Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK 2.43.1.KG

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Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK is an online RPG game from NHN Entertainment Corp. Long story line and a rich in detail from the ancient china about the Three Kingdoms story. Epic Unlimited quests and so many recruiters.Free Game with MOD APK Kingdom Story for Unlimited Health and God Mode. Sometimes MOD APK is so much needed to advance in an online games specially when you are about the Grinding for levels and Money it helps a lot.

Kingdom story brave Legion this journey will test your strategies in battle and outside of battle. At the starting of the game tutorial will help you pick up just right after the opening missions if you haven’t played kingdom story brave legion MOD and pause the reading and get the MOD APK first. you will start your adventures from main screen you can access your free rewards officer recruits gold ingots food weekly missions officer upgrades building upgrades and more. it may look like a lot to take in right now but don’t worry you will get used to it. master your kingdom the banquet hall is where you will recruit new officers any free officer resumes you receive may be used there are various options available for recruitment in the banquet hall. select a free recruit option and recruit a new officer scenario battles will continue the game story and progress through the various features. get all golden stars for the entire map and unlock even more bonus rewards need a challenging experience place scenario battles. in elite mode plane specific battles and delete mode can reward you with officer metals collect the required amount to recruit the specified officer.

Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK 2.43.1.KG

If you reach your max limit on food or gold the game will notify you and will also indicated by the green font above the screen if you’ve reached your limit on gold then you need to build a warehouse if you’ve reached your limit on food then you need to build a granary if you are having difficulty completing scenarios experiment with your officers. you can upgrade their equipment skills and more here there are several officer classes to pick from so choose wisely.ultimate tank class that can take a lot of damage and provide self-healing defensive buffs. marshals these are your secondary attackers that support the Warriors because they provide mid-range damage to your foes.bow masters these are arranged attackers that fire arrows to enemies from the back row monarchs these are your support officers that can buff allies and deep of enemies strategist mages with unique area of effect spells.

What’s In The MOD APK:- Thank to BLACKMOD
Increased Health/Damage

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 2.43.1.KG



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