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Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE EN APK is an offline horror adventure game from 5pb.Finally its English version arrived on Android. But its a premium game in the play store and it costs a bit more than any regular premium game. but from Andropalace you can get Corpse Party APK with Obb data files for free. how many of you out there are corpse party fans like myself i have been a fan for the past three years ever since i downloaded the original game on the PSP I’ve always loved the horror franchise but there was some special charm about corpse party even though it didn’t follow standard or game gameplay mechanics I ended up playing the original game back in 2012 and when XE first announced that they were localizing corpse party blood drive.

Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE EN English APK Android Free Download 1.0.0

Now the wait is finally over and corpse party fans can see the finale of the heavenly hosts ugh here is my official review of corpse party blood drive EN Android game. if you haven’t played the prior games you can still watch this review and not have the plot spoiled two months after the events of course party book of shadows. there is spiritual unrest in the real world there are a lot of accidents and deaths going on that a lot of people r shoving the plane to ghosts and other paranormal activity at the same time the survivors of the heavenly host tragedy the events of the first corpse party are pulled into yet another plot involving them their deceased comrades as well as the hellish round that they only narrowly escaped months prior.

The story itself is really well done as you would expect it to be the whole environment really shows up well in this game you get a lot of backstory for characters in the first game as well as the new characters that are introduced in blood drive APK. and there are a ton of gruesome and shocking events the entire second half the story is nothing but shocking events one after another that you will not see coming.

Corpse Party blood drive APK is a 3d adventure game with puzzle elements set in our environment imagine it like the original corpse party game but a 3d unity engine instead of a 2d RPG Maker engine when you play through the game you’ll have story events and then you’ll be able to explore the 3d environments mostly with the goal of spawning more story events to spawn the story eventually have to go to certain areas in a certain order or you might need to collect key items to puzzle soft to open up the of the main new hazards in the game are traps on the floor there are various traps lay down a game but you have to avoid these keeping cracked floors that you can fall through piano wire that’s set up for you to trip on and get hurt by which is a huge reference to a certain scene.only strategy involved here is that the flashlight doesn’t have in an infinite number of patterns so you have to find batteries to be able to recharge it and if your batteries run out you won’t be able to see traps that you’re trying to avoid the other hazards in the game.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this game as far as the presentation is concerned the visuals look really nice the anime style is there for sure and the way 3d models almost makes it
look TV style but it’s proportionate enough that it looks okay regardless problems with the presentation and my only issues with the game come from the load times and the frame rates.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.0.0



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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