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Stranger Things 3 The Game APK feels like a call back to licensed games. ST3TG APK MOD is no different,with the release of the new season comes a retro-inspired adventure game. While I wouldn’t say this game is a replacement for watching Stranger Things 3, it does retell the story of the third season albeit in a much more bite-size package. If you’re a super-fan of the show, this is something you should tackle after finishing season 3 and see how the game treats some of the pivotal moments.

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The story of Stranger Things 3 The Game APK contains a total of 8 chapters following the 8 episodes of season 3. While there are some side quests that elaborate on some elements from the show, the total game can be beaten in about 5-6 hours. Story elements are told through either in-game text or actual missions. For example, one scene has Mike buying a gift for El and that in return becomes a fetch quest in the video game.

Stranger Things 3 APK Game feels like a retro-styled diablo game. You make your way through the different parts of Hawkins playing as one of 12 playable characters reliving the events of season 3. Each character can attack, has a special ability and can block incoming attacks. Progressing through the story, new characters will join your group bringing along their own abilities. Dustin can hack open keypads and Lucas can break up large rocks for example.

ST3TG APK Android Free Download

Stranger Things 3 The Game puts in an effort to offer more than just a retelling of the show in this format. Although yes, you’ll relive each episode in the form of a chapter, there’s a handful of other side activities for you to do. Scattered across the open world of Hawkins are gnomes that you can add to your collect em them all quests.

ST3TG APK android has some admirable traits like the attention to detail in the environment, the callbacks to the series and elaborating on them. However, there’s an overall janky feeling to things like the movement of characters, the camera and the awkward loading times when you move between environments. There’s a lot of attention to detail with Stranger Things 3 The Game Android. Stranger Things 3 The game is an ok companion to the Netflix series.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.3.872



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