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Choices MOD APK with VIP and Premium Features Unlocked. I have included all problems and their solutions in the post below. Kindly read properly to fix your problems.
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March 24, 2023
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So today i am going to write and cover all of the topics and errors which you guys face while using Choices MOD APK. Since you are using Choices Stories You Play MOD APK since long time and you are addicted to this game and its MOD Features Like Free Premium Choices, Premium Outfits and VIP Account for Free. You might be facing some issues and errors so we will be talking about why this happened and how to fix these issues.

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Basic Information about Choices Stories You Play:-
Its a Text based story game where you choices matters. You will be playing as some characters and following their stories. What you have to do here is take decisions of that particular character and it determines the outcome of a story which you are reading. Choices Stories You Play is a most downloaded text based story game available on the play store.

Easily Safe Guard your Choices MOD Save Using Facebook:-

Since you are using MODDED APK so you will have no chance to connect it to google play game and save your save game but you can use Facebook for it. Here its how. First you have installed MODS APK right now you need to connect it to Facebook and i Assume you already have a Facebook App Installed Right? well When you have Facebook App Installed and trying to connect Facebook Account with Choices you will face errors. But if you uninstall Facebook App then try login you will be succeeded in it. And your FB account will be added and your save profile is now saved. Now you can Install Facebook App again and use it like normally.

Note:- If you have Pre-Installed Facebook App then you can not uninstall it right. Well You can still disable Facebook App from Phone Settings>Applications>Manage APPs>Facebook>Disable App. When you are done connecting it you can simply enable your FB App again.

Choices MODS and MOD Features:-

Since its a freemium game so there are plenty of ways which you will need to pay using IAP but downloading Choices MODS you will have access to choose Premium Stories for Free it means unlimited Diamonds and also you will have Premium Outfits unlocked and a VIP Account with it. Some VIP Perks are server sided and this is the reason why you face such errors. Ill explain errors and fixes now.


1) I have an Older Version of Choices MODS now How Can i Update it?
Ans:- Since you have downloaded our Choices MODS you will have to come back to this page and get the latest updated MOD APK and simply install Latest Version MOD APK over your installed Old Version of the game. (No Need to uninstall Old Version)

2) I am facing Version Conflict Error in Choices Games while using MOD APK?
Ans:- Choices is an online game so there are two sides to it first is game client which is installed in your phone and another one is a server which is basically stores online on choices servers. Now i assume you are using VIP APK and you want to use Unlimited Keys of Choices MODS but the problem is actually you do not have unlimited keys on server,its showing infinite keys on your game client so if you are trying to play Books but you do not have keys then you will face Version Conflict errors while playing Books in Choices. So just wait for the Keys Replenish and you will be able to play it again. I recommend you to kindly play using NON VIP MOD APK. Because NON VIP MOD Features are all related to game client and does not affect server features.

Note, FAQs:-
1) How to Play VIP Books in Choices Stories you play.
Answer:- You have a Choices Stories You Play VIP APK but the books strings are server sided so you can not play VIP Books for now. Maybe in future if i manage to do it ill post here.
I have tried to cover all the problems and fixes so if any of your friend need some help regarding this then please share this post to your friends and ask them to ready it properly.

What's In The MOD:-

What’s In The MOD APK of Choices Stories you play: Credits:RoyalGamer
Free Premium Choices/VIP MOD is added Separately with Unlocked VIP Books(Not Tested Yet)


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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

1,810 comments on "Choices MOD APK 3.0.1 | VIP | Unlimited Keys | Diamonds"

  1. HHH says:

    I can’t get in when used VIP mod apk, can u fix it ?

  2. Commander Shepard says:

    I am switching phones. Is it safe to login using my email to save progress in order to transfer?

  3. Mike says:

    Is this the latest version?

  4. Rara says:

    Hello, today I opened my normal mod app, and I couldn’t claim any daily diamonds, reward diamonds, and opened any new Chapters. It worked just fine yesterday, so how can it be fixed? Thank you l.

