What Are The Ethical And Legal Aspects Of Money-Earning Games?

Video games have always been part and parcel of modern lifestyle. Over the years, these games have developed into apps that can be installed and played on smart devices. The growing popularity of mobile gaming has given birth to money-earning games. It is a new segment of the mobile gaming industry that allows players to win real cash rewards by competing online or crossing challenging levels. When money is involved, it is evident that the regulatory authorities will implement legal and ethical aspects to preserve the best interests of online gamers. So, what should be the legal aspects of modern gaming for money? What ethical standards a game developer and a player have to maintain? Let us find out the current scenario of modern money-earning games.

Money Earning Games

Current Trends of Modern Money-Earning Games

Most mobile games focus on transforming a classic game we used to play back in the day. For example, we used to play Ludo in the evening with friends and family. It was a nice pastime for all. The popularity of this classic board game has crossed borders. Game developers have monetized this popularity by crafting an online domain where Ludo fans can compete in daily contests to win cash prizes. In this way, real cash games have appeared in the mobile gaming world, transforming its map. Game developers worldwide aim to create a mobile app where users can play multiple such games. There are thousands of examples where multigame apps cater to exclusive genres of money-earning games such as card games, slot games, casino games, running games, fantasy sports, etc.

The Latest Trends of These Earn-To-Play Games

Non-fungible tokens or NFT

Players can create NFTs to earn money. These NFTs are in-game assets, allowing them to sell, buy, and trade in secondary markets. Many reputed game-developing companies offer users the opportunity to create NFTs to make their video games more enjoyable for players worldwide.

Cross-platform compatibility

Players can now connect an app with various devices and easily play a particular play-to-earn game. This cross-platform compatibility is a blessing for players and game developers. Players will maintain their level of progress whenever they switch to another device. They can also continue playing such games without losing any information.


This new business model lets players buy virtual goods online via a game interface. For example, a player buys virtual coins to upgrade his online account in a video game. These coins are bought with real money but are considered virtual currency in a game. This model is beneficial for gaming app developers. They use the interest of gamers to emphasize buying in-game accessories.

Betting or entry-fee competitions

Games related to betting are pretty standard and legalized. All these games follow regulatory terms mandated by the specific government of a country. In this game, a player must place a bet to compete against the rest. Similarly, participating in competitions for card games, board games, etc., requires an entry fee initially. Such mobile games are adequate in the current market.

Ethical Aspects of Money-Earning Mobile Games

Considering the current craze of money-earning games, the ethical aspects of these games include:

Addiction warnings

Mobile games that provoke a player with the thrill of earning real cash rewards must include warnings related to addiction. These games are designed to be appealing to players. They easily get hooked despite seeing the high-risk, high-reward feature. So, all such games must warn gamers about the addiction. The user interface of all cash-earning mobile games encourages repetitive play. This aspect is problematic as it can affect a player’s mental state. They need to understand the risks and enter the digital world with consent.

In-app purchases

Most money-earning games rely on the purchases a player makes. They create an in-app purchase model where players make micro-transactions to buy certain features or in-game assets. The ethical aspect of these games is that they cannot emphasize purchasing such things and exploiting players. Consent to spend money on certain in-game assets should be clearly described. In fact, predatory measures to monetize gaming addiction are a crime.

Pay-to-win mechanics

The money-earning games may provoke players to buy in-app features that will make them win challenges or defeat other players. This is an unfair means of generating revenue by monetizing baits to upgrade player profiles. Every play-to-earn app must provide a fair play environment for all players.

Matching players of the same skill levels

Another ethical aspect that apps conducting competitions should follow is matching players of the same level. Setting a high-level player with a low-experienced player is not an ethical practice.

Using RNG algorithms

Apps must use random number generator algorithms for card games, casino games, board games, etc. These algorithms generate outcomes that are unbiased and even for all players.

Legal Aspects of Money-Earning Mobile Games

Consumer protection law

Such apps must follow consumer protection laws that govern and preserve users’ best interests. No hidden fees, misleading advertisements, unfair contract terms, etc should be avoided at any cost.

Gambling and betting regulations

Most money-earning games need luck along with skills to win. Hence, gambling or betting is a crucial part of these games. All these mobile apps must follow gambling regulations to avoid legal troubles

Age restriction

This type of mobile game must comply with the age regulation laws. Players must be of a certain age to play these games. So, these apps must implement proper age authentication measures. Underage players must not get access to such apps to play money-earning games.

Data privacy

Players must connect their bank accounts and provide sensitive financial information to play these games. They need a bank or UPI account to withdraw winnings or deposit entry fees. So, data privacy is a crucial part of these apps.

The Verdict: Choose a Money-Earning Gaming App Wisely

Consider play-to-earn games’ legal and ethical aspects and choose the safest options. Always go with the popular mobile apps offering strong data security and fair means of playing such games. Join a community or ask public forums about legal and ethical standards an app should follow to conduct such money-earning games online. Only the top mobile gaming apps are suitable to play such games to win real cash.

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