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Love Esquire is a combination of two amazing genre of games. one is love dating simulator and another is RPG. You will see both these gameplays in one game with amazing fully voiced gameplay and amazing funny cut-scenes. If you are looking for a unique and amazing game then you must try Love Esquire MOD at least once. its unique and amazing.
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February 21, 2022
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Love Esquire RPG/Dating Sim MOD APK is a very funny RPG adventure game. It tells the story of a trivial soldier counterattack. At the beginning, you are just a very weak follower, following the adventure with the brave. As your ability continues to improve, you Gradually master new moves, strengthen new partners, and regain your beautiful girl. There are also various funny animation performances to watch.

“Love Esquire” is a visual novel with romantic comedy elements and a game with a traditional role-playing combat elements. In this game, you are not a famous knight, but a servant who pursues the greatest pleasure of men. However, it is not easy to get the girl’s peace of mind, because in your current state, you are completely unworthy of them! So, increase your stats, fight the monsters, and fully release your potential!

Download Love Esquire RPG/Dating Sim MOD APK Unlimited Money Gold

In the Love Esquire game players can be transformed into small soldiers to fight, challenge a variety of powerful enemies, improve their abilities in constant battles, and can also attack their favorite girls. The game combines a turn-based combat method. Allow players to experience different challenges in the game.

Love Esquire features:-

1. You may not be a decent attendant, but you have some unconventional stunts to keep the poor knight you serve alive. Use taunts, inspire, heal, and loot to achieve victory!

2. Work hard to level up and become a perfect man! Increasing the value will not only affect the battle, but also affect your relationship with the girls.

3. Improve your attendant charm by giving gifts and talking sweet words to girls who can be attacked.

Generally, the roles played by players in the game are almost all heroes, but this is completely different!

In this game, your character is a humble squire who is engaged in an epic love search;

The problem is: before you are sent to the battlefield, you only have a few months to find the lover of your dreams.

Game reviews:

In this game, you will play a knight’s attendant. You must be popular and unpopular, and you will have no status. When you first took office, you received an order to go to the battlefield. The virginity is still really hated, so you have to take advantage of the few months left. Time to grasp the strategy of digital girls.

The game combines two elements of love formation and RPG. The characters are drawn and the CG is exquisite and pleasant. The English dubbing has a special flavor. The combat is different from the turn-based gameplay of active attack. It is more of an auxiliary function as a servant.

What's new

* Fixed a bug causes a blocks for the player in harem scene.
* Fixed a display issue when recovering energy

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Gold/Gold Will Not Decrease



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15 comments on "Love Esquire RPG/Dating Sim MOD APK 1.7.0 Unlimited Gold"

  1. AllenYu1984 says:

    Offline or online?

  2. Ddd says:

    This game has one of the worst pay schemes for diamonds to get good responses and also for the energy to continue to play. To gain 1 energy to get you through a day it basically takes 2-3 hours and the days go by extremely quickly. The diamonds for good responses can be 100-300 diamonds for one response and that costs like $20 or more US dollars in real currency. It’s really broke and can’t believe someone would pay this.

  3. Ddd says:

    Thanks for this. Is it possible to max stats for battle or eliminate spending time for leveling?

  4. Yushi says:

    It keep show harvesting sence and dont go on game

  5. jessi says:

    can you please make infinite diamond too Sir RG?

  6. Swiper says:

    Please change the offline tags , RG . its misleading .

  7. Icemain says:

    It said can’t connect to the game. Help pls

  8. Dether25 says:

    Is this really offline?

  9. Athlum says:

    Why is the hero looks exactly like [email protected]| MC, thx for the game RG.

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