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Choices MOD APK with VIP and Premium Features Unlocked.
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November 17, 2020
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So today i am going to write and cover all of the topics and errors which you guys face while using Choices MOD APK. Since you are using Choices Stories You Play MOD APK since long time and you are addicted to this game and its MOD Features Like Free Premium Choices, Premium Outfits and VIP Account for Free. You might be facing some issues and errors so we will be talking about why this happened and how to fix these issues.

Basic Information about Choices Stories You Play:-
Its a Text based story game where you choices matters. You will be playing as some characters and following their stories. What you have to do here is take decisions of that particular character and it determines the outcome of a story which you are reading. Choices Stories You Play is a most downloaded text based story game available on the play store.

Easily Safe Guard your Choices MOD Save Using Facebook:-

Since you are using MODDED APK so you will have no chance to connect it to google play game and save your save game but you can use Facebook for it. Here its how. First you have installed MODS APK right now you need to connect it to Facebook and i Assume you already have a Facebook App Installed Right? well When you have Facebook App Installed and trying to connect Facebook Account with Choices you will face errors. But if you uninstall Facebook App then try login you will be succeeded in it. And your FB account will be added and your save profile is now saved. Now you can Install Facebook App again and use it like normally.

Note:- If you have Pre-Installed Facebook App then you can not uninstall it right. Well You can still disable Facebook App from Phone Settings>Applications>Manage APPs>Facebook>Disable App. When you are done connecting it you can simply enable your FB App again.

Choices MODS and MOD Features:-

Since its a freemium game so there are plenty of ways which you will need to pay using IAP but downloading Choices MODS you will have access to choose Premium Stories for Free it means unlimited Diamonds and also you will have Premium Outfits unlocked and a VIP Account with it. Some VIP Perks are server sided and this is the reason why you face such errors. Ill explain errors and fixes now.


1) I have an Older Version of Choices MODS now How Can i Update it?
Ans:- Since you have downloaded our Choices MODS you will have to come back to this page and get the latest updated MOD APK and simply install Latest Version MOD APK over your installed Old Version of the game. (No Need to uninstall Old Version)

2) I am facing Version Conflict Error in Choices Games while using MOD APK?
Ans:- Choices is an online game so there are two sides to it first is game client which is installed in your phone and another one is a server which is basically stores online on choices servers. Now i assume you are using VIP APK and you want to use Unlimited Keys of Choices MODS but the problem is actually you do not have unlimited keys on server,its showing infinite keys on your game client so if you are trying to play Books but you do not have keys then you will face Version Conflict errors while playing Books in Choices. So just wait for the Keys Replenish and you will be able to play it again. I recommend you to kindly play using NON VIP MOD APK. Because NON VIP MOD Features are all related to game client and does not affect server features.

Note, FAQs:-
1) How to Play VIP Books in Choices Stories you play.
Answer:- You have a Choices Stories You Play VIP APK but the books strings are server sided so you can not play VIP Books for now. Maybe in future if i manage to do it ill post here.
I have tried to cover all the problems and fixes so if any of your friend need some help regarding this then please share this post to your friends and ask them to ready it properly.

What's In The MOD:-

What’s In The MOD APK of Choices Stories you play: Credits:RoyalGamer
Free Premium Choices/VIP MOD is added Separately with Unlocked VIP Books(Not Tested Yet)


922 comments on "Choices MOD APK 2.7.8 | VIP | Unlimited Keys | Diamonds"

  1. Thaís says:

    Okay, so if you can’t unlock VIP books or unlimited keys, you essentially don’t have a VIP mod. I get that it can’t be done, but why name it a VIP mod then? It seems to me like this is just a common mod, yet you’re calling it a VIP mod. That’s rather misleading. What’s the difference between the two versions?

  2. Dreamer says:

    Move data from old to new
    Androd/data/com.choices like… move to new phone android data

  3. Hermsch says:

    Hey guys,

    There is something i need advice.
    Inever synched with google or fb and use mod for quite a time.
    now i got a new phone and don’t see a way i can copy n paste my books and gems to my new Phone..
    Hopefully, some1 knows how to do that

  4. Andrew says:

    So did anybody lose all their progress? It said i mine already had a game in progress and kicked me off the app and now I have to restart it all this is the first time it’s ever done this to me so I don’t know what the hell happened & I wasn’t sure if I could sync the mod version to Facebook or anything else so I didn’t …

    • Biza says:

      I lost all my progress, I tried to recover it by playing completely without reading the story so it took time to wait for the keys.

