Card Thief APK MOD Full Version Unlocked Android 1.2.1

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Card thief by Tiny Touch Tales is a solid card stealth game that is played with a deck of cards as you might have guessed. card thief is a homage to the classic game from looking glass as in thieves. light and shadow play an important role each card can be either light or dark and change their value depending on the current state. you can play by selecting cards that are next to each other in order to form a path along this path yourself. card will move through each move but she is the thing each time you select a card that is two spaces away from your thief card. Card Thief Android is a paid game in the play store but you can get its APK Free from Andropalace.

Free Android APK Download MOD Card Thief Full Version Unlocked 1.2.1

The past difficulty increase and along with it all card values for this turn this means that guards become more dangerous and treasures more valuable. the goal of each game is to steal the castles chest card and collect or pickpockets treasures along the way in order to sneak past enemies and obstacles you have to spend stealth points these points can be replenished by picking up sneak cards or using a height card on each heist.

You can take three equipment cards with you for example the cloak which will give you additional stealth points or the famous rope arrow which allows you to change position with another card guards can see other illuminated cards next to them they’re facing direction is indicated by the view count five guards react to your actions and can become alerted or suspicious and will change their position based on your actions. if you manage to sneak past the guard that is standing in the shadow and is facing away from you. you can play this card without even spending any stealth points

card Thief Android tries to combine tactical planning of a stealth game with the simplicity of a solitaire card game. it’s well suited for short play sessions and offers gameplay depths for different equipment cards and four different heists each with their own enemy and obstacle cards.once you’ve played all cards from a castle deck the exit card will spawn at this point you can decide if you want to escape in DV or take the risk to pick up a few more treasures on the way up.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlocked IAP

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.2.1



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