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final-fantasy2-splashfinal-fantasy2-android-mod-apk final-fantasy2-apk-5.00final-fantasy-apk-datafinal-fatansy2-rpg-android        In 1987 square enix was facing the financial crisis one that had them on the verge of bankruptcy by the same time the following year they were ready to release a sequel to one the most popular RPG sever me in this situation it would be very tempting to repackage the game making only a few minor tweaks to the system in releasing was virtually the same game with different come this is what a lot of companies might have chosen to do it’s the safe logical decision obviously a formula had been discovered that people really liked so why fix what isn’t broken square enix wasn’t enough to simply release a sequel though it wasn’t enough to copy the same formula slapping his story over the top instead Square attempted to revolutionize the RPG genre second time they took several steps forward and a few backward my regardless if it’s mistakes Final Fantasy to still stands as one the most unique old-school RPG zippel time the original game had absolutely exploded into peer. and because its success final fancy to was able to be released almost exactly one year later. final fantasy 2 available as a premium game but using FINAL FANTASY II MOD APK+DATA (NO ROOT) 5.00 you can get your game easily.  with unlimited money.

Final Fantasy to has some exceptional ideas it has a completely overhauled character development structure a totally reworked equipment system and the number added battle mechanics overall really innovative it’s just unfortunate that square didn’t provide themselves with enough time to make these changes function properly game starts off with the four main characters phiri on Maria guy leon as they flee from Imperial soldiers luckily three of them were rescued by rebel factions that’s very on Maria and guy while leon is lost in three having lost their home to the Empire knowing their lives to the rebels 3 decide that they want to enlist in the rebel army but their request to swiftly denied by Princess villa deems them too young and inexperienced fight party decided instead to go in search of the friend before setting out the players introduced to a really cool new gameplay mechanic were the most interesting features added the final phase to visits password system which is required to advance the plot so for instance. Final Fantasy to was a very ambitious key the developers decided not to take the safe route by simply releasing the same day missed predecessor with a few new characters and slightly altered story it was an entirely new experience and one that was driven by many brilliant ideas.

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Money

Requires Android: 2.2 and Up

Version: 5.00



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

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