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You have heard of an amazing FPS Game named "Bright Memory Mobile" right? well Its now Finally Available on Android. Bright Memory Mobile APK is a First Person shooter developed by one person using the Unreal Engine 4.
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FYQD Studio
January 12, 2020
5.0 and up
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You have heard of an amazing FPS Game named “Bright Memory Mobile” right? well Its now Finally Available on Android. Bright Memory Mobile APK is a First Person shooter developed by one person using the Unreal Engine 4. it only features one episode currently. Bright Memory Android is currently in the Beta Stage. You will only find Bright Memory APK on Andropalace for now. Released Few Weeks ago on IOS and Its now Finally Arrived on Android.

Download Bright Memory Mobile APK Android Offline FPS Game

Bright Memory APK Android puts you in the role of a female protagonist named Celia, who is an agent for the super national science research organization. There is a terrorist group known as SCI is being led by a man named Carter in search of powerful artifacts. you have to stop them with all you have at your disposal. you get a lot while you only have access to three guns a machine gun shotgun and a pistol.

The game though is a nice array of abilities at your disposal with more being unlocked with experience points. my favorite is the light blade I love the satisfaction of blasting monsters in the air with the EMP then following up with a flurry of strikes it’s incredible. Bright Memory Mobile MOD APK has fast-paced combat, you’ll run across some puzzle sections as well. The puzzles are easy and does not take too much of your time.

Graphically the game is the best looking game on Android which is built using Unreal Engine 4 but lip-syncing is a bit awkward. You will be amazed to know that this game is made by only one developer. The Full Version of Bright Memory Mobile will Release in 2020 but here we have got special Game for you to try before its releases in the Play Store. We urge to bring good games for you so make sure to sign-up using your Email ID. Ill post Beta of Devil May Cry As well.

What's new

Fix: Default language is not English.



80 comments on "Bright Memory Mobile"

  1. Rana zaib says:

    RG please guide me, it says app not installed. I ho no Gameloft game on my phone but it always says app not installed. Please guide me.

  2. Wells says:

    This game had potential. Unfortunately its laggy on my 4gb/128 Snapdragon 660 device. Hopefully the developers do something about it’s optimization.

  3. Chetan Oswal says:

    Please tell me there is something new in this update, please….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please make for Android 4.0 :)
    I am from Indonesia
    I’m a fan of Andropalace

  5. Greg says:

    Why does the PlayStore link say “System: Android 5.0 ~ 10.0”?

  6. Chetan Oswal says:

    What’s new in this release?

  7. Gamer says:

    Just to make sure this game has only 1 hr of gameplay…then how is it a full game ??

  8. Gomu says:

    just reupload some dead ddl ? .. it seem there no difference for latest update.

  9. Ghost X says:

    Is it the full version? Rg

  10. Ayush Keshri says:

    Please post devil mae cry. Will it work only in those devices which have OTP from their server or for all devices???. But please post it eagerly waiting for that game.

  11. Giri says:

    Not working for pie 2gb ram wyh pls

  12. Muneeb says:

    As per my playstore:

    System: Android 5.0 – 10
    min CPU snapdragon 660
    recommended CPU snapdragon 855

  13. babyshark says:

    hi RG, Is it full version?

  14. rianrizel says:

    stil in beta??

  15. Chetan Oswal says:

    Hey Admin bro… Not able to install this game on Asus ROG phone 2. I had installed the early demo version on my device and it’s still there. Do I have to uninstall the demo version to install this?

  16. LeMonsieurCat says:

    Bought the game and realized it was just a damn demo πŸ˜’ better download it here from the first time

  17. Hansell Martinez says:

    This new “mini” “mobile” version of this site is pathetic. Honestly.

  18. Chetan Oswal says:

    You have posted something on 6th January…. Is it still the beta version or the updated version of game?

  19. Hancell Martinez says:

    Hey is this an update, or just a reminder?

    Well either way I still cant play this.

    Neither this or any other site never clarifies about the 64 bit only support.

    If you cant do that, then at least make possible to be able to download the apk separately and that way I can figure it out about the 64 support quickly. (In this case I know it was a large apk, but in other cases it would be good what Im saying, or the 64 bit clarification would be better).

    • Chetan Oswal says:

      Hey Hancell… The 64bit support means the capability of your device to run application of that resolution… If you have latest device, then I guess it should support 64bit games… Mine is Asus ROG phone 2 and this game work perfect on it.

  20. Karthick says:

    Game is super but this is trial version in
    Pc game

  21. Dan dan says:

    Why cant i play the game after loading it kick me out from the game and my phone still powerful tho its huawei p20 . Is this playable in Mali gpu maybe thats the problem???

  22. Edmar says:

    trial only for this game how sad..

  23. Fauzi says:

    Injustice v 3.2 pliss

  24. Donut says:

    that mentioned devil may cry beta is online or offline ?

  25. Nimbus says:

    So, sititing here, seriously impatient for the Devil May Cry post you mentioned above. Any details?
    Also, been using this site for a while, and so damn glad I found it. Having actual, high-quality games is a very refreshing break from sifting through all the trash on android.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Devil May Cry limited Beta is just finished. Open beta might come in January of February. Ill post it here as soon as possible.

  26. brat says:

    aw its arm64bit apk, is there other apk with armv7 support ?

  27. Jace says:

    RG, will there be a mod version for this?

  28. matthew says:

    How can i change language, it is chinese only, i don’t understand this language.

  29. NilKamal says:

    This is a One Hell Tough Lady ……………… Sometimes Menus r Stuck,cant rolling back.Gameplay is tough from the beginning compared to other android action games as no options of setting/change the difficulty level.

  30. Muneeb says:

    lag like a hell on my set but Graphics looking amazing… waiting official launch on playstore.

  31. MaharZeng says:

    the bright memmory is ok.but my huawei p30 lite cant play.going out to home scean when new game loadind finished.but i love andropalace.thank u.

  32. kylerud30 says:

    smooth gameplay on xiaomi redmi note 8 pro it still beta but they already nailed it!

  33. lol says:

    Any way to make this game playable with OS version 5.0 ??

  34. eR1ck says:

    You’re Really the best Rg.!
    Can’t thank you enough for what you do. Great Job bruh.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  35. Mehong says:

    wow great game and great graphic run well on asus zenfon mak pro m1

  36. John says:

    I have a mediatek helio p23 4gb and 9 pie and it works fine but chinese language.

  37. Leo says:

    Rg is this going to run on s9 oreo? Snapdragon

  38. Anonymous says:

    On Mi MIX 3 the game runs pretty well though the graphics could be upgraded a little. Amazing that one guy made this!

    Looking forward DMC :D

  39. James says:

    Hey RG, is this game for Snapdragon devices only? Cuz the requirements on playstore are showing Snapdragon specs. Wanna know before I download.

  40. Drasik says:

    Is a DEMO.

    When you fight a “warrior” the game is over.

  41. Phew says:

    WOW just like i expected. specification will high like other super graphic game.


    okay, enough, i already accept this reality.

  42. Elzain says:

    You’re the best RGβ™₯️


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