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Farmville 2 Country Escape MOD APK is an offline farming casual Android game from Zynga.
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September 15, 2020
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Farmville 2 Country Escape MOD APK is an offline farming casual Android game from Zynga. You can check its popularity only by checking game’s Ratings and downloads. Millions of downloads since game released for Android. Released on FB its now available on Android in the play store and for ios in the App Store.

Farmville 2 Country Escape is a farming game where you’ll be able to begin your own farm and feed animals. Farmville 2 MOD APK is Associate in Nursing offline multi genre robot game wherever your goal is to try to to some special works like planting and farming and sell merchandise and earn more cash.if you have played farmville before then try now with our Farmville 2 Country Escape its more fun that playing an original normal game.

There is planning to be little concerning this game that you just do not already understand the gameplay parts stay just about identical new plant crops to feed animals buildings cracked so i do not assume render farm complete missions and every one that jazz rather like you’d on the terribly a measure to there area unit many belongings you will try this you cannot do the desktop version like formation for things however even those things follow an identical pattern in mechanics there area unit many additional variations you can’t set down plots absurd implant.

What's new

ALL NEW EVENT: Eddie’s girlfriend, Pilot Penelope is here to participate in the Farm Airshow
COMPETE in 2 stages to earn rewards like Keys, Padlocks & more.
Get gold in either stage to invite Aviator Ace on your farm.
Win Gold in both stages and welcome Stunt Master Aeronaut Ace on your farm.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Keys(Keys will not decrease)


68 comments on "FarmVille 2 Country Escape MOD APK 16.0.6000"

  1. Magnuna says:

    Thank you for update, RG! This mod is really great!

  2. Magnuna says:

    Hello, RG! Please, fix the Boat Race. I don’t want install game from other site, coz only your mod let me connect to FB and don’t lose the progress. Please!

  3. sezgin says:

    Do you do the same mod in the previous version, and when I say connect with facebook, the game crashes.

    Bir önceki sürümdeki mod’un aynısını yaparmısın ayrıca facebook ile baglan dediğimde oyun çöküyor cihazımda facebook yüklü değil tekrar güncellermisin?

  4. Actually, I don’t know why this is happening as the game crashed just right with a click to connect with Facebook and also, the keys keep decreasing.
    Can you please tell me where the mod is prepared, I mean the barn expansion is fine but what are the other modifications?
    Thanks for your amazing work though!🌹
    I’ve been playing several games like a charm!!

  5. Nirob says:

    Sorry RG this mod not playable😑😑 and you didn’t answer thats you can fix Facebook connect issue or not😑😑

  6. Nirob says:

    Will YOU fix it or not bro please answer🙄

  7. Nirob says:

    Can you fix it asap??i am not able to play my game without Facebook connect😐😭

  8. Nirob says:

    Rg when i am trying to connect my Facebook Everytime they kicked out me directly from game i cant log in with my Facebook so how i can play my game without Facebook😑😑can you please kindly recheck and fix this issue please i am waiting😑😑

  9. Magnuna says:

    Thank you for update, RG!

  10. Nirob says:

    When you will update new one boss?

  11. Nirob says:

    You know boss Rg,you are the best buddy.Everytime i wait for your any mod apk..and mostly for farm ville,,so boss love you,but can you fix some issue in next update like barn full cant remove any item, boss dont be late to upload new update Pleas. Go ahed,allah bless you always boss..

  12. Magnuna says:

    Please respond! Are you going to fix mod? Or it’s will be this way until next update? I like your mods, when they are working properly and don’t want search for other sites, but play with this mod it’s impossible.

  13. Magnuna says:

    Hello! Thank you for update, but now I can’t play((( Barn is full, nothing can be removed, crops silo empty, but crops goes to the main barn. All workshops stay loaded, county fair points can’t be collected. Plz do something with that.

  14. Magnuna says:

    Hey! Try to get to level 36 when you can open Lighthouse and cove. Then you can search cove with golden net, wich cost 1 gold stamp or 0 keys. Treasure chest ready in 5 seconds and bring 2 keys each, and many useful items as well.

  15. GoodGo says:

    Keys do decrease. I believe the mod provides 0 keys to make stuff and that’s it plus if the ingredients decrease then the tent trick won’t work either. Can someone instruct me if I’m missing anything here or how to go about it on those keys. P.s just started playing

  16. Karthik says:

    Game crashes when i try logging into fb
    (Ps: i have uninstalled my fb app)

  17. Intan says:

    Update the game please

  18. Intan says:

    I prefer with the last update than this one, cause the last update when I exchange the ribbons for the keys (15 keys) it didn’t decrease the ribbons, cause its easier to have the keys than I have to get the keys from the treasure it’ll just makes my barn full. Please hope you can make that mod again for the next update.

  19. Lucifey says:

    The unlimited keys not working anymore can u fix it RG? Thanks!

  20. Sk says:

    No unlimited keys pls update :(

  21. Tina says:

    There is a new event starting soon there is a new update.

  22. Baka says:

    Can you fix unlimited keys ? Its not working, only appears 0 when used it. Thanks mate

  23. Wynn says:

    Keys still deducted. Crafting materials on building was a nice idea bcoz it cost 0 keys. But no unlimited keys to skip the line. Hope you fix it. Thank you.

  24. Aqib says:

    Couldn’t even install the latest version. Its saying it not compitable with your phone. Why?

  25. Intan says:

    Why do I lost the keys after I updated the game :( please help me, I can’t use the keys, the keys are 0

  26. Wynn says:

    Please update the game. And can you make another mod where it freezes the key only so the game wont restart even playing online. Thanks. I already gather golden fishnet so i can obtain 2keys from 1 treasure box. Thanks.

  27. Aqib says:

    Please update

  28. Intan says:

    Please update to the newest version 12.9.4385

  29. Wynn says:

    I suggest if you can make a FREEZE key hack. I am using a hack on ios where it freeze the keys. Keys can obtain from the sea treasures. This will make a game playable without restarting every 30secs. Right now your unli keys works offiline without retarts. Hope you can make it. Thanks

  30. Sk says:

    Can’t connect to Facebook please help :(

    • AA says:

      there is usually 2 things i do, its either you uninstall the fb app first and then try logging in


      you try to login and it will load for a while, press the back button. try again to log in, it usually works for me so goodluck

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