MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK Free Skills 3.6.1


Another Marvel universe game arrived on Android. This time its an action RPG game Marvel Strike Force MOD APK. playing it for few days and its definitely has so much to offer. After dumping DC LEGENDS now i am up to enjoying Strike Fore MOD. It has the potential to be very very competitive with a very fully fledged out game like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. This game is just substantially so much further ahead. This game is just gonna absolutely bury DC legends. Star Wars Galaxies of Heroes is very very similar game.

MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.6.1

You have campaigns mode in which you’re essentially the story missions got a heroes one of villains one and then when you’ve got the chapter three and the heroes and villains you unlock the Nexus 1. different chapters are packed with different main bosses which you can battle in the end of the chapter. Its kind of hero collecting and upgrading game just like other heroic games. here you have marvel universe heroes and their super natural powers. you can easily use Marvel Strike Force MOD APK to gain unlimited Energy and you can unlock all characters easily and free.

Marvel Strike Force’s MOD APK is not very intensive farming but you can spend arena energy to recharge the champions and go faster but actually you enjoy arena in this game because once you get to the three times multiplier then all of the matches are quite difficult and challenging and require a bit for put into it in order to win. I’m enjoying arena the most because that’s where there’s the most kind of sustainable strategy which was really really odd to say coming from Marvel contest of Champions. where arena it just turns into a massive grind a massive face roll fiesta but I think arena in this game as well is very I mean it like in every free to play game.

What’s New: v 3.6.1
New in this release:
● Character art and dialog assets corrected for the Elsa Bloodstone Event Campaign


What’s In The MOD APK:-
Increase Energy(You can directly use Character’s 3rd skill)

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 3.6.1



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. It works as intended , you can use 3rd ability but at the end of the battle it says battle no longer valid and brings you to main menu with no progress.

  2. It works as intended , you can use 3rd ability but at the end of the battle it says battle no longer valid and brings you to main menu with no progress.

  3. Works as intended, but the enemy can also spam skills… lol. Anyway, for iron will chapter, just kill iron man first, then kill the rest of the mobs. Easy peasy. Thanks RG! You’re the best!

  4. This mod is the one most offer and its useless as many have said. If the 5X mod doesn’t go public or something equally good, pass on this…

  5. This sucks. Since the other team has it too, it’s a matter of who gets blown up by Crossbones first. I’d rather have the x5 damage/defense, but that’s VIP for TeamAR. Useless.

  6. lets spam third skill lol, works well bro!!! chose heavy damage and healer…but sad, no unlimited energy or unlimited power core

    • Problem is the enemy ALSO spams the same stuff. If the enemy has Crossbones, you’ll lose most of your guys quickly.

  7. Works great. Except the other team does the same thing. So now, if you don’t choose heavy hitters, you lose more than you win.


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