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Just like Choices Stories you Play, Novels Choose your story is equipped with amazing MODS like Unlimited Gems so you can purchase everything while playing the game. It includes Premium Choices for Free and even all the outfits and items are free. Download now Novels. Choose your story MOD APK on your android devices.
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July 21, 2021
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Detailed introduction:-

“Novels. Choose your story MOD APK” is a role-playing game. In the game, you can DIY a character, live in the game, communicate with the game character, compose your game life, and beautiful girls are waiting for you.

The Novels MOD APK version is a very fun text simulation game, where you can choose the story you like, feel those scenes freely, a variety of story endings are waiting for you to choose, there is also a brand-new dating mode, investigative gameplay, let You will never get tired of it, and more exciting novels are added regularly.

It is a text-based simulation adventure game provided by Pixelberry. Here, you can choose some stories you like, uncover the secrets or experience those storylines in an immersive experience.

Features of Novels Choose your Story:-

1. Classic plot and gameplay.

2. Free choices of multiple texts!

3. Fun multiple ending modes and more built-in script modes.

The game adopts a way of simulating real people, with a strong American style. In the game, you need to buy items and props through diamonds, or play more plot stories for free, and experience a dramatic adventure!

The gameplay is as the name suggests. In addition to understanding the plot information based on text dialogue, you can learn about all the stories that happen in it through different options, which can be romantic and beautiful, or it can be a criminal adventure! In short, everything here will be decided according to your choice!

What's new

Update 2.9 is here:

- Chapter 12 of the "Shores of Fate";
- Chapter 8 of the "Neighbourhood Witch";
- Event "Met Gala";
- Fixes and improvements.

Thank you for playing!

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Gems (You can Purchase everything even if you have negative Gems)


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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

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Play Novels. Choose your story MOD APK 2.9 on PC

Play Novels. Choose your story MOD APK 2.9 on PC

34 comments on "Novels. Choose your story MOD APK 2.9"

  1. Rose says:

    Yes same experience the game does contai a lot of diamonds… but when i play a story it only contains 75 Diamonds and it decreases…

  2. Leyton says:

    When joining the app everything runs smoothly but The mod does work for some choices but when it comes to choices that have diamonds next to them they start loading for a while. And when you get out of the app and join back its just shows you the novels sign and you stay there.

  3. Leyton says:

    The mod does work for some choices but when it comes to choices that have diamonds next to them they start loading for a while. And when you get out of the app and join back its just shows you the novels sign and you stay there.

  4. Elin says:

    hi, can you pls a update it to version 2.9? thanks in advance!

    • Royal Gamer says: working on it

      • LinaZ says:

        Looking forward to it. Thank you so much!
        If the mod is going to be like the last version, can you make it work for more than 1 story because previous version after reinstalling & signing in, the progress of only 1 story was carried over.

        • Royal Gamer says:

          i have updated the MOD with lots of new edits. hope it helps

        • Sheldan Jeffries says:

          How is it working for you now Lina?

          • LinaZ says:

            Thank You RG for the update & your efforts.
            I could see now in the book the no. of gems is the same as in settings, when the app could successfully pass the opening screen (I had to uninstall & reinstall a few of times on my mod device) but after signing in, my progress from the 1 book I played till Chapter 9 wasn’t carried over. I had to start anew so I didn’t dare signing in to server with the 100 gems on my official app device. What about you Sheldan? Did your progress carried over on your official app device after signing in?

          • LinaZ says:

            Whelp… an update: my official app device somehow managed to sync with the reset on my mod device so my progress is gone now. I’m just gonna read the story again & others on my mod device hoping the app won’t hang so I can sync my progress with my other device seamlessly… hopefully.

  5. Sheldan Jeffries says:

    Hey guys, your progress isn’t lost. It looks like it is at first but it’s not. It will show that you are on chapter one of the books you are reading when you re login with the new diamond amount. But if you click and start playing the chapter it will literally fast forward to the very last line or scene. You click it and boom, the end, go to the next chapter. You’ll have to click through the last line or scene for every chapter until you get to your most current one. This sucks with the ticket update but at least you’ll be able to read your favorite book. Just be mindful about diamond purchases so you don’t have to do it as much. I’m playing blood in the spotlight only, so there is a title screen from the diary that I have to click past first and then last line of the chapter, and then the end. I hope I explained this well enough.

    • LinaZ says:

      Hi Sheldan 👋
      Thanks for your clarification & guidance but my progress did get lost before, as my book was restarted but now it seemed to work again. I just got to wait for the tickets to recharge. A question though, what will happen when the 100 gems are finished? How did you get your gems to recharge? Do you have to keep uninstalling & reinstalling the mod version then sign in again to device for the new 100 gems?

      • Sheldan Jeffries says:

        I have to keep doing the process over again, with the ticket stuff that’s why it’s becoming less worth it 😭. Basically everytime I’ll have to wait longer and longer to get to my current chapter the more chapters I complete lol. But yes, I uninstall the modded app on my mod phone, reinstall it, login with my account again.

        I don’t have to reinstall the game on my normal phone for all this to work btw. I do however have to logout before I login on the mod phone though. The app restarts itself when you log in again on the unmodded version.

  6. Nour says:

    Does this mod work?

