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TWD: Our World is the official AMC TV mobile game of The Walking Dead.
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September 21, 2021
5.0 and up
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The Walking Dead Our World is a first zombie area based location based reality versatile game that inundates you into the zombie filled world. Protect yourself and your friends from the walker in this Walking dead AR Based game. Based on AMC’S TV Series The walking Dead Our World MODDED APK includes all famous series characters and their favorite weapons and skills. Unlock them all will take time and effort.

It’s a mid year in the Western half of the globe, which implies walkways and parks are loaded with people getting Pokêmon with their Android phones. In the event that you’d rather be the prey, however, perhaps give The Walking Dead Our World a shot at that point.The AMC authorized shooter utilizes expanded reality to place you amidst a zombie end of the world. As you play you’ll open new weapons, and stars from the show will assist in fight including Rick, Daryl and Michonne.

It plays like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive where you will have to capture or kill zombies. Its completely built using Google maps and you will need a working location based device in order to play this game. Just like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive you can use FlyGPS to use Joystick Button and move your character on the entire map from one place. then use our Unlimited Energy MOD APK to kill infinite zombies and get Unlimited Money and Rewards. making it much more easier to upgrade your characters or unlock rare characters easily.

Walking Dead Our World is not like Pokémon Go. Its a completely different Location based game. If you have enjoyed Jurassic world Alive then you will like this action FPS game as well. Collect your favorite series characters and hunt for the supplies. Gather your MOD APK of The Walking Dead Our World and use Unlimited Energy and Characters Always Healed MOD to unlock your powerful heroes.

What's new

What’s new in 17.1?
Bugs-be-gone in the latest update to The Walking Dead: Our World.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:
- Group Boards 2.0 fixes

What's In The MOD:-

GOD MODE (Use MOD Menu to Enable and Disable God Mode)



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

Play Walking Dead Our World MOD APK Dumb Enemies on PC

Play Walking Dead Our World MOD APK Dumb Enemies on PC

119 comments on "Walking Dead Our World MOD APK Dumb Enemies"

  1. Robert Tauber says:

    Is this issue fixed yet????

  2. Robert Tauber says:

    Hello, I have tried the new god mode on tow separate PC’s with 2 different Google accounts and both keep giving me and error.

    Failed to restore your account.
    Re-connect your account through the profile setting page in game.

    I have the latest Bluestacks running on both.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      you need to connect with Facebook to safeguard your account. using GOOGLE PLAY with MOD Games is not possible to connect

      • Robert Tauber says:

        in past versions once I fully rooted BlueStacks then ran the tutorial of the game I would then do a back of the game using Titanium backup. Then delete the game and install the MOD. before even running the mod I would restore only the game data, this would them link the game to the Goggle play store using a backdoor kind of thing. but now all I get is the message,
        “Failed to restore your account”
        Plus there is no way to link this game to anything but Google Play Games for android and iTunes for Apple.
        No matter how I load the new MOD it will not work. Well that’s not totally true I can still play it just won’t save my progress anymore.

  3. JacksonTan says:

    Hi royal
    the new update god mod doesnt work @@

  4. JacksonTan says:

    thank for update。◕‿◕。

  5. JacksonTan says:

    thx for update。◕‿◕。

  6. Seref says:

    There is no unlimited energy I saw that I am losing energy after the battle,

    I don’t know the model description is not very good… please help

  7. anonymous says:

    tks for the update. but game crash before it can start.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can i carry old progress to new version?

  9. Anonymous says:

    +1 thank you very much

  10. Anonymous says:

    It says I need to update – version looks the same though..
    Please if you are able and thank you!

  11. Memento_Mori says:

    Update new version
    Thank you for royal

  12. Miyon says:

    Hi Royal,
    I downloaded the TWD OW GOD version but when i tried buying goodies, it indicated that this version of the application is not configured for billing thru google play. Check the help centre for more info.
    How then can i purchase more gold? Or are you able to configure unlimited gold for me?

  13. JacksonTan says:

    Update new version
    Thank you for royal

  14. The Wizard says:

    I have tried 5 different versions of the God mode mod and none will connect to Google Play Games to load saved game data. Please fix.

  15. JacksonTan says:

    Udpate new version mod for v10.0.2.4
    Thx~boss royal

  16. JacksonTan says:

    Update new version
    Tq~boss royal

  17. JacksonTan says:

    update new version
    Boss royal

  18. JacksonTan says:

    Update the new version
    Thx royal

  19. Jackson says:

    update ner version

  20. Anonymous says:

    still not working, note 9, Arm64-v8a armeabi-v7a armeabi, Andreno (TM) 630
    Thanks for all the hard work RG.

  21. JacksonTan says:

    install error again @@

  22. JacksonTan says:

    pls ~
    update the new version

  23. Rick says:

    Seems no one is able to mod latest version …. Apk is not signed properly … Forget about mod .. original developpers beat modded version …

  24. Jo tatan says:

    Install error @royalgamer please help !!

  25. Popi says:

    Thanks for answer any news about fixed apk mod ?

  26. SCOOBY says:

    Thx… Működik,root,LP….stb. 8 android-ig, vagy google play protect tanúsított készűlék legyen!!!! Redmi note 7 pl nem jó!!!!

  27. Popi says:

    @royalgamer Unable to install mod version, tried on update or clean install with wiped data … Please make a fix

  28. Lewis says:

    Not able to install over the old version. App not install…

  29. JacksonTan says:

    thx again ~
    big boss ₍ᐢ •⌄• ᐢ₎ royal

  30. KEnF says:

    Thanks for the previous version, but new version 8.0 is put, please help for the mod. Thank again BG

  31. JacksonTan says:

    update new version

  32. Anonymous says:

    Do anyone can help to connected back Google play account? thank for help and many super thanks

  33. wer2oz says:

    Mod not installed on Huawei P20 lite.This mod us armeaby-v7a lib in apk.Huawei us arm64-v8a lib in apk.Сould you make a arm64-v8a version God Mod.Please!

  34. TAN IH ZHING says:

    thx big boss royal~
    It’s efficient
    (๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑)

  35. Jackson says:

    new version update again v7.3.1.2 @@

  36. Jackson says:

    thx ~
    new version update ( ・∀・)

  37. Kaosaruto says:

    Any way you could mod with gold or coins increase? Been loving the god mod, ride a bike ever where, and can always see the screen, so having the mod helps keep me alive. Thanks a lot for all your help in the mods. Hoping new update comes soon, missing out on event.

  38. Fan says:

    Would be great it the next update include God Mode for raider outpost.
    Waiting for update

  39. Jackson says:

    We are not currently able to enter the game and need to be updated (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  40. Anonymous says:

    Game got force update. Looking forward to your great work again.

  41. Jackson says:

    update new version

  42. BBoy says:

    Please Updat to Version

  43. Freddy Kruegger says:

    Can you make a unsigned version??
    Thanks for all

  44. Kim Skogvold says:

    Do I have to delete the previous version of this hack to install this patch?

  45. BBoy says:

    Please update to, Thanks!

  46. Fan says:

    Just wondering if you could add ‘silent mods’ to all weapons so that walkers will not move?

  47. refunder says:

    After I installed this update, the game pushed another update which makes the unlimited energy not work.

  48. Bboy says:

    Please Update to:

    Thanks in advance

  49. Sun Kit says:

    Please update to 7.0.16 thank you

  50. DINO says:

    use titanium backup on rooted device or use modified libill2cpp.so to official apk to save to google account with mod

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