Prey Day Survival MOD APK 1.112 (Weak Enemies)


Prey Day Survival MOD APK Craft & Zombie MMORPG in the world of zombies and mutants, you have to survive. One by one to survive. it’s really hard and sometimes very fleeting, the game encourages players to cooperate and even create-clan enclaves. Only in this way can be guaranteed to provide all food and protection from the monsters and from the greedy ruthless PvP players. Prey Day MOD APK is played and look like Last Day On earth survival.

Prey Day Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money Magic Split | Free Craft 1.112

If you have played survival trending games then check this prey day game as well. Its an open world action MMORPG game from Pragmatix. if you have played LDOE you will be familiar with its features and gameplay. you will be spawned unarmed where there is no tutorial to teach you about gameplay. all you have to do is gather supplies and resources and build shelter. craft weapons and survival tools using your prey day mod apk for Unlimited money and free craft. you can build your home and craft different tools. use them to craft weapons and suitable cloths.

There is an open world map where you can visit them for rare supplies and resources. rare supplies often used for crafting unique items. you will need to level up your character in order to unlock new recipes but here using Prey Day Survival MOD APK you will have mega mod apk which can be used to get magic split items. you can double or split for unlimited times any item. you can also freely craft or purchase store items for free. since you have downloaded the Prey Day MODDED APK you can have all items even without having level limit.


What’s New: v 1.112
Happy New Year!

– All outdoor locations are now covered with snow!
– You can put a Christmas tree in your base again to receive daily quests.
– New reward in December season – winter armor set!
– Amount of rating points you get for monsters now depends on monster difficulty.

– Fixed a bug with some monsters in “Commercial district” respawning.
– Fixed an issue with enemy corpse staying in the exit zone in “Graveyard”.
– Fixed monster sliding after slowing by armor set bonus.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Enemies Wont Attack/No Hunger/Access to All Locations

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.112




Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.



  1. Hello RG, i after download this game version 1.96 but you apk not connect to obb file. Please help me, if i use your apk with obb from other website is not connect, but if i use other apk with your obb is can it.

  2. I play since v.1.75 and i play with level 1. Why since v.183 i play with level 99, but previous i am level 55. Maybe cause disconnect level 99. I know level max in this game is level 65

  3. RG game works ok with your last update. Weak enemies mod works fine(not in pvp places),food and energy always fool and thats good. Only thing missing if you can add,is magic split. Also i have never found a working apk with free market. I mean to be able to actually purchase without real money. Is this possible?
    Thank you anyway for all your efforts!

  4. Hey RG.
    Could you do me a big favour and just put in the mod for the weak zombies where they can’t attack you. I have noticed something… Everytime you try to improve the game and add more mods the game doesn’t work anyone. Can you please just add only one mod which is the zombie can’t attack. Right now this mod has server issues. It keeps disconnecting from server every 5 to 10 secs.

  5. Hi RG . We are waiting for a long long time to Play again The Dark Knight Rises . Dear admin please TDKR is gonna be brand new Classic HD remastered game . Thank you for your great mods .

  6. heyy rg please can you bring back good old modern combat 4.. it is one the best not so paytoowin game out there for centuries.. please this is my humble request


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