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Hello Guys today i am writing a review about Choices Stories You Play MOD APK. I do today we’re playing episode to choose your story it looks kind of similar to like high school story and some of those games that i’ve played which are just fantastic they should be like I don’t know dude I think freaking angry birds should step out of the way and let them have the spotlight for a while they’re just so good I don’t know what to even click on pick a story can fish cross campus campus crush mystery / romance or real Hollywood did I think we’ve got to go for the mystery romance I get this all right welcome to black wood university oh my god i can’t wait for this plot legal that’s me I’m legally she’s just bragging that she’s 18 in the form of text all right ok to collect all this is moshe steam college in the state as you’ll be the first one to admit you’re lucky to be here now i do I know I feel lucky honestly do i put on a slot machine I don’t know where I was going with that then what’s your name I get to pick my names and oils not on this list so I’m gonna go with when ready after the famous fast food franchise which i will start in this universe later ok Wendy let’s get to school dude i flicking went to a wendy’s recently the cashier was an old lady like an older lady not like super all the old enough she had bright red hair you can’t work at Wendy’s and have bright red hair and not make I think she was Wendy basically saying OMG i can hardly believe it i know she’s impressed by my story as she should be it’s fine my heart today college Oh trust me it’s not all it’s cracked up to first day of the rest of my life you can say that about any day of your life regardless if you’re in college but so excited for new friends.

Choices Stories You Play MOD APK 2.6.4

Smart professors nope skipping class not that exciting it’s just called normal hotties of call first Oh found one almost touched him that was creepy I think that as you just committed some sexual assault well students here sure are on handsy super awkward enough distractions i have to find 346 always good luck with that I’ve passed that many in the background find your room good luck with that as well let’s see this place is kind of amazing you know if you see what I did there changed it changed the tone of that can I help you know H you can look at his facial expression is bring like are not take care for you anytime yeah thank you well I guess since you’re here looking for this room are you Wendy know what I had your food earlier was delicious seemed weird well thanks learn about the students oh my god intense color correction what is that splooge e-liquid if that is going across the growing of your pants don’t Rock residential assistant of course I’m here to help you and only you would find learn the rules oh yeah you know guys credible.

What’s In The MOD APK of Choices Stories you play:
Free Premium Choices

P.S:- If your game stuck on loading screen then you need a license for get the license go to play store and start downloading this game “Choices Stories You Play” and when download starts cancel it,you will have license. now install the MOD APK and you are ready to go.

What’s New: v 2.6.4
BABY BUMP: You’ve just moved to a small town, when you get some unexpected news…

HOLIDAY BOOKS: Some of your favorite series return with all new Holiday specials!

Get cozy and curl up with your fave Choices books! Tune in for brand new chapters of Mother of the Year, High School Story, America’s Most Eligible, and more!

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 2.6.4



Download Links:

Install MODDED APK and Play.



    • The app always updated automatically. Now I cannot access it because of the latest changes. Is it because it’s not updated yet or do I need to install it again? I’m so sad I will lose my progress.

  1. First of all tnank you! The keys problem is not an issue for me to be honest because I can’t play day n night non stop. Yet, the diamonds and premium choices are such a step up because you can finally see the full story. Second, the app need an update. When you have some time please update the game. No rush, take your time! I’m glad someone dedicated their time for this, so yeah, thank you! Have a nice day all of you!

  2. Hiii guys i really love this apk and you guys doing a really wonderfull job but i dont want sound greedy but can you guys mod the key too please its to hard to wait another 3 hour for 1 key im die waiting … Hopefull can get a mod to key next update thanksyouuu

  3. So question in this update which I didnt even know I needed what’s new or is it still just thst all Premium Choices are free. One last thing is there a way to make the game detect the choices for Crown and the Flame Book 1 to Book 2 or is that not possible. If it isnt i dont care much as i habe Compiled enough freebie gems to get the choices but i am curious.

    • Why do i need to wait another 2 hours to have a 1 key? The mod says unlimited diamonds and keys. The diamonds are unlimited but the are not
      But thank you for the mod because i just have a girfriend on the mod hahaha and i can spend time of her kissing.

  4. My progress is not saving. From last night suddenly, all of my pinned books are gone. It does take key but progress does not save. Is there anything to fix this?

