Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK (With Real Player Names)

Football Manager Mobile 2022 is here. you can experience more exciting football competition challenges, where players can enjoy different football competition fun, and can also become a team manager to lead the team to victory, and there are more ways to play. The latest installment is more fun and has vast new features and gameplay.
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April 12, 2022
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Football Manager 2022 APK or FMM2022 APK / FM22 APK is a very popular football competitive game, where we can always use our mobile phones to launch popular and passionate football competitions and build our football team. train more star players, join the league again and again, and get good grade.

With Football Manager Mobile 2022, you can experience more exciting football competition challenges. You also need to overcome various emergencies and hone your skills to achieve success and realize your dreams. There are more ways to play waiting for you. The fun of football is not just about winning.

Download Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK With Real Player Names

Game highlights:-

1. Embark on a journey to the top to achieve the goals of the club’s top and meet the ardent expectations of the fans.

2. Looking around the world to look for tomorrow’s stars, or focusing on the inside of the team, training those players with a promising future, and fully releasing their potential.

3. Design your own styles for the players, and use well-planned tactics and strategies to bring success to the team on the match day.

4. Do your best to reach the top, or turn the tide in the end; these are the sweetest moments.

5. The destiny of the club is in your hands-you are incumbent on their hopes.

6. Win at the critical moment, turn the club’s dream into reality, and consolidate your position as an excellent manager.

7. This is a brand new season, and it is officially about to embark on a new round of journey, which is very good;

8. Feel the infinite battle and the most passionate charm, and you can also feel very happy;

9. The whole process will make people feel very exciting, and there are many different gorgeous skills.


Thanks to Androidoyunclub for the Amazing Patched Game



33 comments on "Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK 13.3.2 (With Real Player Names)"

  1. Donachiey says:

    Hello, downloaded the app,but I’m not getting real players

  2. Habib says:

    Can’t seem to play it as it download something without end

  3. Neo says:

    I tried buying with the lucky patcher app and it didn’t work so please why can’t someone do what someone did with last year’s game and create a modded version with the editor already unlocked? I just doesn’t make any sense to me that FM21 had the editor for free and with FM22 nobody can come up with a way to put it already unlocked in the game.

    • Damien says:

      Why don’t you do it yourself? Others already provide this game free for you, yet you are bitching here asking for another free stuff. Choosing beggar.

  4. LinearDiv says:

    RG,one quick question…Is the match day display still the usual dots kicking a footy about?

  5. Ngapocak says:
    tutorial how unlock store with lucky patcher, works Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK 13.0.4

  6. Aditya says:

    In game editor please

  7. Rod says:

    Is this safe without virus?

  8. Asin says:

    Thanks worked very well No problem with fake name,, all real names thanks RG

  9. EgaAlnizar says:

    Still fake name, anybody help?

  10. Rizki Aditya says:

    no manchester united save data?

  11. Kii says:

    Save data FC Bayern please

  12. Pyro says:

    Can you make fc Bayern save data, Rg?

  13. jack says:

    where is the directory/location of save data in FMM 22? anybody know?

  14. Reyn says:

    Mr.RG how about face player n’ kits, do you have the datas?

  15. Tedquan says:

    Rg any hope for the touch of football manager

  16. Aditya says:

    Does it have an editor?

  17. Daredevil27 says:

    Didn’t work for me … When i enter the game menu it closes the app directly ! What can i do ?

  18. Emanuel Mendes says:

    Not the real names

  19. Ola says:

    No saved data, no real names.

  20. PENDULUM says:

    Real name?

  21. Your mom says:

    Where is the savedata?

  22. Chandra nugroho says:

    I just install the game, but still fake name. How to fix real name in the game?

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