Samurai II: Vengeance FULL PC

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 Samurai: Way of the Warrior was featured in Best Games of 2009 by Apple � Samurai II is a true successor, aided by over a year of focused development. Overall production values and vicious action put Samurai II on par with console 3D brawlers. Screenshots don�t do Samurai II justice � the fluid action has to be seen running at 60 frames per second.
But looks alone won�t carry a game � the developers listened to fan feedback and improved gameplay throughout. With a new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps, and vicious new enemies, Samurai II is brand new experience for hack �n� slash gamers on the go.

Download Link:
Samurai 2 vengeance Download Link(25 MB)

Samurai 2 vengeance Download Link(25 MB)

Unpack the RAR file,open Setup.bat file wait for it finish,play the game from the desktop icon.

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