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You can request for any game in comment section,Requests will be listened.

Feedback will be appreciated.

9 comments on "Request Page"

  1. Anonymous says:

    RG can you please mod Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart and please update Pascal’s Wager so that it has all the DLC and fix stuck in loading screen bug please, I really want to play Pascal’s Wager. Thank you.

  2. Ronald Miranda says:

    Rg please shin megami tensei devil survivor 2 in nds to android mod please make it happen im your number supporter thanks you so much have more power rg

  3. HardcoreGamer says:

    Hey RG, why don’t you add Blade of God mod apk to this website. I thought it would already be there but, it isn’t. So, can you upload it to this website

  4. Arpan says:

    Last pirate have a bug RG . We cant jump. So can you fix it please. Because theire was a mission we have to jump. Thanknuou

  5. RGFANGIRL says:

    RG Please please please add SUPER KO BOXING 2 and if you can remaster it for newer devices… Pls RG.. I am you huge fan ..following your site since 2010 & my first device. Pls upload this game.. This fan will be so greatful. Thanks.

    Love Love Love 💗

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