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Official TEKKEN MOD APK from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is finally arrived on Android, currently available only for Canada users but downloading Tekken7APK from Andropalace you can play this soft launch game globally. One method always works in Mobile gaming is that bringing Childhood sweet memories together in one app or game. It has been worked since it was first applied on Pokemon and Super Mario Games. Its like a remastered version of our beloved games. Now we have Brand new game TEKKEN APK MOD which is a freemium online game,you can not play it offline. Since its an online game TEKKEN MOD APK will not work with Unlimited money,Diamonds or crystals but GOD MODE or One hit kill damage is possible. so you will have to Wait for the MOD APK Hack of Tekken.

Download Android Game TEKKEN MOD APK 1.5

There are so many Fighting games available in the Play store. But Tekken has taken a big fan following. Gameplay is almost same like the old Tekken Games.The very best fighters have an almost inscrutable element to them. Though there are countless games where you can punch and kick your way to victory, these special few manage to make every fight a small spectacle. They become more than a weekend time waster, motivating you to get better even after the most crushing defeat. Tekken Mobile APK MOD is one of those games.

The series is more than two decades old but this latest iteration is filled with so much vitality that even its most expected elements are captivating once again. While Tekken MOD APK does fumble some of the details its competitors have nailed, it has a solid core that rises above these shortcomings. A large part of Tekken’s appeal comes down to its presentation. Even the smallest elements
have a certain sharpness to them that contributes to the overall sense of excitement.

Tekken MOD APK Android Free Download

The character select screen, for instance, features large, clear portraits of the your all available characters which you have collected from the chest boxes or from the events. After choosing characters and a stage, the words “Get Ready For The Next Battle” appear in a giant golden font surrounded by flames. The game carries itself like it’s a very big deal and the performance is convincing enough that it’s easy to buy into. Such swagger is present in the soundtrack as well, which does a fine job of pumping players up with swelling electric beats.

The biggest aesthetic success is also the most important one. Every character looks fantastic, contributing an identifiable and distinct personality. As usual with Tekken, every attack has a hefty sense of weight, making the most basic move feel like a small victory as you shave chunks of red from your opponent’s health bar. Effective new visual additions ratchet up the drama of fights, such as a slow-motion effect that kicks in when both players are at low health and attack simultaneously. Because the effect only happens during already tense moments, it doesn’t grow tiresome.

Since TEKKEN APK MOD is a freemium game you will have to grind for your favorite character or play daily events to win new characters.There are no energy bars but here problem is about the player health’s. if your character takes damage in the battle then you will have to use medic kit to restore its health if you do not have such kits then you will have to wait for some time until health regenerates automatically. now we have added MOD APK which has fully furbished health bar so you wont have to revive your player or heal them. Apart from this TEKKEN MOD APK is an amazing game with addictive gameplay.

What’s In The MOD APK of Tekken:- Thanks to LIKEMOD for the MOD
– Unlock Features
– After battle your heroes will always have full health
– Easy Win

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.5



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.



  1. where is the mod menu ? too difficult to defeat boss star4 -.- . yeah after the fight my HP dont decrease , but not auto/always win .
    fast respon please

  2. In new version of Tekken 1.2.2
    The options to enable
    God mode
    One hit mode
    And auto win is not working…

  3. Its not his job only some else — mod is working OK now 4 star LEE fucker … I am waiting for Yoshimitsu or Heihachi but game is borring when u get 4 star player u can beat them all :D cheers

    I have account for sale :D anyone ?? 4 star Dragunov 60 LV and more 3 star players :D

  4. Bro….I love your work and love this game too….I been using your mods since 2009….Never got any problems….But noww i have problems with this version mod….Older versions was good 9.1 but this version is crashing in 1mins 23 secs….Can’t play….Plz fix it it’s 3 fab now….And there a boss fight in game i wanna fight him plzz bro only 4 days are left to him….Plz make it proper mod without crash….And please brother mod it with unlimited cash and diamonds or trick it so we can buy diamonds with using money or something…If you are reading my comment plz make it fast brother thankyou :)

  5. MOD Version: 0.9.2, is crash, Install + Copying OBB file. where running the tekken is only appear logo tekken after that the screen was crash.

  6. Fight doesn’t beging when I’m pressing fight why it is happening
    My mobile is Oreo 8.0.0 4gb ram then also please do something asap.

    • kyoki is game ko khelne k liye android k 4.4.2 version k saath 2GB RAM hona chahiye tabhi ye game khel paoge vaise ye abhi bekar hai kyoki ise khelne k liye bhut data waste krna padega ye online game hai offline pr ye uplabdh nhi hai maine use kiya haikhela hai ye game so don’t waste ur time for theis game wait kro jb tk ye offline na ho kyoki asli mza vahi hai

  7. This mod is not unlocked like v0. 4.1 where you could only battle the final bosses. It was the easiest way to get other characters. Also easy win does not work anymore.

  8. Hey RG, thanks for your hard work. The last update you did 0.4 only had the health mod and not the easy win. I prefer it that way, I think that the easy win takes the fun and challenge out of the game. Could we get the next update (0.5) with just heath mod?

  9. There is a problem in this mod version. We’re not crowned as a winner in the end after being defeated (but health is full).
    It’s too difficult to defeat level 4 king.😓. I used level 30 3star Shaheen.
    Also dojo progress is resetted. I was at 200k + points. Now I’ve to start from scratch 😭.

  10. I installed 0.4 apk over the previous 0.3.
    Now it’s stuck at initialization.
    I tried to downgrade from 0.4 to 0.3 , it shows corrupt package.
    Any suggestions ? :(

  11. The game is still isn’t working (crash after 26% loading in the latest version 0 03) MY DEVICE IS SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND NEO PLUS (ANDROID KITKAT)

  12. Boss do you have the apk update i can not open the game anymore it req. Update its not available in playstore yet so i cannot update there not available in your country

  13. Rg after fight tutorial fight my game was get crashed….error Unfortunetly stopped?
    M using Galaxy Tab 4 SM T231…
    rg please help n guide me to play this lovely game.

  14. Please Rg do one things in this game that is give us some gems for doing dogo ranking. Beacause it’s really hard to collect gems…?

  15. I just love this game in 5 minutes playing…. thanks Rg but some tekken characters are not in game. Hope in the next updates they are in the game.

  16. Rg, you might want to fix the original apk, because, when playing dojo, i cant see the hp bar. Ican see it but it is empty and its like mod. I mean the hp is still like godmod if get what i mean. Maybe that the cause its always stuck after completing a dojo mission. Can please reupload back the original apk.

  17. Dear RG, Like ur web very much :) , will u pls find out and upload “Double Dragon by G-Gee” full version. i will be very thank to you.



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