  5. Sammy says:

    This mode is working fine!!!

  6. Vernonica says:

    I have VIP from play store which version should I download so it will work?

  7. iamsus says:

    Thank you for always updating Choices. Would you perhaps be able to MOD ‘Romance Club’ too please?

  8. Megan says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! You’re the only site I trust when it comes to downloading the MOD. I was wondering if you fixed the issue with the diamond choices within the texts? The MOD works on outfits and diamond choices that appear normally, but whenever they’d appear as part of a text exchange between characters, I still lost my diamonds. This happened in HSS, Queen B and Baby Bump. It’s a minor issue, but I would like to know instead of finding out the hard way (i.e. within the game by losing diamonds).

  9. Elisea Meça says:

    One book is telling me there is a version conflict and is not letting me play

  10. Sai says:

    Leave about ultimate keys do you have unlocked version of VIP books??

  11. Nina says:

    Could you please tell me how do you have unlimited keys? What mod did you download?

  12. Maddy says:

    There is unlimited keys and diamonds, but the Vip books can’t be played

  13. Khare says:

    Hi. Where can i download the non VIP MOD? And does this still have UNLIMITED DIAMONDS like in the vip mod? My only problem in the vip mod is at the end of every ge, when im about to collect the diamonds for every chapter ended, i always have to kill the app to be able to move on.

  14. Elsa says:

    The VIP books won’t open it load and stays the same, and the keys aren’t unlimited but the premium choices are unlocked.

  15. Sri_Saddie says:

    Hey!! Sorry for commenting without reading ur page before… Nyways about the keys, u have written to use the non-VIP mod in case of the server issue… But won’t it go back to two keys like the non-VIP? N do we really have infinite keys in the VIP mod?

    • BrazyAF says:

      Lemme help you explain it. If you download the VIP mod, you will see there’s unlimited keys like you’re subscribe to VIP. But, it was only in your screen, when you used 2 keys and want to play another chapters, you will ended up facing version conflict message because you are out of keys in their server. This is why you better download the normal mod apk. The minus using VIP mod also every chapter you finished, you can’t tap the collect button, so you need to kill the app first and open again to play

      • Sri_Saddie says:

        Okay!! Now i get it… Thanks for explaining… Umm is there no hack to get unlimited keys tho? Cuz i have been playing choices for 3 years ig n there is still no hack for unlimited keys!! I’m really looking forward for u guys to make the hack ASAP… N if possible also the VIP books… They seem pretty interesting…

    • Royal Gamer says:

      no you will not have Infinite Keys. those are server sided features

      • Popcorn says:

        Is this unlimited diamonds? As long as its unlimited diamonds idec about unlimited keys

      • BananaMan says:

        Hey RG, Big fan of your work, I always keep checking for new mods everyday. so far no dissapointment, Hope your doing well tho? I’m just gonna wait for when I can play vip stories for free look, all the best to you and Thank You.

  16. Anaxx says:

    I can’t get my books and chapters restored. Before I didn’t have any problem even if I didn’t login into google or Facebook it would get my game history . But now not only it appears completely new as so I can’t login with neither facebook or Google. Help

  17. Julio Munoz says:

    If you buy the vip in the play store and download the mod will it still work

  18. Ann Catherine says:

    Also I got all the VIP outfits unlocked ☺️

  19. Ann Catherine says:

    I got the VIP version… unlimited keys, check! ….but I can’t play the VIP stories….anyways… thanks for that unlimited keys 😘

  20. Neha says:

    Tried downloading the vip as well as non vip version 2.7.7…. In non ViP version neither do I have unlimited keys nor unlimited diamonds…In VIP version , the only difference is that the vip dresses are unlocked. Neither do I have unlimited keys (which you have explained) nor do I have unlimited diamonds!!!