    • Sara says:

      Hello. I downloaded the new update but I still cannot log in to my Facebook account. I can log into it with the original non mod apk, but the mod one gives error, no matter how many times I try. I’m scared that my diamonds will finish. Can you help me? :(

  5. Mel says:

    I hope commenting here helps 😄

  6. Reshaw says:

    Im in chapter 4 and the game starts saying that i need to refresh it. Imma just comment here like everybody else does

    • Reshaw says:

      I felt frustrated cuz my progress was gone.. idk what happened but i was back at the start. Please tell me what to do so it doesn’t happened again. Thank you.

  7. Icel says:

    so, someone said that if it says version conflict, then i have to restart or refresh my phone and comment here. i already did all of that but it still says “we’ve detected a version conflict…”. please help me, i really love this game.

    • some choices dude says:

      It means you’ve already used up your 2 daily free keys. Unfortunately, the VIP Mod only works on the stories but not on the keys as the keys is server-side and therefore cannot be modded.

  8. Achiles says:

    I read a comment saying that if your mod apk needs a refresh just restart ur phone and comment here.. Commenting hehehehe

  9. Ridho says:

    Hopefully soon there’s a way to fix the vip (unlimited keys).
    Despite of it, overall the diamond feature is working great

  10. Willywonka says:

    Plz fix it its great

  11. Willywonka says:

    Its great but it needs serious fixing , i cant even read , slow burn , or any Vip story except wake the dead and ms.match , also it always says something about refresh home and i cant read wrecked

    • Sara says:

      Hello. This new update has a bug or something. I have my game data on my Facebook account but I couldn’t log into it. I deleted the app and installed the non mod version and I logged into my account. Can you try fixing this until the next update? Playing with mod is just super convenient.

  12. Willywonka says:

    Just commenting to refresh

  13. Kanya says:

    Omg cool apk thanks!!

  14. Still working,Thanks RG!Still please fix it! THANKS!❤️😭

  15. Hi,I just found something in my Choices,Im at the Chapter 8 now and when im going to continue the Story it has a Problem again,So i Refresh my Phone and when its done i wait 5 minutes and Refresh it again then after that i wait 2 hors or 3 hours before i Open my Choices. Its working on me,Thanks RG for making this! But still please Fix it! THANKS!❤️😭

    • Oh! And i forgot,You need to comment here after you Refresh your phone thats the first Refresh,You need to Refresh your phone then wait 5 minutes then comment here. (Please just read my comment) THANKS!❤️😭

    • Icel says:

      please make diamonds unlimited! only unlimited keys are available when i downloaded it. please please. thank u.

  16. Hi,To everyone that has a Problem on the Choices Mod Apk or the VIP apk,If theres a Message that pop ups into your story that you need to Refresh your home page,Just refresh it the if its still not working,Refresh it again,it works on me when i did that. And The VIP mod apk has Unlimited keys and Unlimited gems. To the Choices Mod Apk it doesn’t have unlimited keys and Unlimited gems. Just Download the VIP Mod APK. I had a Problem to,i was at the Chapter 7 and it still had a Problem so please Fix it, I dont want to suffer from refreshing my Phone,So please Fix it RG. Thanks you!!!❤️😭

  17. Lili says:

    The vip books worked at first for me but suddenly stopped working. I guess this is why the vip version is unstable. Is there any way to make it work again, please?

  18. Hi,Its my first time to comment here. I had a Problem in my Choices free VIP acc,Im at the Chapter 6 now but it has a Problem,Its Says i need to Refresh my Home page but when i refreshed it.It still had a Problem so Please fix it😭 I really love this Game and by the way thanks for the Unlimited keys and Unlimited gems. Please fix it RG thank you so so much!!😭❤️

  19. Adi says:

    Im using the vip mod apk and the unlimited keys does not work, is there any way to get unlimited keys? Are you working on a mod which will give both the features?

  20. Ferry says:

    I cant collect my diamonds in VIP mod… the moment i press collect it wouldn’t let me collect, please fix this error soon…

  21. Zizi says:

    Thank you for making this mod!! i hope you always follow up with the updates and fix the errors

  22. Anne says:

    Please how do I download choices for PC to use the unlimited keys.

