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Planescape Torment EE APK takes place in the plains gate multiverse where there are different planes of existence and in each plane it has its own morality and different creatures. if you’re familiar with dungeons and dragons then you know this world. the story of Planescape Torment starts off with your character known as the Nameless One waking up in the mortuary your character is bewildered you wake up in this strange place out of nowhere with no recollection of anything you did you don’t know who you are or how you got here as soon as you wake up you run into more. mort is a floating skull that is right I said floating skull he tells you that you two are trapped here and you have to find a way out. This is a premium game from Beamdog but you can get Free APK and obb data files of Planescape Torment EE from

Android Free Download Planescape Torment EE APK+DATA

Your character has instructions carved on his back and it tells you to find a journal and someone named farad. there is more to this story your character is immortal but who made you that way and why you escaped the mortuary and end up in an area called the hive and so your journey begins to find out how you got here where’s your morality who were you in your past life and to ultimately find yourself.

planescape torment focuses on dialogue narration character development and character interaction combat takes a backseat it’s there but the story and characters are the most important things about planescape torment Android. now as you progress through the game you will confront farad and you will find out that he is not responsible for you being immortal. he will point you in the direction of the person that really caused your immortality I’m not going to name who that is and the early on you also find out that you are a reincarnation of a past life you have lived before there are several different versions of you that lived in this life and you have to find out what they did who they were why they did what they did and what types of individuals were they.

Remember that the story in planescape torment Android is excellent it’s one of the best stories in video game history it’s interesting it’s engaging it’s complex and deep and I don’t exaggerate when I say that your character throughout the game it’s finding smaller pieces to a bigger puzzle that puzzle being your life.this game is fantastic I highly recommend it this is a game that will have you thinking about your own life after you beat it that’s how good it is.

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