Android Apps of the Future

Infant Crying Translator

With the accuracy of 92%, the Infant Crying Translator app defines 4 reasons why a newborn baby cries: from hunger, from pain, because it wants to sleep, or because it has a wet diaper. Over time, the accuracy decreases, but even at 4 months, it is 77%. For the development of the application, the creators analyzed 200,000 records with the cries of newborns.

YouCam Makeup

The YouCam Makeup app offers several options for instant makeup. The program easily recognizes facial features, adjusts to them, corrects minor skin imperfections, and tells you how to fix them. This is a useful app for every woman out there; you won’t have to stand in front of a mirror for hours no more.


The Movesum application will ruthlessly translate every cake we eat into the number of steps that we need to take in order to drop the weight that we just gained. On the other hand, measuring kilometers with cookies is quite funny. You can also set a goal for the passage of a certain number of steps per day.


The Streaks app helps you form good habits and get rid of bad ones. Some of them, such as “drinking more water” or “spending time in the fresh air” are already in the app; it remains to add your own, for example, learn Japanese.

A new IKEA app

Augmented reality can be used not only in the pursuit of Pokémon but also for much more practical purposes. The IKEA application allows you to arrange the furniture in your virtual apartment.

Eat This Much – Meal Planner

The Eat This Much – Meal Planner app will successfully replace your personal nutritionist. It will offer a daily, weekly, or monthly meal plan, depending on your personal parameters and the number of calories you want to consume, and will suggest specific recipes and portion sizes. The service allows you to adjust food preferences. For example, if you do not like a product, suppose eggs, mark it, and the application will no longer offer you egg dishes.

The Khan Academy app

There’s an educational program that allows you to study without leaving your home. Surprisingly, today, there is no need to leave home to learn more about the world, learn the language, or go to lectures at the most famous universities in the world. The Khan Academy app, endorsed by Bill Gates himself, allows you to listen to 3,000 lectures about everything from taxes to cellular breathing.


SoundHound can instantly recognize melodies that you hear. To identify the song, you just need to press one button. The music does not have to sound professional; you can sing the motive yourself.


A spyware messenger that encrypts the correspondence is a useful app to have. It is unlikely that special services are interested in you at the moment, but it is not very pleasant to realize that your private correspondence can be read at any time without much effort. The Signal application is used by politicians and businessmen; it is recommended by special agent Edward Snowden and Time magazine.

Metal Detector

Thanks to the magnetometer built into the smartphone, the Metal Detector application turns it into a rather sensitive metal detector. It can only detect magnetic metals, such as iron, steel, and cast iron.


This is the ideal dating app that is focused on finding sexual partners and does not require any effort from its owners, except for a couple of clicks. It isn’t for the people who want to find a bride; it is for those who want to have sex. To find your destiny for one night, you just need to choose your gender, indicate the gender of your potential partner, upload at least one photo, write a few words about yourself, and wait no more than an hour. You will be able to correspond with a person you choose only within an hour, and the pair will be searched within a radius of 50 kilometers from you. When you find someone that you like, it will be possible to mark a person or ask for additional photos. After receiving mutual consent, in the chat, it will be possible to discuss the details. But, as you understand, there is always the danger of fraud and deception, so in no case should you make an appointment if you are not completely sure of a person; in such case, you should arrange a meeting in a public place, like a café or a restaurant.