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Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK is an amazing offline RPG Game with great storyline. After its first game its a huge upgrade in terms of graphics and gameplay. Epic Conquest2 MOD is added for Unlimited Money and Currency.
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Gaco Games
January 15, 2021
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Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK is an offline adventure action RPG game. The high-definition game screen uses 3D effects, and the characters are very cute and have a two-dimensional animation style. There are a large number of RPG element styles in the game. Players can search for hidden treasures and choose the upgraded attribute assignments. The special effects of game skills are gorgeous, and the game has more than a dozen skills for players to choose the most suitable match for them. The game plot uses animation and dialogue to promote the plot, which is very charming.

The combat mechanism is amazing! Smooth control and action, sensitive input and satisfactory offensive hits! You will like to kill enemies without any effort. Various character shaping. Decide how you play each role. Although this may not be seen early in the game, Epic Conquest 2 provides freedom in character creation. From statistical distribution, skills and equipment, every decision is important!


Each playable character in Epic Conquest 2 has 8 active skills and 8 skills. You must choose the one that suits your game style. Classic status distribution after upgrade! Manually assign points to increase attributes to suit your build. multiple equipment options, you can customize and further enhance your preferred style.

Beneficial open world exploration treasure chests, hidden objects, handmade materials. Good things for people who explore! Epic conquest 2 an animated story is done right! Use animations and character expressions to enrich the storytelling, you always want to watch the next episode!

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money (Money will not reduce)


36 comments on "Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK 1.0d"

  1. An naas says:

    Error in start game
    I push my finger in text start game epic conquest not respond please fix this game

  2. It’s not complete, don’t ask for request. It’s only chapter 1, after defeat minotaur you will be stuck forever .. 🤣🤣 waiting for the complete version.

  3. Sony setiawan says:

    Maaf bung, harusnya kalo levelnya naik HP samaMPnya harusnya bertambah, tapi kok tetap gak ada perubahan sama sekali

  4. Yohr says:

    is this a complete version?

  5. Randombull says:

    Are red gems unlimited too??

  6. william says:

    when i updated the mods wont let me buy items…

  7. ljzzzz says:

    is it complete version already?

  8. Kyrie says:

    Mod doesn’t work.. correct me if i am wrong

    Thx RG
    U’re the best..😅

  9. Rupert says:

    Do not request a mod this game because it is not complete and more problems like bugs and glitches.

  10. Omeofthemobs says:

    Lead boar to charge on to the tree.

  11. Abir says:

    RG There Is A Bug When I Get Bleeding Effect The Character Instantly Die I Can’t Prigress In The Quest Please Fix This Problem…Thank You

  12. Joshie26 says:

    How come i cant get the honey quest?anyone help me

  13. IMPOTENT says:

    Hello RG, is this mod is included GOD MODE?


  14. raymond says:

    there is a bug that whenever a wolf hits you your life bar goes down to one anf when you’re bleeding you die quick

  15. Charioles says:

    Hi RG, may I ask why Bloodstained was removed from this site? Was the app infected? Was it too buggy?

  16. jessijeans says:

    rg, the enemies attack make my hp to 1 and it cant kill me but the bleeding effect wiil, so i cant win against the wolf boss, cant you fix this rg?

  17. Athlum says:

    Thanks RG, i’ve been waiting for this game, you added the mod and it make things 10x better. I really hope they can make more games like this, offline game like this is rare, need more!!!.

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