    • I don’t know, but I’m having some issues with this apk; first I’m not able to connect to my Google Play account nor my Facebook, but I went to Facebook and deleted the previous access I had and when I try to log in with Facebook now it shows me the message: “SERVER_ERROR: [code] 1349195”, I tried a different Google Play account but still nothing. :/

      • Update: I uninstalled my FB app and then logged in and it worked! But only for a few minutes, then a pop up saying “network is unstable, try again later” started showing up even though my Wi-Fi is connected and stable. Also the layout started bugging out and during the game, before the network pop up, some characters images went missing lol
        Now I’m gonna format my phone because I tried reinstalling Facebook and it didn’t work, idk man. Is it just me, isn’t it?

    • Ya same is happening with me too. My current game isn’t saving. Guys please fix this bug because this bug isn’t letting me play the game.

    • Clothes and hairstyles are fixed but the time lapse for new keys is too irritating its taking 6 hours to generate 2 keys RG please fix that

  5. the diamond thing works like a charm and I really appreciate it bro thanks for that.. if yo can do something with the keys I’ll appreciate it man.. thank you

  6. there’s a glitch that shows up after using it for sometime, it doesn’t save the latest chapter i played and i always have to replay it everytime i open the app

  7. Hi does I’m wanting to download the mod apk with my current choices story you play account will it work of would I loose my progress on my current play through

  8. Everything works great.. Diamonds don’t decrease which is amazing, thank you. But the keys don’t work which is really sad. Is it included in the mod or did I just do something wrong?

  9. Thank you, works great aside from a small bug. I just started The Crown & The Flame book 2 and it didn’t carry over any of the diamond choices from book 1. In the regular version of the app it would carry over if you saved Tevan or the bear but not in this mod.

    • You can’t from the modded version, so you’ll have to make sure your game is saved to FB and then uninstall the mod and download the it from the app store. Then log in with the FB account your game is saved to, buy however many keys you want, and uninstall and re-install the modded version.

  10. Hi rg is it possible to save my progress to fb? I recently bought a new phone and want to carry over all my progress to the new one, Thank you

    • Yes it’s possible. Just follow this simple steps.

      1. Uninstall Facebook app from your current device/ phone.
      2. Back to Choices app then connect Facebook, it should take you to sign to Facebook using browser, then sign in to your Facebook account.
      3. In your new device open Choices app and connect to your Facebook account where you save your progress then it will notify you to restore your saved progress in Choices app.

      1. If you already connected your Facebook account to Choices account before it cannot connected to another Choices account, in case you ever connected your Facebook account in official Choices app before.

      2. You can install Facebook app once you’ve connected your Choices account to Facebook, just remember to uninstall it again if you wish to connect it to Facebook, if you try to connect it while Facebook app is there you will get through Facebook app connect and ended with error.

  11. Hi! I have a problem, i installed the game, it was working perfectly but when i closed it and i tried to open it again the screen just keeps flashing. Help please. I tried everything ):

  12. Why does this take three hours for one key? When in the normal app it takes two hours. Can anyone tell me how can I fix it? thankyou

  13. Please change the title since the keys are not unlimited. Love everything you do, but the keys are not unlimited in this case.

  14. Hi! Version 2.5.7 was just released, if you could please update whenever you have the chance, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  15. I’ll try to make it short
    It works for the first time but when I open Google play (for downloading any other game) and try to open again the loading problem shows up and the keys are not unlimited

    I hope you can find the comment ASAP because I can’t wait anymore πŸ˜”

  16. You are the best, I love you, a billion thanks for making it possible for me to continue playing this game β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  17. Hi, version 2.5.6 was released today, if you could please update whenever possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  18. It’s working fine on my phone but the problem is that the game isn’t saving whenever I quit the game after completing the stories it again comes back from the start and then I have to play from the start also game isn’t binding so no choice! Please help πŸ™Œ

  19. Could you post a step by step instruction please? I downloaded and installed it, but when I opened Choices I still use up diamonds. Do I have to click Run after installing? (It said something about app not available on my country even though I already have Choices installed) Do I disconnect from FB first? Would love a proper step by step so I know what to do first and the proper order. Thank you!

