GRID Autosport APK Android Download 1.6RC9


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GRID Autosport APK is really really amazing for quite a few reasons. It has super amazing graphics, you have all the cool and crazy race modes and it has a much better A.I. compared to real racing 3. Grid Autosport Android is advertised as a simulator so it’s control system is much more advanced it’s not as easy as a Real Racing 3’s. Grid Autosport MOD APK has finally arrived on Android. A Fully Premium Android Racing game.

The other super big plus compared to real racing is this game has a much better damage system so when the car gets damaged it looks much more realistic. The elements on the racetrack can get damaged as well so you can break through cardboard signs or even hit the Tyrewall and a tires bump off. Grid Autosport APK Android Free has so many options, that you can configure it to your likings. you can set it up the way you want so if you want arcade style gaming then you can set it up like that if you want similar simulator style gaming you can set up that way.


One of the biggest advantages in Grid is that there are no micro transactions yes you hear that right no micro trsnsactions. You pay it once and the game is yours. 100 cars and 100 tracks. insane! on several tracks there are different layouts so those count as one separate track but still it’s absolutely mind blowing. This game is what I was waiting for! it has almost everything! it’s not free but so you can download GRID AUTOSPORT APK on your Android phones and Try it.

Get the complete AAA hit and all its DLC in one simple purchase.

Unleash a ton of high-performance rides across a ton of tracks, roads, laps and loops.

Switch between intuitive customisable controls: Tilt, Wheel Touch, Arrow Touch or gamepad.

From nice ‘n easy to devilishly hard, you set the bar.

Compete across Open-Wheel, Tuner, Touring, Endurance, Demolition, Drift, Drag and Street Races.

Requires Android: 9.0 and Up

Version: 1.6RC9-android



Download Links: Not Patched Yet

Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.



    • to be honest with you , it is better off getting real racing 3 mod version 8.0 with F1 cars. I would easily buy grid from the playstore but have heard the controls are not good. what makes a great racing game is controls. I have no interest in using a console controller to play a mobile game.

  1. Follow the verifier click …
    In addition the game warns you in advance that periodically asks to validate it …
    It’s a shame
    I really want to try it since I buy it and don’t get reimbursed for 15 Euros if it makes me sick
    [for compatibility issue]
    Even so, full thanks to what Royal Gamer does since no one had cared so much for me … 👍🏾

  2. My phone is oppo F11
    6gb RAM/64gb internal memory
    Android 9.0 pie but it says your device is not compatible. So sad I’ve been waiting this for a long time.

  3. Get it! Usually I never buy games, never put money in em and always try to look at websites like yours, but… When I feel devs deserve it, I buy or make some IAP that’s normal and I believe it to be excellent for karma :D.
    GRID ported on mobile ? I bought it for my S10+ to try it out and OMG guys you have no idea, this game is awesome! Top notch quality, Super realistic, with wonderful graphics and a perfect gameplay full of features.
    Honestly everything is damn good. If you like racing games and want to buy at least one game in your life, then choose this one. Remember buying GTA San Andreas on your favourite console ? :-) Grid is that kind worth of games for racing lovers.
    You also see the quality of a game when it’s harder to patch it, like with RR3…
    I can’t believe people still want to have everything for free and never think to the people who created such games and who deserve more consideration.

    • same here,i never buy games for mobile, I’m a big PC/CONSOLE GAMER,and buy everything in those platform that i like,but mobile games 99.99% of them are just IAP apps rather than games,they don’t interest me,but seeing this ported to mobile got me excited, I’ve played this on my old xbox 360 before,and it is a fantastic game,i just wanted to play when I’m going to work on the way,so i bought it

    • Agree untill the “…like with RR3… part”, but not with the next part.

      Dude, do you think that all of us have the chance of buying games?

      In my case, for example, we are having an economic crisis in my country, and not everyone here can spend so much money (because yes, right now the game is really expensive here, believe it or not), and before spenting that amount, I would preffer to test the game and get a personal opinion.

      Piracy isn’t right? Of course.
      It’s a metod of testing something if there isn’t a demo version? Yes, too

      Please, stop prejudging if you don’t know everyone’s situation

      • It wasn’t a prejudice from geralt, in my opinion. He only said it’s fine to support developers who created games, sometimes….. now we all know that there are People with more and people with less money. That’s Life……

        • Maybe I was wrong, but tbh “I can’t believe people still want to have everything for free and never think to the people who created such games” sounds like a prejudice.
          I mean, as well as him, I think that we must pay devs for sw, games, apps, etc, but that there are ways and ways of saying the same idea.

          But well, as you said, that’s life

    • People can use Google opinion rewards to do some survays and save up for games without actually paying from their pocket while supporting the devs. I’m also saving up for grid, just 2$ short from buying it.

  4. Guys, how to patch? I already download the data, also follow the instructions. When i open the game it just stuck at first picture and never go next. I use sd 855+ probably i miss something. Can anyone help me?

  5. designed for pie only not for below or android 10, meanwhile my phone still using oreo, great.

    waiting for long time and now i lost hype.


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