    • Sheldan Jeffries says:

      For me it does but it’s extremely tedious and with the new ticket system it’s becoming almost not worth it. I’m literally only reading one story now.

  7. SazLinaZ says:

    Version 2.8 didn’t work for me as the previous one did. Even though under settings & purchase screen diamonds showed many digits but at the main & game screen, they’re still at the minimum, as per last gameplay. After reinstalling, when I signed in & chose device instead of server, my progress was deleted & I had to start anew. I have Novels installed on 2 devices – 1 mod, the other original & I mainly played on the latter now but all my progress in the original version was gone having to buy premium choices again, as they weren’t saved.

    I’m really starting to enjoy this app but alas they’re not so generous with gifting & diamonds are expensive too. Please help me fix my issues, as mentioned above with a workaround maybe on how the mod is supposed to work so I can still keep playing with my progress saved & with enough diamonds from the mod version. I’d greatly appreciate it & all the good work you’ve done.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      It is because everytime i update the MOD in newer version, developers fixed it. so its getting complicated. so only few and fewer features are working

      • Sheldan Jeffries says:

        I wonder if they are following your site? Seeing as this is the only place offering a mod for this right now I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t following your site to know what to patch every update.

      • LinaZ says:

        I understand. Thank you for clarifying but whenever updating to a new version, can you possibly state clearly what the mod features are that work in the update so we know what to expect or have an idea on how to work around it? It’d be highly appreciated. Keep up the good work done so far.

  8. Sheldan Jeffries says:

    Can y’all mod tickets? With the stuff I found out when you sign in it does start you from chapter 1 again, your progress is saved but it makes you go through the last line of every chapter to get to your current one. That’s an issue now that they’ve added a ticket system to the game. 2 hours every two chapters. You could imagine the inconvenience.

    Also, you can select premium choices in the modded app now but it freezes when the chapter is over at the collect diamond screen and you have to reinstall the app to get it to work again.

  9. Sheldan Jeffries says:

    Just some help for anyone else who wants it and has two devices or the time to redownload the official and modded app multiple times lol.

    So, at first glance this mod doesn’t work. When the app first opens it brings you to a story and it shows you have 10s of thousands of gems. But when you try to make a premium choice it indefinitely loads and freezes. I decided to redownload it and exit out of the story to see if there was a work around, there is. So you’ll notice on the main menu it shows 100 diamonds, this number doesn’t change even if you watch ads. This seams to be a real diamond amount though because when I logged into my account it allowed me to switch my diamond amount to the device amount (100) instead of server which was (0). When I logged into my account on the official version on my iPhone 109 diamonds were there! This includes the diamonds from ads.

    Also, when I spent some of those diamonds on the official app, in redownloaded the modded version on my other phone and did the whole process again, it replenished all the diamonds I lost! So he’s this can work. It’s tedious though.

    • Ellen says:

      But if you re-login between devices with different diamond balances, progress is also lost. how did you save progress?

      • LinaZ says:

        With version 2.7.2, my progress is saved when I signed in vk and/or fb even though I chose device & not server but then I had to open the end of each chapter already read but the latest version 2.8 my progress wasn’t saved at all sadly after I signed in choosing device to get the 100 gems. So I had to read the book anew & pay for premium choices again. A good thing I just started with 1 book only.

      • Sheldan Jeffries says:

        My progress isn’t lost. When I re login it looks like progress is lost but when I go into the first chapter it only reads the last line and that’s it. So literally I click through the last line of each chapter until I get to my most current one. It’s hard to explain, wish I could post a screenshot. It’s more annoying now with the tickets but I just now made it to my most current chapter of blood in the spotlight after waiting ticket times.

  10. Sheldan Jeffries says:

    Hello! Is there a way for me to contact someone? So I have two devices…when I enter a story it shows I have 1000s of diamonds, but when I’m on the main screen it shows 100. That number doesn’t increase either even though I watched ads. I connected it to my account and it noticed the 100 diamonds…so I couldn’t make any premium choices on the modded app but when I opened the app on my IPhone and signed into my account it showed the 109 diamonds which was both the diamonds from the modded version and the ads I watched on the modded version…so possibly there is a way to increase that number of diamonds from 100? It seems it will work as long as you crossover to the legit app after signing in on the modded version.

    • Sheldan Jeffries says:

      Also note that this 100 diamonds is definitely from the mod, making a new account on the game only gives you 50 diamonds not 100.

  11. Sheldan says:

    So sad it doesn’t work fully. Like its showing I have thousands of diamonds but when I try to select a premium choice it loads indefinitely. Can’t reopen the app after that either. Have to reinstall it to get past the title screen. 😞

  12. Deejae says:

    I think there should be a different category for games like this. Could you please make a new category for every game like this? And could i request for scripts untold secrets to be modded?

  13. Deejae says:

    Stuck up everytime i try to buy clothes and had to restart the game then the game wont start had to reinstall everytime

  14. B R says:

    Thank you for trying, but it doesn’t work.

  15. Anna says:

    Thank you for trying, but it doesn’t work. It opens the shop when I try to make a diamond choice.

  16. Rie says:

    Hello! I really enjoyed the first story. Thank you for your help.

    By the way, my timer for a new ticket counter says 0:00:00 but it still doesn’t add the new ticket. Is there anything I need to do? Thank you again!

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