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Grim Soul is a free-to-play dark fantasy survival MMORPG just like last day on earth survival but with different theme. You will have a Grim Soul MOD APK which will let you split items,free craft and get you Unlimited Money instantly.
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March 16, 2023
4.1 and up
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Grim Soul Dark Fantasy invites you to survive as long as possible in a dangerous world. To survive in the dark and dangerous world of Grim Souls, you will need to equip weapons for your character as soon as you start exploring the area. You may also run into other players attacking you, so be sure to equip the best weapon for your character. It really does make you feel a little scary while playing Grim Soul Survival MOD APK, especially when a sudden enemy like the cursed one attacks you out of nowhere in this intimidatingly fast manor.

The corpse of the last adventurer is next to you so that you can understand what is at stake. The game starts with the player falling down in the middle of a spooky forest. As if waking up in the middle of a dark forest wasn’t enough, players will soon find that the land bears the vile curse of the dark gods.

Lands cursed by the Great Rot can be too risky to explore at night, but with the right survival skills, you can defeat enemies, find and collect valuable resources, and strengthen your character. Crushed in the middle of a dark forest with no supplies, weapons or clothing, players must use their innate abilities to survive. Surviving in dangerous zombie infested lands is not easy and you need to craft and equip the right items to protect your character and kill enemies. It’s up to you to look for food, weapons and other items in your surroundings.

Download Grim Soul Dark MOD APK Unlimited Money Fast Travel

You can also exchange items you have for items you need. You can also get these items from events, player bases, treasure chests. To create new items, you need to explore lands, dungeons, player bases and collect the resources needed to create these items. Anything can be made of wood, from houses to coffins and even gardens.

If you can get the right parts, you can build a boat, a cart, or even a wagon. With this version of MOD APK you can upgrade, create and create projects quickly and for free. As a reward for leveling up, you can earn crafting points and get new items. In Grim Souls Dark Fantasy, you can also visit other players’ bases and collect the resources they gather.

They can also visit your base or land and pick up the resources you have collected. By enabling autoplay, you will save a lot of time searching for resources in your territory. Enabling auto play will allow you to collect all resources faster, while your character will automatically run to the nearest tree, limestone and plant to collect logs, stones and food. Well, if you have collected all the stones, branches and other small items in your territory, just press the auto-play button.

Take a look at the minimap to see the location of chests, enemies, tools or gadgets. These extra maps are needed to see these places; guardian’s hut on the map; you can get these cards in Grim Soul Dark Fantasy from zones/lands, events, or the player base. In some new areas you will find valuable resources, in others you will find houses of other players, and in others you will find hidden secrets. The Mysterious Land is your base where you can build a house using wood, stone or a variety of resources.

You don’t get a lot of information at first, you get scrolls to find out what’s going on with you and the world you’re in, but mostly they’re random and from time to time and Grim Soul Survival. You deliberately hide everything. Dying in some lots is worth returning as soon as possible because your old body is still there and everything in your inventory is collectible, it’s this aspect that makes the game very similar to Dark Souls (A game I haven’t played yet, but will in the future!). There are in-game ads (playable only when needed) so I don’t have to pay for other items to return them to the devs if I don’t want to, but Grim Soul Survival barely matches it, which means a lot of people Yes. Grim Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG, but Grim Soul has in-game items that can be purchased.

Called a dark fantasy MMORPG, Grim Soul Survival has aspects that mimic games like Dark Souls and is a survival game in a fantasy setting where you do your best to live in an infested world of dark creatures that they all are. mostly former humans transformed the undead. The developers tried to make it a survival, action, and exploration game at the same time, but failed to capitalize on what players enjoy in any of these genres. This game gives the impression that it’s all about greed and how much you can earn from people. At first I played this game thinking it was cool until I lost all my purchased items due to being attacked by other online players who played this game for longer and bought better equipment.

