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Modern Combat 4 APK, Latest flagship from gameloft following its famous FPS series Modern combat.
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Gameloft SE
September 17, 2018
2.3 and up
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Modern Combat 4 APK, Latest flagship from gameloft following its famous FPS series Modern combat. After the huge success of modern combat 2 and 3 zero hour were already planned. With the help of havok gameloft did its best to develop a brand new FPS game that works well. Great graphics and so the gameplay. Story is related to its previous parts and its fun as well. Talking about multiplayer its multiplayer is still one of the best MP Games available in the play store. Weapons,maps and credit system you can still find many online players in the MP Matches.
Download Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour APK MOD Unlimited Money

FPS Game Modern Combat 4 APK offers silver credits that can be used in singple player campaign mode and offers gold credits that work while playing multiplayer and purchasing weapons and consumables. Modern combat 4 is the only game that worked on both sides hero and villains. Some levels for the heroes and some for the villains. Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour APK MOD 1.2.3e for unlimited money credits.

Today’s Remastered game is about Modern combat series. Modern Combat 4 APK has been everyone’s favorite since its launch. This is the Remastered Version of Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour APK with Max Graphics and additionally added unlimited campaign credits for the MOD lovers. You can use those credits in purchasing Weapons and throwables.

What's new

Various bug fixes and improvements.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money



83 comments on "Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour APK MOD 1.2.3e"

  1. John says:

    RG,can you upload Modern combat 3 remastered ?

  2. Anon says:

    Where should we put the game data?

  3. 76tag says:

    Game works fine, but not playable when offline cause it needs internet connection everytime you open the game.

  4. Bagus says:

    How to remove the online verification? i have to turn on my data every play

  5. Zarif says:

    please upload modern combet fallen nation and call of duty strike team…

  6. hyper says:

    showing app not installed for both Normal and mod apk. android 10 miui12.0.2

  7. Shubham says:


  8. Israel says:

    Pls will this work on Android 10

  9. numberx6th says:

    RG does it require an internet connection everytime i open it? Because that’s the case for me. I followed the steps but still it requires internet everytime i open it. By the way my phone is Samsung A31

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please answer this RG do i have to use wifi or data to open this app for the first time please answer this… BTW i download a lot of games from your site and it works very well

  11. Kelvin says:

    How do i download this game… Is complicated for me

  12. Apizt Shah says:

    Will run on android 10?

  13. Mo.omar says:

    Hey the game’s progress is not saving when i pass mission then close the game and open it again it starts from beginning

  14. Tengo un Huawei Honor x7 con Android 9 y no consigo que funcione el juego Modern Combat 4………Hay alguien que le haga funcionar con algún truco….

  15. Antok adjah says:

    It is work in Android Pie?????
    Redmi note 8 pro???

  16. Trible H says:

    It is work in Android Pie?????

  17. Vinnieman says:

    Why does modded Gameloft APK files fail to install when there is any original Gameloft game already installed?
    Tried this on s8, s10 and Shield tablet. Also tried other modded gl games like a8 and gangstar vegas from you and same issue.
    Basically modded gl games dont install with any original gl games already installed and vice versa. Its either all original or all modded and cant mix. Otherwise your gl releases work fine
    Is there a workaround to this?

    • Vinnie MaN says:


      PROBLEM – Cant have BOTH ORIGINAL and YOUR MODDED gameloft apks installed at the SAME TIME even though its 2 completely DIFFERENT games.

      Failed to install. Happens on ALL DEVICES
      why is this and how to fix? I want some games modded and some official on my device instead of having to choose one for most latest games. The remasters install fine with original. Have been trying to fix this for years and ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

      Anyways thanks for the awesome games as usual and looking forward to a response from you RG!!

      • Royal Gamer says:

        sorry but you cant do that. It was working before but after android 7.0 its all changed. you cant install NORMAL APK and MOD APK at the same time if they are from same developers

  18. Gabe says:

    Thanks for this game Rg.
    Please upload Call of duty: Strike team with Android 6.0 up specs

  19. Anonymous says:

    Crashing on Redmi Note 7..

  20. Lucas says:

    Does it work at Android 8.0.0

  21. Anonymous says:

    U are great RG.Only ur sites give me the effectively working mods partcularly for gameloft titles.I tried about 50+ mods from internet for Amazing Spiderman 2.But they failed.Ur worked flawlessly.Keep it up bro.Gud job.

  22. jer says:

    the game always asking internet. please rg can u fix it ??

  23. Charlie says:

    Hi rg thank you I have been waiting for this game in a long time, works great however its still asking for network connection everytime.

  24. Austin says:

    Rg,is this work for android 8.0.1 ?

  25. Aiman says:

    Force closes.Even restarted the device but doesent work.

  26. Rainier says:

    Hi, Rg. I hope you can read this the game doesn’t work when the “The game has been successfully download” Its just black screen nothing is happening. Im using a Huawei Nova 3i. I hope you help me with this

  27. Leo says:

    RG can you update link. Mod apk only? Thanks

  28. Rio_Loaded says:

    Will it work on android lollipop….?

  29. Anonymous says:

    the games always asks for internet connection whenever I start the game. ,,,,,help….

  30. Adyrmdh says:

    Why its keep force closing when the screen loading ? Any advice ?

  31. Stupid says:

    Thanks you so much. I really love it

  32. Mark says:

    Thanks, RG. It’s working! However, the games always asks for inter et connection whenever I start the game. I’m using Nokia 7 Plus with Pie update

  33. Aaa says:

    Thank you soo much RG.

  34. chan says:

    nice thank you!! rg now its working on my s8. can you remake the dungeon hunter 4 cant find it on playstore anymore plsss .

  35. S1KRR says:

    Would really appreciate it if you would update this game. Thanks.

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