Best Android Apps for Students

Best Android Apps for Students

There’s a lot of stress in college. If you go through it without help, it can be overwhelming. However, this isn’t the case! There are plenty of resources to help you out. Yet, it can sometimes seem that every app you get ready to download isn’t compatible with Android. While iOS seems to dominate the market, some of the most valuable ones cater to both Android and iOS or even Android independently. To make these years a little easier, let’s take a look at some of the best apps available to Android users.


There are plenty of resources to help you muddle through the copious amount of writing assignments that college throws out. Essay writer services, as an example, have become popular in recent years. A specific service that students can benefit from is EssayPro which will release an app soon. In the meantime, students can take advantage of their app.

When using EssayPro, students can match up with a variety of writers on any topic they could ever need. To start, they’ll enter the service they need, the writing style, and how long the essay is. This will give them an estimate on the cost of the essay. Instead of having a writer assigned to them, students will get the chance to review writers and chat with them before finalizing their order with them.

The app will also have a blog that will offer plenty of tips to students to write the best essays possible.

Google Drive

College comes with a lot of collaboration. Whether this is in the form of a project or just a study group, it can be hard to keep up. A time that works for one member might clash with another.

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to work together even if you can’t meet in person. One of the most universal apps is Google Drive. This can be accessed from a desktop as well as Android and iOS devices. It’s also free and only needs a Google account to use. Since it has become a universal platform from YouTube to email, this is fine for most.

The real touch that makes this a popular collaboration platform is that it allows for a variety of media. Whether working on a document, presentation, or spreadsheet, there’s an arm of this platform that allows it. You can pay to increase the space in your Drive but the standard 15GB is fitting for most.


Staying on the train of collaborative study, most students end up on Quizlet at some point another. This is another option that can be accessed from both the app and a browser.

The primary function of Quizlet is to allow students to create study aids like flashcards and games. The big draw to this app for most, though, is that study aids can be shared. Now, this means that almost any class you might take has a chapter-by-chapter guide by those who’ve finished the course. Teachers use the platform too, so you might see information from professors as well as peers. With about 50 million users a month, there’s no shortage of content either.

There is premium content available on Quizlet that can help students with higher level assignments. This includes test prep for the MCAT, NCLEX, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. They can even help with college prep such as preparing for AP and IB exams alongside SAT prep.

myHomework Student Planner

The last app we’ll look at here addresses one of the biggest challenges students face: organization. Lecture halls, homework, tests, and more – it’s all a lot to keep track of. That’s what myHomework Student Planner seeks to address. It allows users to sit down and enter everything they need to remember into a calendar.

This is a step up from a paper and pencil planner. While that can work, it’s also easy to lose or forget about. By using an electronic planner, you can access it from almost any device and receive reminders. This can help ensure that nothing is left to the last minute or forgotten altogether.


There are a lot of challenging aspects of university life. Luckily, there are plenty of sources that recognize this and want to do something about it. With apps like these, you can depend on a smoother, more efficient college experience.