      • I did, but I couldn’t get it to work. It still took my diamonds. I’d love a step by step instruction to make sure I did it correctly ^^

        • Do you properly download and install our MOD APK properly? Its working for everyone. You will have to uninstall the play store version then install our modded file

          • When I try to open after download and install it says Error: this app is not available in your country. Is this for US region only?

  20. MOD free shopping tickets plz, and it’s awesome the diamond choice already totally FREE. Keep it up! Cuz i love play this game so much! 😘

  21. OMG, I loveee this. Thank you sooo much, I’ve been playing non stop since I downloaded it. But it’d be better if you could also make the keys unlimited, please? I hope you do. In the mean time, 🀘

  22. Hi RG! Choice mod was fine before but after the update, the loading screen just flashing non stop and won’t load the game. It used to can be stop by just repeatedly tapping the screen. Could you fix the issues? Thanks

      • HI I found a way around the blinking home screen! Once it asks for you email, don’t press anything, just press the back button. It will load and automatically say that your progress has been loaded, gaining access to the game. Granted, Everytime you want to open the game again, you must uninstall and reinstall the APK to trigger the email mini menu, but for the meantime, I think it’s a good alternative until 2.5.6. Enjoy!

      • SAME. this is so frustrating because i uninstalled it and install it again but it’s still not working. now even if they fix it, i will still have to start from scratch. smh.

      • If you experienced unstop blinking screen:
        1. Add another google acc in your Playstore.
        2. Install Google Playgames.
        3. Uninstall Choices mod.
        4. Uninstall Facebook (if you save your progress with facebook linking).
        5. Reinstall Choices mod, when first time opened it will ask you to use google account for playgames, choose the new google acc you add at point 1.
        6. Then you can play it again just like before, linking to facebook for restoring your game progress, because you don’t have facebook app you will login through in app browser, and it will work fine.

  23. Am I the only one who can’t log in using facebook or gmail? How can I save my progress so if there is an update I will not start again from the scratch.. :(

  24. Hi! My game doesn’t load,the screen just keeps flashing. It used to do same before but with continous tapping flashing stops and game loads since yesterday that doesn’t work. Can someone tell me how to fix that?

  25. Since the last few days, I can’t play any more. Either the screen is flashing (I could stop that earlier by just tapping it, but not any more) at the loading screen, or it just doesn’t load and keeps stuck in the loading screen. Huawei mate 20 pro..

    • My game was working fine till last night then after the update, it’s still stuck at the start, just wondering if I have to wait longer for it to load?

  26. If you could please update to v2.5.5 ASAP, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for all the time you take to mod this.

  27. This was happening in the last version also and in this version also it’d installed perfectly in my phone but whenever I complete any of my story later on again it comes back from the start. I mean my current game isn’t saving please do consider my complaint thanks!

  28. Hey buddy, this works perfect. Thank you so much!

    is there a way to get unlimited keys? Β΄Cause in this version we only have diamonds.

      • If you want to log in using your FB account, you must uninstall your FB app first. Go back to Choices then connect it to your FB account. An FB log in will pop up, from there you can log in to your FB account and will be able to connect your game to your account. After that install the FB app again, if you want. If you ever get disconnect, just repeat the same steps. :)

  29. Hi! Good Day! I really love this game.. As well as the Episodes.
    Is it okay if you could mod the Episodes too? Prettty please?

  30. For some reason the APK will not install on my S9. Works perfectly fine on the S8. I’ve given Samsung Internet and Chrome the ability to install unknown sources but it still won’t install.

  31. Hey RG … After finishing the crown and the flame book 1 and when i started book 2 i didn’t find the choices i made in book 1 though i’m sure that when i played the real version some choices i made with diamonds in book 1 were there in book 2 ….. I have to say also that i played the royal romance book 1 and the choices were found in book 2 so is it just a lag and if it’s what can i do to fix it ….. Please it’s a great lose 😞

    • Hi, the transferring important choices over to the next book feature wasnt implemented yet when TCATF book 2 was out. However, book 3 of the series already has the transferring option so I hope that clears things out :)

  32. Dear RG,

    I really love this MOD, it really helps me to play Choices with full experience. Thank you so much, and please keep updating. Today Choices is updated so this current version MOD doesn’t work anymore.

  33. The unlimted keys is not working the diamonds work tho they wont work if u want to buy a hairstyle or an outfit
    Could u fix the keys i dont wanna spend 2 hours waiting for 1 key

  34. Mine is stuck on the Google play connecting. I tried my account and it just loads and loads. I tried the trick but it still doesn’t work.