What's In The MOD:-

Free Craft/Skills/Unlimited Durability



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

73 comments on "Grim Soul Dark MOD APK Unlimited Money Fast Travel 5.0.5"

  1. Electric dreams says:

    Plz mod it fast travel that is the most important thing after splitting

  2. Ahmed Salim says:

    Please can you increase the travel energy from 500 to 1000.

  3. Josh says:

    Is this really an unlimited money? Mod?

  4. Kopet says:

    God mod please

  5. Nero says:

    Can you update the mod with fast travel?

    • Smaug says:

      In the new version 3.5.1 , there Is an armor and defense problem, i put the best helmet and everything but Is ever like i don’t have and i die really fast

  6. Silver says:

    Rg.. I think kefir already have some kind of banned system that prevent modded apk to connect their server.. I just play the game 1 day.. And at most 3 days… Have try it afew times but always cant connect to server

    Please if you can confirm

  7. Silver says:

    Rg.. Plaese fix the armor value that fixed on zero(0)… And we cant craft items on crafting table

    As I have try the mod menu for this game.. I think its good if the mod for free craft and item durability max to be togelable.. It wil fix every issue in this apk

    Please consider as I and many people like this game too

  8. Uzzi says:

    Could you please make a mod for their new game Frostborn or Cyberika please??

  9. Coco says:

    Hey,just played it and it really works but you said that money increases when spent but it didn’t increase

  10. SaLaSaR says:

    Me gustaría felicitarte por este nueva versión y mod que generaste es el mejor mod de grim soul que he visto
    Muchas felicidades
    Haber si te puedes crearte un mod para frostborn te le agradecería mucho

  11. FundaPanda says:

    Cant produce other item RG in workbenches. Pls fix. Thanks

  12. Lei says:

    Before, you will see in the description if the game is online or offline.

  13. Musthofa says:

    Hi RG, is there a way to hack this game with game guardians and others?
    Because I played the one from the play store.

  14. BananaMan says:

    Hey RG!! I always leave a comment so that you can see. But i never got a reply. Anyhow i can’t login to the game. It says “connection error” even when my internet speed is at 800 kb or 1 mb.

  15. Tomka115 says:

    Hello, thx 4 the new MOD, but Instant Walk dont work, can you fix it pls? Or make the Energy 4 Free.

  16. Iloveass999999 says:

    The game is not loading RG, its says “can’t connect” even with good network. Please help RG

  17. Bang says:

    Hi RG, why coins is not working can’t purchase on store or ourchase energy and how to use it,. Hope you can still fix this Thanks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi RG, First thanks fpr Modding the game,. Just recently download it.
    The Split items and crafting is working. And coins is not working can’t purchase on store or ourchase energy. Hope you can still fix this. Thanks.

  19. rene says:

    i love this game RG please update the energy usage. thank you ✌️✌️😁

  20. SeaiD says:

    Please update this RG, 2.6.0 is already outdated for its build version that got updated today (15th February) for it’s Anniversary update

  21. voodoo says:

    RG, link for download update 2.5.0 it’s not grim soul but neo monster ?

  22. Grin Soul says:

    Firstly, thanks RG for the MOD, thanks to the effort you put on this game. I just want to review some feature in this mod.

    Grim Soul v.2.4.0
    – Magic Split Item (working)
    – Equipment Unl. Durability (working)
    #only with this 2 features, this game is already easy to play, thanks RG

    – Coin Increase while spending (not working) #not so important anyway
    – Instant Travel a.k.a travel with 1 energy (not working) #well there is a benefit while this feature is turn-off, because the event in game (such as Broken Cart, Wandering Merchant, etc) will running perfectly as the original version.
    – Other Recipe Crafting and Connect to Google Play…? Mehhh, just google it, there is a trick to solve this problem

    Thank you RG, hope you can keep update the MOD of this Game

  23. Willy says:

    The money is not increasing in 2.40.
    I like the previous version where you only run for 1 energy.

  24. who am i says:

    Hi RG update works perfect :) but while in battle we are loosing armour , weapon , everything and even some slots locking for a while and more over coins not increasing but atleast like before update if we can travel in 1 second that would be nice so if works we don’t have to think about coins

  25. Anonymous says:

    EVent not pop up, any solution please?

