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For the Fans of horror android games would probably have played dead by Daylight on PC right, And now finally something similar from NetEase is arrived on Android. A mobile Horror game similar to Dead by Daylight. Identity V APK MOD is now available Globally. Check your P.S Store or download it from Andropalace. Identity 5 MOD APK has few or more similar gameplay mechanics. where there are two teams one is killer and others are survivors. and the game is named as Identity V or Identity 5.

This game is played similarly like Dead By Daylight. Killer will have to hunt down real time players or survivors. All those survivors are playing Online with you. while the Survivors will have to survive and fight the killer in a unique way. Killer in Identity v APK MOD has abilities to search and find clues about survivors. you can use killers skills to catch survivors easily. And at the other hand survivors are weak but they are in group so they can easily escape from the killer.

Download Identity V APK MOD English Version Android

Still Identity V MOD APK is a lot differ than dead by daylight. It has unique cartoony gameplay style and animations that adds unique feel of fantasy and horror at the same time. Gameplay is quite interesting. you can play with real players around the world. There are two teams in each match. you will be the killer or be survivor. when you are the killer you will have to bring down survivors. There are 4 survivors which you can defeat with your mele weapon. when they are down bind them with the chair. when their time is out they will be exited from the game.

When you are the survivor you can easily get advantage of having 4 players by your side. you can use obstacles in your map to avoid being caught by the killer. when you are down you can ask your friends to revive. You will have to complete few objectives in order to escape and win the match. If you have played Dead by daylight then you will master this game easily. Identity v APK MOD is a lot fun because its a quality game and you should try it at least once.


Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.144431



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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