  35. Hi!

    Thank you for this mod! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s amazing.
    One question, after like three weeks suddenly a window pops up when i try to open the game and it says “big news! There’s a new version of choices. check it out now”, it redirects me to the play store were theres no update to download. Could you tell me please how should i fix this or if there is a way for me to fix this?

    Thank you!

      • This happened to me too. Apparently, my version of the APK is outdated (it’s ver 2.4.0 and I downloaded it last Dec.). If you download the newest version of the APK (ver 2.4.2), you can access the game normally. Cheers!

    • This happened to me too. Apparently, my version of the APK is outdated (it’s ver 2.4.0 and I downloaded it last Dec.). If you download the newest version of the APK (ver 2.4.2), you can access the game normally. Cheers!

    • Just come back to this site and download the apk again, without actually deleting your app, once downloaded, it will ask you ‘Do you want to update the existing application?’ Just press yes and it will download the apk you just downloaded without deleting your app and when you open the game it will be updated.

    • Same here. The problem is that when I downloaded, I lost all my progress, which was only conected with google account and on my own device. There is a way of recover my saves ?

    • Hi! I’ve been a user of this MOD for more than a year. All you need to do is go to Andropalace and then download the latest version. Make sure that the updated version is a match in andro palace. Take note, do not delete or remove your choices app or else your walkthrough will be erased.

    • I was having the same issues as yours. But, try download it from another link. I Tried using the zippyshare and it works. I hope its useful

  36. Unlimited keys and diamonds are not working. Can you please remove timer to get keys? Facebook was not connected in my phone.

  37. Hi, I was wondering if you could fix that things you done on book 1 to be carried over to book 2, since games like crown and flames have multiple books and accomplishinh the old one affect the latter, thank you so much

  38. Hey, the mod work really fine, but until yesterday all of my progress just erased and now everytime i try start a book this just reset when i close the app. ΒΏΒΏwhat can i do?? (my account say’s that i finish the chapters tho)

  39. If you play from the start, you’ll likely notice that using diamond its decreasing, but don’t worry, until you get finished the first chapter and get the 2 diamond award for completing chapter 1, further usage of diamond wont decrease anymore and instead it will increase everytime you finished a chapter.
    But for the keys, it’s not working for me. Hate waiting about more than 2 hours to get 1 key.

  40. The diamond has been deducted when choosing answer that has diamond.. please please, we need unlimited diamond. thank you very much! :)

  41. I downloaded the game yesterday and the unlimited diamond worked. Until today. Now everytime I buy something with it the diamond lower. Someone help me please

    • It only helps with premium choices meaning the choices that use diamonds. It won’t work if you use it for hair or clothing.

  42. Oh no, it says that the app is not available in my country (France), but the previous versions I had worked just fine, please can you do something?? I think it’s because of the new update :((

  43. I’m playing three stories.It’s kind of funny when I buy clothes with my little diamons.Can buy everything even though it would be deducted.Hope have unlimited keys.

  44. I installed mod 2.3.8 in other device previously ,it worked excellently . Recently i changed to samsung galaxy j3 pro and want to continue from there ,but i have to play from beginning . How to get my game memory back ? , Is it possible or i should play from beginning ~

  45. I installed this mod ver and in the beginning it open just fine. Before the update, I already played one book beforehand and left it halfway. After I installed the new version, the story continued after where I left off. After I complete the book, it ask me to restart the book or continue. I choose continue. And after that, I only got network error notice. It says, “Hmm, we’re having trouble making a connection with our server. Please make sure you have a good connection and try again.” I changed my connection into wi-fi but still no avail. I can browse and play youtube just fine, so the issue is solely with this game. Please help!

  46. Hey guys, so, I uninstalled this app a little time ago, but now I want it back, but when I install it, it starts a new game, not the game that I played, and I had lots of books completed and stuff, I still have the others APKs, may anyone help?

  47. Hey anyone watching this please reply. My game crashes after some time and a display shows choices has stopped working. After that i am unable to reopen my game. Plz help

  48. My choices app stopped working this morning and is stuck on the loading screen. Anyone else? How to fix it? Play store says I already have the app installed so can’t click on that to install then cancel.

