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Neon chrome from 10Tons LTD is a top down shooter with rogue light elements that comes out on april 20 6 2016 on steam. can the developers behind crimson land strike with another solid title. the basic premise for the game is a dystopian future where people are measured via a trust score if that trust score ever measures is red well they are eliminated for the good of mankind you know because the best way to get people to trust the Supreme Overlord is through merciless killing luckily you’re an elite hacker that attempts to fight this. Neon Chrome APK for Android is a premium game but you can get Neon Chrome Free from Andropalace.

Free Android APK Download Neon Chrome MOD

Fight this evil corporation it’s your job to try to take down the overseer before more innocents are killed but if your guy goes down that’s okay because you’ve got another hundred or so waiting in the wings. you do that by making your way up the neon chrome tower shooting through enemies floor by floor and getting to the elevator exit after a set of four to six floors you’ll find a boss and if you’re able to take him down you’ll be able to start at that floor the next time around.

Arsenal wise you have your standard weapon variety here in shotguns assault rifles and smgs and each of them have their own damage accuracy and miscellaneous stats. the hero you awaken will also have a special active ability such as launching a rocket at your opponent’s face in addition he will have a unique attribute depending on his class such as the ability to hack into special terminals or crates or a shield that will take a chunk of damage that you receive.

The game shine well surprisingly strategy in particular with destructible environments and flanking now note I’m a sucker for destructible environments and games but I do love the implementation here enemies take double damage when being attacked from behind and being able to bust through a wall and get the advantage is keying getting through levels with minimal damage taken and while enemy AI isn’t necessarily the greatest and can be exploited to a certain extent. their aggressive nature can give you a lot of problems especially if the game calls in reinforcements or throws a curve ball at you.

Requires Android: 3.0 and Up




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Install NEON CHROME in your Android Phone,Place data files in Android/Obb/ and Play.