving trucks in different angles of camera views. You can explore Brazilian cities from your truck. but you can not withdraw yourself from the truck. its an open world offline but with trucks. Then entire world does not looks alive because of less traffic and less people walking around. if they add more traffics and different stations game would look more realistic. What other features are missions Need Rain System,Add Wiper Switch and Add High Beam Switch.Adding more Traffic Lights and also need Fixes for Transmission Manual & Fix Transmission Automatic (Unlock N Gear) apart from this Heavy Truck Simulator still a great game and you must try it if you are a vehicle simulator fan.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money

Requires Android: 2.3 and UP


Version: 1.970



Install Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money 1.970

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    Hey I press OK and it gets in gray colour and thegame is not starting bl

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    Finally, thanks! Rg

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