  49. Hey RG, Thanks for the unlimited diamonds! For anyone reading this, the diamonds can only be used on the premium choices through out the game, NOT on customizing features such as clothes when you start out the series. The diamonds should never go down in value. RG, do you think it’s possible to get unlimited keys in the future? I see you stated in the title that this apk mod is also “unlimited keys”, which is not true. Maybe you should change it since it’s causing so much confusion?

  50. The app closes when playing Perfect Match Book 2 Chapter 6. Restarted the book played fine until reaching chapter 6. The screen froze then closed the app. I haven’t encountered this error in of the stories.

  51. I have installed the app and uninstalled the Facebook app. The mod apk starting working fine and it show my diamond as 53(From my Facebook). While i am doing first purchase it’s good no diamond detected . But the second time it got reduced. Any one help how to play this mod version correctly.

  52. How can i merge data?
    I played the mod an a different phone (android)
    And i have another phone (android) where in have some data
    How can i transfer and merge the
    if possible

    • U have to uninstall ur fb app and then try to login in choices game to save ur progress then u can transfer ur data to another device

  53. Anyone know how I get my saved books back?
    I completed the royal romance books 1,2 and part way through 3. Had to do the update by uninstalling the old file and installing the new version and it is starting from the beginning with nothing saved.

    • If it’s connected to your Facebook then uninstall the updates for Facebook and then sign in to choices through Facebook and boom you left off were you where.

      • It doesn’t allow me to log in through my google account (this is how I was logged in before).
        And when I try to log in through facebook it comes up an error.

        • I had to uninstall the old version of the app. Install from the link racaty (another link kept giving me pop ups and wasn’t the actual game.
          Then open the app store to start downloading choices, cancel it then go to the file I downloaded and install that. But I have lost all my progress from before.

          • Hey u can try this method: u have game file in android> data>com.pixelberrystudious.choices you can rename it when u uninstalling game and installing new update and then rename game file to its original name. This method works for me

  54. Is there a problem with MOD apk or choices server. I have to wait 3 hrs for a key instead of 2 hrs for a key since updating yesterday. anyone can advise?

  55. Hello RG! This is the best MOD I’ve used for almost 6 months. But today I installed the new version of this MOD and it says it’s not available in my country. Can you help me please? Thank you! 😊

  56. I installed it even today and it says the same , I found 2.3.5 version with free diamond options but keys aren’t . I have to wait for keys all the time .

  57. I’m stuck at the loading screen, when I have to connect with google play games… I’ve already tried everything, but I can’t play bc I don’t know what to do :( pls help!!! and sorry for my bad english

    • When your screen starts to load to connect to google play games just click on button return on your mobile phone and it will stop connecting, or it will show window saying which account to chose and you just click return or click somewhere outside of that window offing you accounts and it will start loading

  58. Hi, I installed the latest version (2.3.7) but since installing this update my diamond choices aren’t free anymore. I don’t mean starting outfits etc. that aren’t free with this apk anyway, I mean just normal premium choices. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Mine are free but you need to uninstall older version. I installed new one from this Racaty site (this page is providing link for this). Also, some of the sites with game links provided are just data fishing sites so be careful you are downloading the game and not something else. You will know if mod apk is 90 MB or more that it is right one.

  59. All it does for me so far is load, that it…
    The file though is wonderfully clean, I usually scan all apks and usually find Trojans and aware, your site apks have been marvelous. Now if I can just get this one to stop loading and just play that would be nice

  60. Hi, I installed this mod apk. at first it was working just fine and after a week or so, I’ve been receiving a prompt that says “big news! There’s a new version of choices. check it out now” and there’s also an “upgrade” button. I didn’t click the button however I was being redirected to my play store. There’s no “update” button on the play store and just hit the “open” then after that I’ll be back on the game and it is stuck with the loading screen. It doesn’t let me inside the game.

    can you help me with this? thanks!

  61. My screen is blinking whenever i run the game, after playing one time this thing is happening! Any sugesstions what to do?

  62. This mod won’t allow me to sign in to continge where I left off, and says I can’t sign into Facebook either. Is there a way around this as I don’t want to start over?

