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The Latest Nexomon is back with brand new story and amazing monster capturing gameplay. The Nexomon 2 Extinction Full Version is added so now you can enjoy all chapters of Nexomon 2 easily on your android devices.
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Jun 18, 2022
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Nexomon Extinction APK MOD with Full Version unlocked is finally released. The game boasts over 300 monsters and critters to catch, raise and evolve, and tries to break the mold a little with their gameplay, featuring an open-world style adventure focusing on story and side-quests. The game is available on Steam, the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Download Nexomon Extinction APK MOD Full Version Unlocked

Nexomon Extinction the game plays pretty well on the console, even in handheld mode. The mobile version of Nexomon Extinction has very similar mechanics to the “Pokémon” game. It tells the story of the protagonist constantly taking risks and catching and training pocket monsters. The protagonist grew up in an orphanage. At the age of adventure, he can choose a monster to enter the world to take risks. In fact, it is similar to Pokémon games. In the later stage, you can catch and train different monsters. More than 300 monsters are at your disposal and they can evolve to learn various combat skills.

Features of Nexomon 2 Extinction:

1. More than 300+ characteristic monsters with 11 different attributes, and the attributes of monsters are mutually restrained, and the strategy is still very strong.

2. At the beginning, you only have a weak monster in your hand. You need to let it grow and evolve, then defeat and conquer more monsters

3. Pokémon’s unique turn-based combat gameplay. There is a limit for monsters in battle. If all monsters are defeated, it will be a failure.

4. Monsters can accumulate experience in battle. Some monsters may need corresponding materials to successfully evolve and become a powerful species.

5. Different monsters, the number of times of evolution and appearance are also different, the skills to comprehend are also random, so the lineup is very important.

6. The map for adventure is very vast, from grassland to desert, from snow mountain to city, from forest to swamp, etc. Free exploration and adventure!

In addition to conquering and cultivating monsters, the plot in the game is also quite desirable, and there are also puzzle-solving elements that can be played against other players, whether it is an individual battle or a team battle. It is quite exciting to play, absolutely Let your eyes shine!

What's new

Remember to play the new post-game content!

1. Fixed an issue preventing the completion of the Greater Drake sidequests if the player triggered the Abyssal events.
2. Fixed an issue softlocking players when entering a certain house in Lateria.
3. Added new followers: Atlas, Coco, Lobo, Derek, Ross, Nora, Eliza, Trashman and Ulzar. Each have their own prerequisites.
4. Fixed an issue where releasing an "unique" Nexomon would mark it as uncaught even if the player has duplicates.

What's In The MOD:-

Full Version Unlocked (Make sure you own this App From The Play store, To Do This Start downloading Nexomon 2 from The Play store and when download starts cancel it. now you own this app and you can now install our MOD APK)



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

41 comments on "Nexomon Extinction APK MOD Full Version Unlocked 2.0.1"

  1. Brian O says:

    I tried to download from multiple sites. Keep getting “Failed to download assets.” I can’t download from app store because it doesn’t even show in the store. I have plenty of storage aka a 256gb SD. And am definitely online. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  2. Mr.Skelebonezzz says:

    So i downloaded the app go to play store and install then cancel the original app, and started installing your app but it always failed (app not installed….). I tried rebooting my phone, i tried reinstalling your mod and back to step 1 but it didn’t work whats funny is my storage is being consumed by this mod without the app being installed what I’m saying is my storage keep on decreasing Everytime I attempted installing your mod till my phone run out of storage but I can’t install the mod. Now my phone’s fucked up cause it doesn’t let me clear those data catches

    Tnx fuck. Can anyone help me what did I do wrong???

  3. Teemo says:

    Random black screens
    How to fix?

  4. Rayleigh says:

    Game is working but I’m getting no audio, random black boxes over character dialog. I tried anoth install but still no luck.

  5. Om says:

    Hey is this game free here.

  6. Russell says:

    My playstore is not working how I fix that? 😔

  7. Mineta Namikaze says:

    Thanks for replying.

  8. Rimuru says:

    Hey Rg is this game need additional data to download?

  9. Chidori says:

    Rg can you add some additional mod for this like currency’s and stuff?

  10. Mineta Namikaze says:

    Can someone tell me how much space this game takes up in total?

  11. ed says:

    no mod for unlimited money or item?

  12. Wendy says:

    I can’t find Nexomon Extinction in my google play, i only found Nexomon but without Extinction and different icon game

  13. Fulgoso says:

    After downloading this 1.3gb apk, you will have to download again 1.8gb additional data for the game to run. You can’t even find what you downloaded. Please update the game to the latest and complete version and indicate next time that you need to download again huge file after opening the game.

  14. Fulgoso says:

    Hey RG, where can I find the obb file of this game. It’s not on the android/obb folder. I think it’s hidden somewhere. Need to download additional files after launching.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      There is no obb file. data files can be downloaded directly from game

      • Fulgoso says:

        Yeah, now I understand. The devs together with Android hid the files in the user/data folder which is protected and need to root the phone. How cunning, until such time all of the apps will no longer be modified due to this security. It’s risky and hefty to root your phone.

        • N says:

          Bruh, there are folder app that can work to check the Android/data or /obb folder without the need of rooting. I am personally using X-plore

  15. Lukas says:

    congratulations for the work

  16. Viek M says:

    Working well, on my Device android 10, snap 845 ram 4

  17. Yokim98 says:

    I hope this gameplay can make mod money or crystal for buy item thnks so much thnks you sir you can make a mod full unlock for Nexomon Extinction 😊🙏👍💯

    • Fulgoso says:

      Yes, it’s possible because this is an offline game. The part 1 works for me. Had a lot of money, diamonds and boxes. This new game has to be done by truly skilled hands. 🤣 Can’t access the files.

  18. PURGATORY says:

    I don’t understand how to install it

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Install APK File and play. if you are getting APP NOT OWNED error then kindly Go to play store and start downloading Nexomon Extinction. when download starts cancel it. now this game is bind to your account so you will not get APP NOT OWNED error again.

  19. jeprozkie says:

    is there a way to play this on huawei with no googleplay?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      you can try patching license using Lucky Patcher

    • Fulgoso says:

      You must install a Google play, I had installed mine. Now I’ve updated it to HarmonyOS. It’s a China rom. Gplay and appstore working fine. But you can’t install Google Chrome, don’t know why. 😅

  20. jun says:

    error, opening the game,, it say ” app not owned” pls fix

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