Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an Action RPG with survival game mechanics and big city-building possibilities. You'll play a fugitive from Caesar's army, and will venture deep into the wilderness of Ancient Europe.
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Colossi Games
Nov 25, 2023
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A gladiatorial survival game that is a great alternative to Rise of the Roman Empire. Gladiators for Android is a gladiator game specially designed for a full survival game.

Battle, fame and glory await you in the Roman gladiatorial arena. The Roman Republic is on the rise and many powerful nations around it will struggle for supremacy. Recreate scenes from hundreds of historical battles in Rome and fully witness Rome grow into a great empire spanning Africa, Europe and Asia.

You will fight for your survival and for the glory of Gladiator conquer the world of the ancient Roman Empire. In Gladiators survival you will fight different enemies from different parts of the empire. Gladiators Survival is a survival game in which you can enjoy the new adventures.

You can use stealth, improve your skills and become the best warrior of the ancient Roman Empire. Free slaves from brutal soldiers, uncover the mysteries of barbarians and unknown lands, and build a free and surviving city. You will play as a fugitive from Caesar’s army and travel deep into the wilds of ancient Europe.

Players will also be able to plan their houses and build their cities with farms. You can have many options to fully develop, including the skills and characteristics of the character thanks to the gladiator system.

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31 comments on "Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK 1.29.5"

  1. Ryzen says:

    Please mod samurai shodown netflix edition

  2. Olá Sr.RG, quero tirar uma dúvida, esse mod contém a energia ilimitada? Se não, você poderia me passar uma idéia de como consigo?

  3. jay says:

    need the obb file, game won’t load without it

  4. Rozz says:

    Dear RG, game is functional but everytime I try to buy gold it crashes and resets progress, it also randomly crashes on its own after some time and you lose hours of progress. The error message says it’s a server disconnection. Any possible fix to this? Thanks in advance!

  5. Ben says:

    After any gold purchase there is a server issue and the game restarts, erasing the purchase. Any fix to this?

  6. Amanda says:

    Dar erro no servidor quando compra algo e reinicia o app. 😕

  7. Youseff says:

    Trying to buy using gems, it says server error.

    Please fix

  8. Mayank says:

    Unlimited purchase and unlimited gems not working.. everytime I tried it shows network error please fix this also add crafting without enough resources like version 1.7.2. thanks

  9. TestGamer says:

    Its a good game.. good thing is the mod for money is working but sadly always restart when purchase..

  10. Suren says:

    Dear RG waiting for latest update as of today dated 06.04.2022 please update

  11. Kekeke says:

    Hey RG, big fans of your mod since forever. This game is is interesting however, couldn’t pass beyond the title page is f your mod. Can you please look what’s wrong?

    Thanks a lot, RG;

  12. cover says:

    (translate ) para los que no les funciona, bajen el original se playstore. Abran el juego una sola vez y luego cierren, vayan a la carpeta obb y renombre la carpeta “com.colossi.survival.gladiators” como “bbcom.colossi.survival.gladiators” ahora desintalen el juego, vuelvan la carpeta “bb….” al nombre normal y instalen el apk que bajen de aquí. Y con eso abren el juego y ya no les quedaria trabado.

  13. Cover says:

    please, add unlimited hp and energy and if possible magic split item

  14. Sunray12 says:

    Why this got 5 star while this game is error???

  15. FR says:

    Upgrade v1.6.2 please, make unlimited energy if you can. The other site offer mods such as unlimited diamond its work but it useless, mods energy not work.

  16. RR says:

    Needs data sir cause on playstore this is 200+mb

  17. Radiance says:

    It’s not working RG it says offline in loading bar and did not continue.. is this online or offline?

  18. Denilson jesus says:

    Não está funcionando, o jogo não abre

  19. Anmol says:

    It keeps getting connection lost after fixing the bridge at start please help

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