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In Forgotten Memories APK you will experience amazing adventure horror gameplay and music.
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Psychose Interactive Inc.
December 19, 2019
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Forgotten Memories APK has finally arrived on android. After almost 4 years of its IOS release Forgotten Memories is now finally Available on Android Devices. A premium Horror story driven adventure game from Psychose Interactive Inc. Amazing horroric atmosphere in detailed 3D Graphics. A perfect game for you if you love playing silent hills kinda games on your Android devices.

Download Forgotten Memories APK Horror Adventure Game

Story of Rose Hawkins an inspector who’s investigating the case of missing child Eden. the search somehow leads her to waking up in a psychiatric institute in a bad case of amnesia and on top of that she now has to fend off ghostly spirits and living mannequins. The game doesn’t fully explain who Eden is or how the hospital’s connected to the case and it feels like just a genetic explanation.

The player must find the route strategically in order to conserve the health and supplies and ultimately to survive something I really enjoyed by. the graphics the dark dreary holes of the hospital beautifully crafted with very fine attention to details. dimply flickering lights or the crumbling walls Copland invading vegetation the bottom memories creates an unsettling scenery to explore alone.

Forgotten Memories Premium Offline Horror Adventure Game Download

The gameplay is a third person search and explore kinda. In your way you will find different objectives,Consumables and even weapons. Though your ammo will be limited but you will find ammunition in your way. The controls are easy responsive. The game looks amazingly good in certain points. Forgotten Memories APK is kind of classic premium horror game you will surely enjoy.



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Play Forgotten Memories APK MOD 1.0.5 on PC

Play Forgotten Memories APK MOD 1.0.5 on PC

43 comments on "Forgotten Memories APK MOD 1.0.5"

  1. John rey says:

    It keeps on happening to me too

  2. Goods says:

    How can I make this game completely work? I dunno how to install .ra files on my phone please someone respond my device is realme C3.

  3. xethanx says:

    I think the devs of this game pulled an antipiracy move or something, cause in the youtube playthroughs, they don’t get the shadow monster until very later in the game, and it chases me shortly after the beginning in the game, in every effin room, it appears even during in-game cutscenes, making it almost impossible to advance the game cause even in rooms intended to be explored or listen to recordings, this mofo appears killing me with 2 hits, it appears even right in front of me when running away from it, hence killing me. RG, you think that has a fix??

    • Roger says:

      It’s definitely an anti-piracy protection. From my test, 1.06 and above all have this unbeatable shadow monster. You need to use an older version. 1.05 and below are good and have NO such monster in my test.

      • xethanx says:

        THANK YOU DUDE I got the version 1.05 from a different source and indeed it is playable now, no shadow monster bs, thanks again!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How to deal with shadow monster after 1st andrenalin and Mannequin?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      sorry no idea. you have to check it on YouTube

      • xethanx says:

        RG that’s either a bug OR most likely an antipiracy measure, cause that monster appears way too early in the game and chases you in every room, even during in-game cutscenes. I’ve seen playthroughs of the game and none of those videos show that monster appearing until VERY later in the game.

    • Elik HaMiDoff says:

      My friend, use version 1.0.5

  5. Royal singh says:

    I completed this game .. waiting for second part of same ….
    Little glitches occur randomly on cut scenes rest it worked fine

  6. natz says:

    Please help Rg. After this update I’m just getting black screen after the intro.

  7. Niko says:

    can u mod with unli hp or unli ammo??

  8. Jake says:

    Samsung a50 here after the intro screen the game just went black screen with sound. how to fix this RG

  9. HikMan says:

    in max pro m1 after text “this game wont save automatically, use manual save” only blackscreen. how rg ?

  10. don says:

    how to save the progress? they said we need that manually,but how?

  11. jim says:

    why its stuck at the chain door, cant find a bolt cutter to acces the door.. can anyone encounter this how to open it. tnx

  12. Royal singh says:

    I just downloaded this noon now do I have to download again huge 1gb ? This new updated version ??????? Or just APK

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes it’s the latest version but if previous version is working fine then you do not need to download latest version

  13. Anonymous says:

    you are quick i liked it!!

  14. Darknatire says:

    RG 1.0.2 is live with various optimization and fix ..

  15. Gil says:

    lembra bastante The Evil Whitin 2

  16. Sob says:

    im glad can play this game, nice RG

  17. Prince says:

    RG please make the game AfterParty playable for android πŸ˜– it’s from the same developer as oxenfree. It would be hella awesome if you can do that πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  18. Saad says:

    Please leave a reply rg i have a query can my device redmi 4a handle this game on atleast 20 fps as it cant handle colina legagy please leave a reply

  19. Paco says:

    They’ve taken the idea of Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, Obscure, Alien and Resident Evil plus the best horror movies and they’ve got this masterpiece.

    Good game.

  20. Mike says:

    I love this game .. running smooth on my xiaomi mi5s plus thank you RG..

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