Monster Crew Armv6 APK

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� 17 Mysteries — Explore the Evil Doctor’s castle as you solve thrilling mysteries and unravel the story in this fifteen hour campaign.
� Exciting Combat — Monster Crew is a simple, one-touch game with great platformer combat. Begin by stomping spiders and skeletons and you�ll be taking on screen-sized bosses in no time!
� 25 Bonus Cards and 36 upgrades — Unlock powerful bonus cards as you progress through the story. And remember all that loot you’ve been collecting? Visit the bonus store to spend it on new cards and upgrades.
� Deep Strategy — Monster Crew has an RPG at its core, with a wide-ranging skill tree that offers a nearly unlimited set of play options. Choose a different set of bonus cards for an entirely new game.
� Replayability — No two games are exactly alike, so there’s always a new surprise around the corner.

Requires Android:2.2 and Up

Download Links:
Monster Crew APK(QVGA,HVGA,WVGA,Tab)

Monster Crew APK(QVGA,HVGA,WVGA,Tab)

Monster Crew APK(QVGA,HVGA,WVGA,Tab)

Install APK and play.
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