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Spotify Music Premium APK Free Premium Forever will get you free Premium Account forever. Hello everyone this is needed from take it back again with another review about application. today i’m going to review Spotify Premium MOD APK.
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September 9, 2020
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Spotify Music Premium APK Free Premium Forever will get you free Premium Account forever. Hello everyone this is needed from take it back again with another review about application. today i’m going to review Spotify Premium MOD APK. now I thought Spotify would be an amazing application to review because i have it on my Droid for a long time and it’s my main to music client when it comes to listening to music offline and online and just you know it’s a great music streaming service wanna give you my full review of this application.

Q1:- How to get Free Premium APK Spotify Music PREMIUM APK on Android?
A1:- Simply install the Cheat APK of Spotify and you will have free Premium Features Enabled.

Now you guys all probably know what Spotify is, it’s a music streaming service that allows you to stream music download music and create your own playlist according to a kind of music you like. it’s a great you know application for you know listening to music and you’re not going to the lot of problems when it’s on the desktop version or on android. now let me tell you something it matters what device you have it on so if you have it on your phone or that’s android there is a monthly subscription it varies between 79$ to 29$ so it’s your choice which one you’d like to purchase.


Spotify Premium APK Login Issue Fixed MOD APK

They’re all good and I would go to with the 79 version since that’s just the standard edition but the desktop version is free so you can download music playing music and do whatever you want so the application is has a few categories. there’s the Browse section which is laid out into the over you charged your honor is moves new releases and discover and here you can just see the new music for me new albums are coming out. according to what you like so there’s a search bar here you can you know search what kind of music you like I’m a house type of guy so there’s ts1 hardwell that’s the things I’ve searched activity is what you’ve been listening to and you can actually share this activity with your friends so it’s a really great feature. that you know Spotify has added radio of course it’s a radio you can listen to the radio songs albums artists local files and stuffs.

Like that but there’s a few things that you can do there’s private session offline mode and preferences. now private session is what i have so people can see my ID jesper privacy reasons offline
more easily so you don’t have internet and what allows you to do is whatever music you have on your playlist has been streamed in a stream of format so you can live you know play that music over and over again without having any problems loading the song and then preferences. so preferences is like your ID and what it does and you can change the music quality and then you know share your activity and stuff like that so it allows you to do a lot of you know all the stuffs.

What's new

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlocked Spotify Connect;
Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod;
Visual ads blocked;
Audio ads blocked;
Seeking enabled;
Unlimited shuffle;
Choose any song;
Extreme audio unlocked;
Repeats enabled.


87 comments on "Spotify Premium APK MOD"

  1. Anonymous says:

    can’t login with google or facebook

  2. Zulu says:

    Always force close on this version. I need downgrade apk for this RG.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I get stuck when log in with facebook

  4. Luis Carlos says:

    Can’t activate the Premium in this last version

  5. Luís Carlos says:

    Hello. In this last update, the Premium is not working. How can I activate Premium?

  6. Grieza says:

    Can’t login using fb please fix it RG.
    Thank u

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please update RG

    • Joseph says:

      How can I set to premium, when i downloaded it, the app went to regular spotify

      • Royal Gamer says:

        Read what’s in the MOD section for the MOD Features

        • The-Legacy says:

          Here’s my main top question of all.. Please be honest with the answer…
          How come everytime you have a new Spotify Mod app available.. It always says Premium Mod, and it says offline… When in FACT It’s not really officially a premium because.. 1. It doesn’t let you download anything because you are not a premium member. 2. You definitely can’t play any music offline.. And why is that… Because again.. You have to be a premium member to be able to download these music and be offline. The ONLY thing available in these mods are… Unlimited skips and no interruptions and no ads.. That’s all.. Please please please stop telling these people that they have the ability to download and play offline because they don’t.

      • Legacy says:

        You can’t.. None of them you can.. The premium part is never going to work. The only thing you can do is have no ads, unlimited skips and no interruptions, that’s it.

    • Miraz says:

      Can’t install the app anymore for some reason. Please help RG😭😭😭

  8. Geno Jugmmat says:

    Please update RG

  9. Mamat says:

    Pls update to 8.5.49 rg

  10. waynetrain says:

    Work fine after installation. but after a while i cant use premium feature anymore until i reinstall the app. Have to to the same thing over and over again and thats really annoying. This version needs an update. Otherwise if you could also upload the older versions of the app witch did not have this problem and still works with few crashes on my old phone.

  11. Bryx says:

    Please update RG

  12. Alombrown says:

    please update Sir Rg!!😘😘
    More updates to come!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    How do you install the cheat APK??

  14. Aa says:

    Thank you for the latest update!! It works perfectly for me.

  15. Hancell Martinez says:

    Wow this latest version sucks!!!

  16. Gabe says:

    Please Rg, can you upload tales from the borderlands a telltale game. Thanks

  17. rayn says:

    RG, can you reupload previous kairosoft games with mod?

  18. JrD says:

    it still the same every open the spotify when play it, force closed immediately twice.. i must refered back the old version.

  19. Leonardo Arriagada says:

    The app keeps auto clossing after 2 seconds of any song or podcast.
    I’m ussing the september 14 update

  20. Kaypee says:

    Good Day RG, i really really like this apps especialy mod, can play song anywhere, but some of my fav song are unplayable, please RG make mod that can play also unplayable songs, thank you..

  21. Ren says:

    Please mod Spotify Lite.. Thanks RG

  22. Austin says:

    Rg,i still hear ads when i click on the music i wanted to play

  23. Pascal says:

    Hey RG,when i update this app,it keeps force closing after playing few songs,any solutions ?

  24. choi ramirez says:

    Rg i love all tne apps in this site, im a big fan of you, but please update the spotify to play the song thay unplayable, thank you so much if you notice me..

  25. YT says:

    Hi, i got the app to work it is fantastic but it wont download the music for offline use

  26. Arvin says:

    Hlo Rg y why i can’t download the songs? Hlp me

    • People need some braincells says:

      It is not possible!, aren’t you guys grateful enough that you don’t have to pay montlhy for this? Jesus effing christ…

      Keep up the great work RG, you amazing!

  27. Axid says:

    I can’t sign up RG when i type my email correctly it still says your email is invalid. Help thanku

  28. Yerf says:

    Replays unlocked

    What does this do? Thanks for some enlightenment.

  29. Angela says:

    Hi! I have been downloading all versions of modded Spotify here but all of them are asking me to sign in or log in. Can anyone teach me the next step, please? Thank you.

  30. Param says:

    Some songs aren’t available here in India. I can’t even play Shape Of You.😥😭😭

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