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Days After is an online survival android game just like Last Day On Earth. The graphics are colorful and you will find more features in this one. Since its a survival game you will need Lots of money and crafting so here you can grab Days After MOD APK and do your free crafting and all stuffs for free.
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September 13, 2021
5.0 and up
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Days After MOD APK is a survival simulation game with apocalyptic theme. In the game, players will survive in the most severe apocalyptic era. There are not only various kinds of humans after mutations attacking you, but also entrenched robbers. The gangsters are doing evil, players in the game must be very careful, let yourself deal with various situations in order to get the best chance of survival. Here you are downloading Days After MODDED APK so you will get Unlimited Coins Free Craft and Unlimited Items.

Download Days After MOD APK Unlimited Money

Days After Zombie Games Features:
1. Complete various tasks in exchange for more precious survival materials.
2. Super freedom, complete your different equipment manufacturing, and create better conditions for your doomsday survival.
3. The more difficult the reward will be greater, and only the challenge can get more rewards.

If this game is a stand-alone mobile game that is not connected to the Internet, it is pretty good.

One such game also has a krypton gold system, and it is all abnormal things that are carved out, and they are cleared one by one.

Because there is only one file per number, it is getting boring, but fortunately, my version does not have those ads.

Download the compressed package MOD APK and Install it and enjoy amazing MOD Features of Days After Zombie Games.

What's In The MOD:-

Free Craft | Max Durability | God Mode | Fast and Free Travel on World Map | No Hungry and No Thirsty

Building Shelter is bugged because of Free Craft MOD so we have added MOD MENU which you can use to turn off FREE CRAFT MOD easily and build your shelter. after that you can easily turn on the mod



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

Play Days After MOD APK Unlimited Coins Free Craft Max Level 7.5.2 on PC

Play Days After MOD APK Unlimited Coins Free Craft Max Level 7.5.2 on PC

78 comments on "Days After MOD APK Unlimited Coins Free Craft Max Level 7.5.2"

  1. Madmakem says:

    Hi RG

    As always you never fail to deliver. Super happy you’ve managed to add No Thirst or Hunger save a lot of problems especially when fighting the side bosses and you no longer have to scavenge about looking for berry’s and other food and drink.

    Many thanks


  2. Madmakem says:

    Have you enabled Free Craft from the Mod Menu? If not click on the Mod Icon, change the setting to Enabled and minimise the mod screen. Now you should be able to craft as many as you like. However remember to turn the MOD off when constructing tiles and walls etc as it won’t allow you to lay them.

    • mythgamer says:

      sorry for my english .this mod is a good one but u need a lot of resources to upgrade buildings.and this mod have a serious problem when u r playing card game with girls and about reaching 300 love will jump out a menu to advicev u to buy some gift .but this mod will not show any thing in that menu and wont be able to close it. so i got stuck at that point .i tried the non-modded version game that purchasing menu can be closed.

  3. Madmakem says:

    Hi RG

    Version 7.5.2 has just come out, given that you are unable to add magic split or unlimited coins, could you possibly have a look at No Thirst and No Hunger please?

    Many thanks


  4. john says:

    hello could you try putting multiple damage in the mod to kill the zombies faster, thanks.

  5. Pengocok Handal says:

    RG when will the mod update roll out

  6. Gicko says:

    Plz help, i can’t creat chest form free craft, somebody tell me why

  7. Mina says:

    Hi, do you have guardians of the galaxy by telltale games with all data episodes?

  8. Pengocok Handa says:

    It’s gonna be nice if you can add notification on which spesific post so you will know when there’s a new update/change

  9. Madmakem says:

    Hi RG

    The next update has just been released. Could you possibly update it and add the following if at all possible please:
    Magic Split – An absolute must please
    Coins – as many as possible

    Many thanks


  10. Sun says:

    When will the new update be uploaded?