    • Yes, there is a way around this. You have to erase the FB ID that was recorded in the app section under FB. It will say that you are going to lose your data, but you won’t. Then sign in again to FB with the new modded app you downloaded a new ID will be recorded for FB which will allow you to use the app with FB.

      • How do I do that? Where to click? When I go to settings and click on Facebook sign in it automatically tries to connect to my Facebook account and fails. I dont know how to change this. Would appreciate dummy instructions, thanks

  63. It doesn’t work. I had 25 diamonds in starting and I used 20. After that when I tried to use 20 more, game asked me to buy more. I moved back and tried again but nothing changed. Please help!

        • It means that you can choose the premium CHOICES (which cost diamond) they actually won’t take the diamonds away. But if you wanna buy clothes/hair that’s different. They really cost your diamonds.

          • Yes except that in this mod (in my case at least) before you go for every premium choice they say ‘You need (amount) of diamonds to complete this look. That’s the error. That’s why the free premium choices don’t work.

  64. Hello. I’ve been playing this game for a few days. I found your mod two days ago and I enjoy having the options at my disposal. The issue us I am up to the last chapter and waited for the countdown for the key. At 0 the count down cleared and no key is available for this game or any game.

    Could you please help me with this? I’d really like to see the last chapter at least. Thank you.

  65. I’ve downloaded the apk and when I installed it, it can’t be open. And I can’t seem to overwrite the previous one so I have to uninstalled it. Can you fix it?

  66. Hi, there is a game called Episode and I really would like to play it, but the game is like Choices, so is very expensive to have fun, may you please do a sort of mod, please?

  67. You’ve updated this game within 24 hours of it needing to be updated. πŸ‘πŸ‘ You’re the real M.V.P, thank you so much for that!! You’re hard work is greatly appreciated 😊😊.

  68. America’s Most Eligible refuses to work. It says network connection problem but everything else is fine

  69. Hi sir! Good day. This MOD is very useful and I really love it! Even though I have to wait for about 4 hours for 2 keys it’s all worth it as long as I can make my own choices using these diamonds. 😊 I just wanted to ask if you can update the new version? Because it got update last night. Thank you so much! πŸ’Ÿ

  70. Yo there’s a new update and it keeps saying I should download it. When I tried to go to playstore I just launched the game and it showed me the blue loading screen and kept loading forever. Rg go update it mannn.

    • Yes. I can’t open mind 😊 but this MOD is great. I’m looking forward to them for the update of this MOD.

          • Install new version MOD APK over installed Old version that’s it. if you uninstall the MOD Game you will lose your save game

          • Can you help me. I download the new version and still have the old version installed everytime I download it it says app not installed. What do I do?

          • if you have installed old version from the play store then you will have to uninstall that version first.then install latest version mod apk

          • Have the same problem. My app os mod, ot gplay version. And if i want to update, it tells me this app can not be instaled. What should i do ? I dont wanna loose my progres :(

  71. Hey RG the kid’s not working
    I can’t by any of the hairstyles or outfits like I used to with the previous versions

  72. everything was working just fine until a few days ago. Now for some strange reason I have 0 keys and there is no timer counting down to 2 hours to get a new one it just says 0 keys, there’s no countdown and it only asks for you to buy keys if you need them has there been a new update? Have they taken that feature out of the game so that we no longer get free keys and if we want any we just have to buy them?

  73. I download it two days ago. There are just a bit of key and diamond. When i played the game, the diamond does working even on my screen it just 25 but working even i used many times. But, why the keys doesn’t working????? :(:(:( i’m very excited to play the games and i hate to wait like 4 hours just to get like just 2 keys:(:(:(

  74. It works on the story choices so far on the story I’m playing (Freshman Book 1). But when I tried to buy outfits on other stories like the highschool one it actually decreased my diamonds. So I’ve been a little afraid to pick diamond choices in other stories too just in case they decrease. Has anyone picked a diamond choice in other stories? Did it work???

    • Okay so I tried other stories and picked choices that required diamonds and my diamonds didn’t decrease. And it turns out that your diamonds only decrease during character creation when you pick your hair and starting outfit. Afterwards if you pick certain clothing during the storyline, those choices don’t decrease your diamonds.

    • You can buy diamond choices, it won’t decrease, unless if it’s the closet. You buy clothes while the game is on, it’s okay, but when u want to change or when ur making ur character, you’ll use ur diamonds and it’ll decrease. Buying stories like those special ones from the freshman it will decrease, but the diamond choices are okay, you can play with them.