  21. Rein says:

    Ok so if the keys ran out bc it is server sided, how much do i wait to have keys again?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      2 hours maybe. same as play store version

      • Eryn says:

        I have a problem when i update to the new version 2.7.7 the updates cannot installed. Can u fix that? Usually i had no issue when update to the new version but today when i want to update, the phone keep told that “the apps not install”

      • Tatty says:

        Just a tinny detail I noticed, the friendship lvl dosent show up next to chars names, talking specifically of book “endless summer”. (that’s kinda important in that book….) every think else works perfectly thank u so much for your work.

  22. Yasmin says:

    How can I regain the stories I ended in the previous vision 2.2.6

  23. Abigail says:

    I was prompted to choose between server side or game side and I chose server. Is there a way to correct this so I can continue using the VIP hack on my account?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      sorry but game side save is gone now. its better to safeguard progress with Facebook account

      • Niq says:

        Hey I have VIP it works but at the end of each ch when I try to collect diamonds it will stay on the page to collect diamonds. No matter how many times I keep pressing collect it wouldnt go away. It would go away every time I close the app. Is it a bug thing for it to act like this?

  24. Jojo says:

    Can I login with my Google account. If no, what about Facebook account?

  25. Anna says:

    It Doesn’t Display The Premium Unlocked Outfits & Hairstyles

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Sorry for the trouble. MOD is now fixed. Please re-download MOD APK its working fine now with Unlocked outfits

    • Karin says:

      The VIP mod only displayed that I’m a VIP and have unlimited keys. But after I used 2 keys, a notification said that there was a conflict. Plus, it stuck with ‘contacting server’ whenever I tried to access the VIP books

      • Royal Gamer says:

        Please read our post carefully. i have just updated my post today with more information and problems. tried to cover everything which will help you guys out

  26. Amoani Ich Manuel says:

    Please I have difficulty in playing the game
    After playing two chapters then a notification pops up reading “version conflict , please refresh homepage”
    I have tried refreshing but it is still happening.
    How do I stop it please?

  27. Shirin says:

    I can’t continue the story due to version conflict. Why is that? can it be fixed?

  28. Crush says:

    The VIP mod works wonderfully so far. TYVM!

  29. Vinda says:

    this is the 1st time i can’t continue the story, because the version conflict. the pop up show up at my screen. please help :(

  30. Riri says:

    Thank you for this! The unlimited diamond works great but they keys are still timed.

  31. Eredin says:

    Unlimited keys don’t work. Still timed and we have to wait for new key. Is anything hope to fix it ?

  32. Polen says:

    Hi RG, unlimited diamonds works fine but unlimited keys does not work. Keys are still timed and we have to wait for a new key. Hoping for a fix soon. Thanks.

  33. gri says:

    Hi! This is the only page I trust for mods, please upload the direct link for the latest Choices version 2.7.7 (the one that says Andropalace in the loading page) since mirror links don’t work as mods… thanks!!

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Sorry to interrupt you but Direct Links and Mirror Link Files are always same. there were problem in MOD VIP which is now fixed. please re-download MOD VIP APK. and Direct links will be back soon

      • Gri says:

        I trust you, but in my experience downloading and testing the apks from mirror links only worked as regular apk, meaning my diamond count lowered when choosing a premium choice. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I’d rather wait for the direct links. Thanks again!

      • BrazyAF says:

        not fixed yet. i just updated it and when i open the game it says “your VIP subscription has ended. we’re sorry to see you go. subscribe again to again to earn VIP benefits”. and now the keys is 0. please fix it?

  34. Anna says:

    All The Unlocked Things Are Gone??

    • Royal Gamer says:

      no they are still there. if you have any problem then kindly share properly. i will fix it

      • Sri_Saddie says:

        Hey!! Umm the VIP MOD isn’t working and so as the keys… Kindly help… Plz

        • Royal Gamer says:

          Yes because they are server sided and can not be modded

          • Ranjitha says:

            Keys are server-sided or the VIP books?
            What is the difference between the normal MOD and VIP MOD? I mean, in both you can’t play VIP books right??

          • Royal Gamer says:

            Both are server sided. please read our post carefully i have just update this post with more information and problem fixes

      • Anna says:

        I Downloaded The Links From The Mirror Download Links And It Doesn’t Display All The Unlocked Hairstyles & Outfits, It Only Displays The Regular Outfits & Hairstyles

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