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Ares Virus MOD APK is a brand new survival RPG from Qcplay Limited. This Amazing 2D Survival android game just like Last day on earth challenges you to put that zombie survival strategy to the test. You play as a survivor just like the all survival games. It has deep storyline and plays like an RPG game as well. The graphics are kinda 2D but the gameplay is addictive and unique. The Ares Virus MODDED APK will give you GOD MODE and High damage to stand against zombies.

Download Ares Virus MOD APK Android 1.0.4

In Ares Virus MOD APK you’ll battle with the zombies in 2D Scale. Hunt down zombies and find the valuable resources. search different ares and meet new peoples. just like in the walking dead games or series you will have to deal with the human enemies as well. After the Dooms day our well known city is in danger because of ares virus. The virus is spreading and turning peoples in to zombies. The zombies are huge in numbers and resources are less. In order to survive you will have to find resources and kill zombies. Build shelters and survive. In Ares Virus MOD APK you will have to deal with zombies,make new friends or foes. Its kind of RPG game where story matters. Conflicts and incidents can lead to bloody events. Its a nice and unique Action zombie game where you will have different challenges in the game. If you like survival RPG Games then this game is surely looks fun.

What’s In The MOD APK:- Thank you iAlex for the Amazing MOD
One Hit Kill
God Mode
Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Endurance
Never Hungry

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.4



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. can choose what mod to activate? i only want endurance and ammo if possible.. one hit kill make the game not fun anymore, and if possible can we have like 500 coins? so we can unlocked everything.. thanhks

    • I hope so too. but impossible to have unlimited coin huhu. 500 will be enough. not too much from you RG I hope (:

  2. Don’t bother downloading, you won’t make it past the prologue. Once your entire team dies, you can’t go any further.

    • I think I got the solution to get past the prologue.
      You have to be tank and wear knife,
      After you kill the first zombie, you should go ahead before your friend step forward to kill zombie. This is where you take the role to be the tank. Repeat and importantly, protect Captain K. You can play the game after you get past the prologue with that trick.
      Hope it help you, guys. :)

    • you need to make sure all members alive make it to the gate. cover each other. right know I had discovered till central city


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