Endling Extinction is Forever

Finally PC and Console Premium Offline Game Endling Extinction is Forever APK is Released on Android Devices.
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April 23, 2023
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Endling extinction is forever. The story of a mother fox losing her cubs to a forest fire is both heartbreaking and emotionless. Her relationship with her cubs was unique and special as they found comfort in each other’s presence while they sought shelter from the owls that roamed the forest. With no more cubs to be born, she would become an endling, a species that soon would go extinct forever. The feeling of loss was present throughout the forest as all living creatures felt the sorrow for what had happened.

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The last fox, a pregnant mother, was a symbol of hope. She and her mate were the last foxes left in the world. The fox tried her best to avoid danger while protecting her unborn puppies and cubs. It was a blighted landscape that she had to scavenge through, searching for food to survive. The desolate world became silent as she passed through; all animals had become extinct due to human interference and exploitation of nature’s resources. As the mother fox fought for life, it became clear that endling extinction is forever: no other species would be available to fill the void left by those who have been taken away from us. Her struggle was admirable; she managed to keep going despite all odds against her survival in this hostile environment. The last fox ultimately gave birth to a new generation of puppies and cubs who showed promise of becoming strong enough survivors in this desolate world.

Their mother fox was no longer around to protect and care for them, as she had been killed by the hunter. This tragic event lead to the final scene of a badger mourning her dead relative. The mother badger was unable to save the fox from her fate as prey, and so all three were left in a state of sorrow. Endling extinction is forever, with no hope of saving these species that have been lost, leaving behind nothing but empty landscapes and scenes of tragedy.



9 comments on "Endling Extinction is Forever"

  1. thecabuzz says:

    i download from mediafire

  2. thecabuzz says:

    when i open the game a square pop up in chinese, aparently asking for a name user and a id number,
    pls help, i really want play this game :(

  3. Naazzz says:

    What is modded in this game?

  4. ChasingMist says:

    God job RG.I wanna ask a quesgion…u or our team..idk…can.t make agrahic mod forhonkaiimpact anyhow? Ms fwvorite game but i can.t play without lag atm. Anyway thx for ur work. I can play some games whats not compatible with my device without ur work. Have a nice dice.

  5. Gowtham says:

    A decade have passed since I discovered andropalace. Thank you rg

  6. Minsan says:

    Hello sir RG..i want to play PC game on mobile.i want just one hour enough every day.do you have suggest mod app?sorry for my english.

    • Gowtham says:

      Hey, it’s not impossible to play pc games on mobile without windows 11 arm setup, exagear or the offical port of the game.
      There are some ways to play the game you want by
      1.installing official mobile release
      2.cloud service
      3.playing on a suitable (and playable) emulator if the game is available for it.

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