How To Fix Error Download Failed you may not have purchased this App

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Hello Folks Its RG here. Today i will be talking about “How to Fix Download Failed Because You May Not Have Purchased This App” error on Android. This Tutorial also covers “Download failed because resources could not be found” There are so many users looking for the quick fix because they simply can not play their downloaded games because of this error. Looking for Resources to download is a common error if game does not find its data files where it belongs thus it gives an error.

Why This Error “Download Failed Occurs on Android Games” ?
In 95% cases this error comes when you download APK+DATA files and you do not place the data properly. and in 5% cases this problem happens because of Apps license problems. When you install the APK File whether its recently released Bully Anniversary Edition or San Andreas and if you misplace data then it gives error that Download Failed and Resources can not be downloaded.

There are around two ways to fix this problem and get your games and Applications get going.

(1) First Solution is to get that particular Games license from the play store. to get the license go to play store and start downloading that game.when downloading starts you will have your whenever you install that Game’s APK you will not get this error instead Data files will start downloading directly. but when there is a paid game then you can not follow this Tip at all. If you have a Paid App or Game then Follow the second Quick Fix.

(2) The other and best solution to fix “Download Failed Because You May Not Have Purchased This App Error” is that you must place data folder properly.First of all install the APK File and do not open it just yet. now copy your downloaded folder (it should be like this com.rockstargames.bully) in Android/obb/ . so full path would look like this Android/Obb/com.rockstargames.bully. only after placing data folder start your game. and game will work fine.

Now if you still get Download Failed error then re-install your Game and start again with above tutorial. Hopefully you will fix your problem with this quick tip. If still problem persist then watch video which is added at the starting of this post.

7 comments on "How To Fix Error Download Failed you may not have purchased this App"

  1. Anonymous says:

    How to install the game?should i put the obb file in the folder then put it in internal/android/obb?

  2. Sauhard says:

    Bro I shared pubgm from mobile to pc and shared my pubg ibn file also…
    I placed the obb file in com.tencent.ig but still game loop is telling download failed because you may haven’t purchased the app….
    What should I do? Please reply

    • Royal Gamer says:

      PUBGM is free in the play store. cant you download it from there?
      you have to place com.tencent.ig folder in Android/obb/

  3. Brandon says:

    Hello, I have bully and downloaded it off the play store but it still comes up with this error. Any ideas on how to fix this, because I’ve already tried all of the above and it didn’t work.

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