  75. It did not work for me. I only received 25 diamonds and 2 keys when I downloaded the mod. I think they are bypassing it somehow. I’ll delete and download again to see if it works.

    • Theres no way to cheat diamonds and keys. This mod only lets you pick premium choices for free. If u dress up from the closet, they will take your diamonds. But other than that you get all choices for free.

    • The mod works in the sense that you gain but don’t lose diamonds. In that sense the diamonds are unlimited. Ex: if you were to pick a choice in a story that costed like 12 diamonds and you currently have 25 total, it’ll stay 25. If you gain 1 diamond by the end of the chapter it’ll increase to 26 tho.

  76. umm it said unlimited keys/diamonds but is it really? because i get into the game and look up to that its still zero ‘-‘)

  77. Thanks #RG
    For awesome mod and update this wrks prfectly
    But i cant link my fb account. .. it says invalid key hash plz configure ur key hash @link … plz help

  78. I’ve downloaded, installed/re-installed this apk multiple times and each time it launches to a black screen, eventually crashes and asks me to restart the app. Any suggestions?

  79. Hey RG
    I need your help…. i downloaded this mod app for the first time but when i installed it said app not installed and 2nd time when i press the download button it started downloading file named keys but it doesn’t affected my game keys or gems and it is not even opening plzzz help

  80. I just updated and now the app won’t load for some reason. This hasn’t happened before and I don’t want to reinstall cause then I’d lose everthing. Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

    Thnx for this btw

    • So the only way I can play is to uninstall then install right after but once I fully close the app again…I get the same issue when I try to open it later :(

  81. You are a master of what u do. Really it’s appreciated all over. But can u pls try much harder to crack the key. Believe me, everyone here needs it. This is one of ur best works.

  82. The game let me play the first chapter of a story but when I try to play the second chapter it gets stuck on the loading screen. Now when I open the app it’s stuck on the loading screen for that story even after uninstalling and reinstalling, I’ve even tried installing the app from the app store removing it and reinstalling the mod again but I still have the same issue

  83. I really apperciate your work for doing this for us..and also if possible, can you do the same for “Lovestruck” ? It’s a game like Choices too.

  84. Cant you do the same thing on the keys like the key wont go down even when you use it in the game or when you use it the keys goes up just curious i love your work rg 😍

  85. New version plz… … πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡
    Thank u… . N I’m fan of andropalace. πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

  86. Thank you so much❀but could please fix the new bug?when I start playing the game it told me to upgrade it,so please fix it and thanksπŸ’“

  87. Version 2.0.2 is out and for some of us it is needed to continue playing the game πŸ˜” Please update if you have the time soon RG πŸ˜­πŸ’• thank you so much!

    • U have to delete the previous and install new but before you do so make sure game is connected to ur Google or Facebook so it can keep progress

  88. For the new update, I just have to install the new apk without deleting the old one right? I’m so afraid it’ll delete my whole progress 😣

  89. Well, I don’t know if people take the time to read the “review” you put at the game’s page. I do. By far, the funniest “review” ever. I hope people get it! XD

  90. Thank you so much for the mod. Although the keys don’t work, you still get free diamonds. This is still better than nothing. You’re the best RG <3

  91. The mod gives you free premium choices within the story, if you purchase something on the closet your diamond will decrease, just a little heads up. Either way I’m thankful for this MOD RG! Other mod sites didn’t have any update and I’m glad you have cause I really love this game, please keep this updated πŸ’• you’re amazing! Thanks again

  92. 1. Back up my original Choice apk on Lucky Patcher and then uninstalled the app.To do this, Open Lucky Patcher–>click on the app–>tools–>backup file. I then closed Lucky Patcher.

    2. After that, I installed the modded apk (click “done” after installing the modded episode app) and reopened Lucky Patcher, went to switches button and turned on the switches that said, “Google License Verification Emulation” and “Mirror original Google Billing for In App emulation”

    3. After I done this, I modified the app. To do this, click on the app–>open Menu of Patches–>create modified apk file–>apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation–>rebuild the app (before clicking rebuild the app, make sure the “Support patch for LVL emulation” and “Support patch for InApp emulation” choices are highlighted). After you get the “patch pattern N2: success” message, press go to file and click on the second file (not the first one) and the click “uninstall and install”. After installing the app, just click, “done”.