  23. Nick says:

    Thank you for the update

  24. Vinny says:

    Hey RG, could you update this error for the VIP mod apk? Whenever I finish a story chapter to collect VIP diamonds, it wouldn’t let me and I would have to exit and close the game to continue in the story which is pretty annoying to do….
    So far though, the unlimited keys and diamonds work very well in the VIP mod apk so I really hope you fix this error soon bc this is the only modded apk of Choices that is the best than the others that I have tried

  25. Hannah says:

    thank you so much for this mod! it helps a lot of people. the only problem are the random version conflicts that appear and basically forces you to restart a book. any fix for this? there is no non-VIP download link
    thanks in advance,

  26. Vader says:

    I still can’t play the vip book, that sucks

  27. Nilai says:

    Now wanted to download 2.9.1 version but after downloading the apk it is showing “can’t open file”. Please solve this problem

  28. JoKeR says:

    Whenever i complete any book it doesn’t show in completed books section

  29. Vaynalli says:

    I downloaded the mod but it seems that there isn’t any unlimited diamonds. I already have vip by the way. Please help.

  30. Suprabha says:

    Hey RG, I’ve got to ask: Wake The Dead takes refresh time of 4days to allow to read the next chapter. So with the VIP mod, can we actually skip that time? Cause it was showing me version conflict because the waiting time wasn’t over

  31. YG says:

    Same VERSION CONFLICT Problem Here … I Waited So Long And Even Claimed A Key From The Reward But Still Show Me Version Conflict Problem …

  32. Summer says:

    I have updated the mod but still says version conflict and I can’t read further

  33. Soul says:

    I updated and it’s say’s NOT LOGGED INTO GOOGLE and it does not have unlimited keys so it’s not working.

  34. Jj says:

    If I get vip from playstore and download this mod, should I use normal mod or the vip mod? Thanks!

  35. Hawhaw says:

    After Chapter 3 of Open Heart, the app keeps saying that they need to refresh the homepage because of some version conflict. The message pops up everytime I try to read the next chapter. There’s also another problem where everytime I finish a chapter, it wont let me collect the diamond reward, so what I did was exit from the app and play it again, works pretty fine but the problem is still there. FB synchronization works great too.

  36. Kayla says:

    Why won’t it let me continue my stories or use vio stories? I downloaded the vip mod. So how do I fix this?

  37. Vans says:

    Link isnt working for me please fix this

  38. Bob says:

    Does the mod work If i already have a vip?

  39. Rodrigo says:

    If i get The vip and then download The mod Will i still have The unlimited diamonds?

  40. Someone says:

    Hello, I’d like to ask. The non vip mod apk is just the same with the one on playstore? Or it still has unlimited diamonds and unlocked premium, but it shows the real keys? Or did I read it wrong? Thanks in advance.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      NORMAL MOD Features Free Premium Choices and Items while VIP MOD Features Free Premium Choices,Items+Vip Acc

      • Someone says:

        Oh, okay. Thank you so much. It’s so useful and amazing! Next time when there’s a new update, I just need to come here again to download it and all will b saved since I connected it on FB, right?

  41. Ojoh says:

    It’s showing version conflict error while playing game. What should I do now?

  42. Bea says:

    Both shipwrecked and wolf bride are inaccessible. Keys present (after 3 hours ofc) but there’s a version conflict pop-up that will not allow me to continue playing any of the chapters as VIP. Been waiting and trying for the past week to no avail. Not sure if this something to do with Pixelberry’s server or the mod itself. SOS!

  43. M3RCURY says:

    If i have bought vip and download the mod will i still have vip?

  44. Ale says:

    I’m having the same problem and all the mods that I tried are the same

  45. Rara says:

    How can I purchase some keys to this modded version? Waiting for keys for 3 hours is killing me, so I wanna buy a few keys. Am I able to do that? Please reply, thank you guys.

  46. Zee says:

    Game says it’s detected a conflict. Won’t open new chapters of stories partially read. I’m logged in on Facebook.

  47. Pallante says:

    How do i play Wake the Dead i tried to play it and it wont load up.

  48. It’s only been allowing me to only use 2 keys over infinite for days. Infinity keys are gone & like not being able to play VIP Books was bad enough. This is just normal app looking like VIP. It was half before only having unlimited keys but no VIP Books.

  49. Lace says:

    Can you log in the app?

  50. Harley says:

    Why it doent install on Android 11??
    Plz answer me .
    My phone is A52 s …

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