  11. john says:

    quando vai sair nova atualização? vi que já tem uma nova atualização mais ainda não saiu para todos.

  12. Mauro says:

    Hi, there has been an apdate to v7.5.0.. I hope you will update it soon and make magic split… if you can ofcourse. Thank you for all mods

  13. Zor Prime says:

    How does the free coins work? I’ve tried toggling free craft on and off and haven’t gotten it to work as of yet

  14. Steph says:

    Hi! Anyone has any idea on how to solve the cunning old man’s quest? He is the old man at the swamp. I couldn’t seem to complete even the second quest

    • Madmakem says:


      Firstly you need to talk to him, then he will walk to the top edge of the map. From there just walk up to him and he’ll walk off the screen.
      Then you will be taken to a cut sequence where he tells you about a rifle his father gave him, you walk across a barn and he pulls a lever and you fall into a pit.
      From there you are attacked by zombies and you have to walk through a series of corridors until you find a screwdriver. Once you have the screwdriver walk back towards the start and you will see an air vent I think, it will be circled when close enough click on it and a picture of a screwdriver will appear.
      Use it and you will be taken back upstairs where he will send his pet monster after you, just fight the monster and once complete walk off the edge of the area and you will be returned to the world map, Job Done.

      Hope that helps. If not message me and let me know what else you want to know

  15. Ammar says:

    Does anyone got their sheriff point increased?

    • Madmakem says:


      You need to swap things like grey and purple Zombie ears, Blood Patches and animal claws to put your points up.

      Once you reach about 80 points, go into the other room and speak to the woman behind the desk, she will send you a task to collect either wolfs blood or another liquid or a Bears Head.

      When you go back to the world map, 3 new locations will appear, 1 is a Massive Bear, 2 is the Junkyard monster’s brother, 3 is a pair of Wolves one is a pack leader and the other is its second leader.
      You have a choice of easy, medium or hard mission to fight these monsters.

      Top Tip, take plenty of weapons, med packs and pumpkins or something that replenishes your fluid as you get extremely thirsty quickly when fighting the . The harder the mission the better the rewards, you tend to get advanced weapon parts, metal, brick and load of other things when you complete them.

      Once complete go back to the woman in the sheriff’s office and exchange whatever she has asked for. Again she will offer you weapons, clothes and other things.

      Hope this helps

  16. Thais Rocha says:

    In the next update, could you put the “Water Tower” location?
    I really liked the MOD, just a detail to make it EXUBERANT! HE HE


  17. Madmakem says:

    Hi RG

    Given that your unable to create a Money MOD for this game, can you possibly create a Magic Split which would be probably the next best thing given the different amounts of things needed to be created in order for you to improve your base etc.

    I’m really liking the latest Mod the Fast Travel it has saved a lot of having to either use coins to refill energy or having to wait until the energy meter refills. Thank you.

  18. Ammar says:

    Hai sir.. can u add magic split in the next update?

  19. Steph says:

    Hi! May I know how can I transfer my game to the new updated MOD version?

  20. Sheldon Dean says:

    Just a heads, I got the update, but it has what I think is am radio white noise and stops loading, also the crafting aspect ie. Logs planks ect. Is frozen with no way to remove said item. Please fix. And would like to see fast travel

  21. Beso says:

    Hello can you add instant travel so we can use walking without energy consumption i have seen someone do it but no max durability

  22. Julio rivera says:

    I have download the file and when instalation es complete the game show the version 7.3 and still sugesting me to update for 4.1

    Greetings from mexico

    • Royal Gamer says:

      I am playing it right now just to check and its working completely fine. latest version right now is 7.4.2

      • John says:

        Por que sua versão está a frete da versão da play story? Agora quando tento entra na versão original do jogo fala que está desatualizado

  23. Cekehhh says:

    Free upgrade on workbenches and other facility please

  24. Zor Prime says:

    I can’t seem to install this update. File manager opens it in rar I don’t see an apk. Am I missing something?

