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CHUCHEL APK MOD is a comedic adventure game where you help an adorable, hairy, little creature, who is hell-bent on taking his cherry back in a wild and imaginative setting. From developer Amanita Design, creator of “Machinarium” and more recently “Samorost 3,” “CHUCHEL” is a hilarious series of scenes in which you and your annoying friend try repeatedly to win back a cherry that keeps getting taken away from you.

Download CHUCHEL APK Android Free Download

The cherry is mostly taken from you by a hairy,disembodied hand and put in the possession of various odd creatures and scenarios that you must carefully navigate to get it back. Most puzzles will require you to click certain things in the right order to solve. If you get stumped, a helpful hint will show up to give you a hand. It’s always fun to see a scene play out in unexpected ways. I found myself randomly playing variations of classic titles like “Tetris,” where I frantically moved around to avoid being crushed by the falling shapes.

In addition to the bizarre visual style, the game’s got a really charming soundtrack peppered with banjos, cymbals, hand-claps, and vocal harmonies that match the world perfectly. “CHUCHEL APK” feels like the kind of game you want to play with friends in the room, so you can all exchange confused glances after seeing a character’s head get used like a hot tub. Kids would probably love this kind of humor,especially. But I also feel like the pacing may test their patience a bit too.

Some of the solutions seemed a little too simple, while others had me really confused and left me with no choice but to use a hint. But the real fun comes in watching Chuchel APK MOD react to things, or the hilarious expressions of other animals onscreen.Chuchel is a premium game from Amanita Design, You can download Chuchel APK+DATA free from Andropalace.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.2



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