  26. Shonny says:

    the game needs an update (build 203000228)

  27. Anonymous says:

    no magic split RG :(

  28. Jonathan says:

    I can’t install this mod.. please, fix the APK.

  29. Lore says:

    Boa noite. Tem como atualizar pra nós de novo .. :) vlw

    • Lore says:

      Obrigado por postar .. porém essa nova versão não se pode mais acumular os itens dividos, infelizmente.. ele divide mais não acumula :( . Será que consigo outras versões do mod. Sabe me informar. Obrigado

  30. Crot789 says:

    Thalers mod didnt work.. :( .. Still decrease

  31. LittleBlue says:

    Do you think you can also update it that we could split items in order location (granite, clay and moonstone)?

  32. Mintu says:

    Money decreases instead of increasing RG please fix this issue

  33. Gyan says:

    Hi and thx for the game
    Can you plz update RG?
    Thx alot

  34. Anonymous says:

    RG can i connect to Facebook/google??

  35. Anonymous says:

    new update pls. thanks rg

  36. Impaler says:

    Yeh RG! Thanks for the mod of this game, everything is running very smoothly & perfectly in the game. But there’s just one problem & that’s the coins or money, which decreases instead of increasing when it was spend. So, I hope you will fix it very soon. Thanks for your dedications for making mods of such great games.

    There’s also one more thing, after the update of “Sims Freeplay” it’s crashing and not opening. I hope you’ll do something about that too…

  37. Anonymus says:

    RG you’re doing great with this website ty for your effort and ty for reading and answering our issues. The money always decrease in this game. Can you fix it maybe?

    • Anonymous says:

      Money still decrease and recipe won’t work, can you fix this?

      • Anonymous says:

        RG pls fix the crafting stations.. i cant craft anything except for the first craftable item.. even the garden can only have leeks i need oats too.. pls fix thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      RG thanks for the update! I’m very thankfull for you update the game after I send u a message but it can be coincidence too. But still money issue continues..

  38. Kaosaruto says:

    Please try and fix. A few small problems. The magic split and craft work, but can’t use recipes, so no upgrades or potions, and money decrease not increase. As well the St. Peter’s Tincture does not work. Thank you for what you can do, but still need a few things fixed please. Thanks

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can you please fix the money mod. It doesn’t increase. If you can, can you do a mod on energy. Thanks all the same.

  40. Dragon says:

    Buildings are locked up at one thing cant craft all the recipes that’s another unfortunate. looks like the original version is easier to play because it’s more PLAYABLE.

  41. Dragon says:

    Money problem? That’s alright I can live with that… but why the control scroll doesn’t exist?!?!!!… that means no second floor useless torturer chair no horse no fast traveling which means useless mod… and that’s not good at all please fix it. Thank you

  42. Shaun87 says:

    Money always decrease RG. Please fix it.

  43. Anonymous says:

    So everything works except for that money issue which isn’t working. Just keeps decreasing. But that doesn’t bother me. Instead, is there anything that can be done about the damn energy. Hate having to wait for it to recharge each time.

    Thanks for the mod anyway.

  44. Shadow says:

    Please fix the Thalers and Crafting.
    The thalers still decrease, so either delete it from the description of the mod or make them really increase.
    The crafting is trying to do it without resources which both doesn’t work and makes it impossible to craft other things.
    Overall, the hack is quite good but I am disappointed by the fact it has a lie in the mod description

  45. JREED says:

    Hello RG well ty for the hrd work, this game is very cool, I play alot of time and I Just get one problem, I cant log or sing in with a y account (google or Fb) thats bcuz of the mod? Or
    Its a different server?
    The real problem its when u try to get into a gremy the game doesnt alow you and that kills 20% of the game.
    If you solve this problem this game would be perfect ty…

  46. SebaARG22 says:

    Money not working

  47. SebaARG22 says:

    Money decrease when spend

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