    4. After going through that procedure, launch the app using Lucky Patcher and that’s it. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you guys :)

    Anyone want to try this method using lucky patcher no root ?

  93. Hey,

    Thank you for modding this! The diamonds work but not the keys. Can you please try to get them to work? Thank you :)

  94. The free premium choices works i hope that youll figure out the problem with the keys its so hard to play cause you need to wait 2 hours to get new two keys hahahaha but it works so keep it up. Youre amazing ???

  95. Hey RG I can use the diamonds but I still only get the 2 daily free keys and not unlimited keys. I don’t know if it’s a problem on my end or not but could you please check it out.

    • Max, please do read the description that RG writes in every upload.
      May the title be wrong to show ‘unlimited diamonds and keys’ but RG does seem to spend some time describing the game as well as the mod that s/he uploads.

    • There is no unlimited keys in this version just premium choices. Which i will take anytime over the keys. Waiting 2 hours for a key sucks thou, bt oh well it could be worse. Thanks for this Rg you rock

  96. Hi, RG.

    I’ve just downloaded and tried the Choices 1.9.1 mod.
    It’s working flawlessly. You’ve done an amazing job again.
    For the downloaders just like me. I’m telling you that only the premium choices that require diamonds are free in the mod.
    It seems that you’ve still got to wait for the keys to refill.
    RG has specifically pointed out that the premium choices are free.
    Just wanted to thank RG for your hard work.

      • I don’t know much about any network connection error. It works fine for me. Although you can’t sign in on Google, using the mod. On Wi-Fi or just my mobile network, the game has not given me any connection error. Maybe check your own data network? Or your Wi-Fi router?

  97. Hi, Andropalace Team.

    I was just wondering if you could update this game and mod as well?
    The 1.9.1 version of Choices Stories You Play has been released to the market a month ago and there seems to be nowhere to get the latest 1.9.1 mod for the game.

    Can you guys modify that?

  98. Please ,Cano help me out of this diamond problem and wht if I didn’t root my phone?? and I’mnot getting your profile please send me on my mail here it is [email protected]
    I will be greatly thankful…!!

  99. Are you guys going to ever update this or give an explanation of what’s wrong? You seem to only ignore those comments. :/

  100. So i was playing until chapter 2, when you have to select the diamond option, it says “Currently out of sync” :(
    Pleeeeaaassee Fixxx!

  101. Any luck yet with this? Would it work if we downloaded something like bluestacks and played the game on a laptop?

  102. Not royal gamers fault. Pixelberry obviously know people are hacking and they’ve created an obsticle. Someone will figure it out eventually with any bit of luck. Fingers crossed

  103. Unlimited wtv doesn’t work for this game since it’s sever sided however there’s another method on another site but idk if I’m allowed to share it

  104. Thanks, i was waiting. But i have a little problem, when i’m playing and i gonna use the diamonds it says : currency out of sync, your diamonds are out of sync with our server and will be refreshed.

  105. Hi,
    Just wanna ask about the problem everytime Im playing this game..theres always a pop out of “out of sync with our server and will be refreshed” how to fix this one..thank you

  106. Thanks, i was waiting. But i have a little problem, when i’m playing and i gonna use the diamonds it says : currency out of sync, your diamonds are out of sync with our server and will be refreshed. Help plaease

  107. Perhaps RG is trying their best to update this game yeah? Maybe some info on the process would be nice to notify us all. Thanks RG ?

  108. It works but i cannot use it, it always said that i needed to upgrade it and then it will go to the play store and loop. I cannot play the game. Please fix it :(

  109. Hello RG,

    I’m using Nox to play this game, and It happens that when I’m gonna start the next chapter the game stops working. I would like to Know what I could possibly do to correct this, or if we’re going to have a new Update. Thanks!

  110. Hi,RG! RG, i have questions about this mod. Why it says that it has conflict version and must refresh home page to fix it. The problem is i dont know how to do it. Can you help me RG?

  111. Mod not working!! Unlimited gems & keys available but can’t be used. This error appears:

    Hmm, we’re having trouble making a
    connection with our server. Please
    make sure you have a good
    connection and try again.


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