  25. Cekehhh says:

    Hello, is this unlimited coins mod work in this version?, And is the free craft system works on all items?

  26. Zor Prime says:

    I’m just curious. Is it possible to apply Free craft to crafting benches (stonmasons table, smelter ect)?

  27. Madmakem says:


    Now that you’ve created a menu, is there no way that you could add either a large amount of cash or unlimited cash? It must be possible because of a modded version I played back at 7.1.0

    However I’m still really happy that you managed to fix the bug. Thanks

  28. Zor Prime says:

    I know I’m not the first to mention this but I was wondering if a fix for the bug with placing and upgrading floors is in the works? I’m kinda stalled right now as I need lumber to get the car fixed and I need Stone blocks to upgrade the workbench to produce them. Other than that awesome mod.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      it is fixed now but you will have to use MOD MENU. you need to TURN OFF FREE CRAFT MOD from the mod menu whenever you want to build shelter.

      • Zor Prime says:

        How do I access this mod menu. I’ve Uninstalled and re-download/reinstalled apk and I can can build have have durability/health mods but bo free craft.

        • Royal Gamer says:

          Free Craft needs to be enabled from the MOD Menu. MOD Menu can be find in upper left corner but you have to give it a hovering Permission first when you start the game at first time

      • Zor Prime says:

        How do I access this mod menu. I don’t see an option for it. I’ve Uninstalled and re-download apk

        • Zor Prime says:

          Figured it out. Had to set permissions. Works great now thanks. Also found a “cheat” for leveling. Fill up your building slots (25) and keep crafting whatever shelter equipment gives you the most xp. Since it’ll never be created because slots are full it won’t count towards your cap and you can craft them infinitely

  29. Juan says:

    Make it mod for Split/Duplicate item please! It will be great mod if u can do that!

  30. Onyxwolf says:

    Cannot upgrade the floor and hence cannot place many furniture objects like seeing table that require an upgraded floor

  31. JoeZo says:

    Hi RG, can you mod for duplicate or split item please, it will help so much!


  32. Madmakem says:


    As always thank you so much for getting back to me, really appreciate all your hard work.



  33. Madmakem says:

    Hi Sorry I forgot to add that there is also an issue right at the start of the game, it doesn’t you to put square floors down. It will let you place one but then freeze and when you come back to the main screen and leave your home and return the floor that you have put down disappears. This wouldn’t really be an issue however it stops you from upgrading the flooring so you are unable to place anything like the Sewing Stand etc because you need to upgrade the floor to wood and eventually to Brick later in the game. Could you also look into this please. I can’t wait for you to fix the money problem. Again thank you for the Mod and thank you for replying to my first message.

  34. Madmakem says:


    I’ve just downloaded your Mod and can’t seem to see how I get unlimited coins. I’ve only just started, could you tell me if there is something I need to do in order to get unlimited coins? I used another Mod when it was back at the 7.1.0 version and you had to get killed and respawn and you received 50,000 coins every time you respawned. I’ve tried that with this version but it doesn’t work which is why I’m asking what am I doing wrong? Many thanks for the Mod’s other feature though.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Ill fix it for sure

      • Madmakem says:

        Hi Thank you for getting back to me I’m looking forward to using your MoD

      • Madmakem says:

        Hi have you had a chance to revisit this mod and to make the changes available like Free Cash and Free Craft?

        Many thanks


        • Royal Gamer says:

          Yes Updated with New Features. try it

          • Madmakem says:

            As always thank you for you response and for updating the game version very much appreciated. Again thanks for the mods added, I’ve just set up a new install and found that the mods work but there is still an issue with the cash and also when placing tiles down. Don’t know if its me doing something wrong but its just doing the same again. Like I say I’d more than grateful for you updating this but could you advise as to what I could be doing wrong?

          • Royal Gamer says:

            Okay ill fix the Tiles problem but cant promise about the Money

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