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Choices MOD APK with VIP and Premium Features Unlocked.
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September 21, 2020
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Hello Guys today i am writing a review about Choices Stories You Play MOD APK. I do today we’re playing episode to choose your story it looks kind of similar to like high school story and some of those games that i’ve played which are just fantastic they should be like I don’t know dude I think freaking angry birds should step out of the way and let them have the spotlight for a while they’re just so good I don’t know what to even click on pick a story can fish cross campus campus crush mystery / romance or real Hollywood did I think we’ve got to go for the mystery romance I get this all right welcome to black wood university oh my god i can’t wait for this plot legal that’s me I’m legally she’s just bragging that she’s 18 in the form of text all right ok to collect all this is moshe steam college in the state as you’ll be the first one to admit you’re lucky to be here now i do I know I feel lucky honestly do i put on a slot machine I don’t know where I was going with that then what’s your name I get to pick my names and oils not on this list so I’m gonna go with when ready after the famous fast food franchise which i will start in this universe later ok Wendy let’s get to school dude i flicking went to a wendy’s recently the cashier was an old lady like an older lady not like super all the old enough she had bright red hair you can’t work at Wendy’s and have bright red hair and not make I think she was Wendy basically saying OMG i can hardly believe it i know she’s impressed by my story as she should be it’s fine my heart today college Oh trust me it’s not all it’s cracked up to first day of the rest of my life you can say that about any day of your life regardless if you’re in college but so excited for new friends.

Smart professors nope skipping class not that exciting it’s just called normal hotties of call first Oh found one almost touched him that was creepy I think that as you just committed some sexual assault well students here sure are on handsy super awkward enough distractions i have to find 346 always good luck with that I’ve passed that many in the background find your room good luck with that as well let’s see this place is kind of amazing you know if you see what I did there changed it changed the tone of that can I help you know H you can look at his facial expression is bring like are not take care for you anytime yeah thank you well I guess since you’re here looking for this room are you Wendy know what I had your food earlier was delicious seemed weird well thanks learn about the students oh my god intense color correction what is that splooge e-liquid if that is going across the growing of your pants don’t Rock residential assistant of course I’m here to help you and only you would find learn the rules oh yeah you know guys credible.

P.S:- If your game stuck on loading screen then you need a license for get the license go to play store and start downloading this game “Choices Stories You Play” and when download starts cancel it,you will have license. now install the MOD APK and you are ready to go.

What's new

Prepare for a new year in high school in My Two First Loves! Then gear up and get ready for new chapters of Open Heart, The Nanny Affair, Queen B, The Royal Heir, and Witness!

What's In The MOD:-

What's In The MOD APK of Choices Stories you play: Credits:RoyalGamer
Free Premium Choices/VIP MOD is added Separately with Unlocked VIP Books(Not Tested Yet)


740 comments on "Choices MOD APK 2.7.5 | VIP | Unlimited Keys | Diamonds"

  1. Lakoshi Jesti says:

    I can’t login to my google to fix it.

  2. Xenia says:

    Thank you! Works perfectly with vip subscription!

  3. Grace says:

    Hi thanks for the mod! The ads from the reward section are not loading on the latest version 2.7.5

  4. Maria Eduarda Silva Pinheiro says:

    Help me, please, after some chapters pops up the message “we’ve detected a version conflict and need to refresh your home page to fix it”. Someone passed for something similar? If ya, send me a message , I trying to solve the problem, I love the game :(

  5. Anonymous says:

    For the most part this MOD works great. But whenever the premium choices show up as part of a text message conversation (like in the latest Queen B chapter), I still get charged for them. Hope this can be fixed in the future! Thanks for the MOD!

  6. Anonymous says:

    why are the unlimited keys not working?

  7. Ananya says:

    Hi, it shows that ur vip subscription has ended, what should I do?

  8. Mothman says:

    Hi! The app was updated to version 2.7.5, please update whenever possible! Thank you!

    (Love the new site design, RG!)

  9. Andrew says:

    Anybody else having issues with the royal heir book 3 loading ? It always freezes and kicks me off I even tried restarting the book and no change this didn’t start happening until Fridays chapter.

    • Gracie says:

      It done this to me in the app from the play store too I uninstalled it and tried again. It worked. I think it is something to do with the story😮

  10. Eclashmine says:

    I can’t restart chapters, the app says it can’t connects with the server and that I Have to check my Internet connection. My connection is working..

  11. Irina says:

    Hey, please help me. I can’t connect to Facebook with mod. I bought vip in play market then uninstall and install mod, but it doesn’t connect with Facebook!

  12. Queenie says:

    Hi. Please help me with this. The unlimited keys work now but whenever chapter ends, I can’t collect the diamonds and I can’t proceed to next chapter unless I restart the app. I still can’t open the vip stories either. It does say vip but the logo or whatever u call it still appears and says buy vip. I also signed in with my fb but nothing changes.

  13. Camille says:

    Hi, will it still work if I use a second android device, install the original Choices app from the app store, buy a VIP Subscription, connect to Facebook, delete that app and then log into Facebook using my original android device with a modded app? Hope someone can help with this. Thanks!

  14. Pixie Beary says:

    Hey RG, was wondering if I could buy VIP on the play store app before uninstalling it and installing the VIP MOD. Will that work? And if so, if I then cancel my VIP subscription but already paid for the month will I be able to use the VIP MOD without any cancellation? I hope you understand my question, sorry if it seems confusing. Thanks for the update , too!

    • Royal Gamer says:

      you have connected your Choices acc to FB right? now do one thing uninstall our modded game. install original game. connect your fb acc then purchase VIP. you will get VIP. Now you can uninstall Choices again and install our modded apk.

    • K4sum1 says:

      Yes you can. This is my second month I bought VIP with play store version and I am using it with modded. And I always cancel my subscription after I purchase it.

      • Kime says:

        You cancelled the subs? So you’re saying, you didn’t spend any money and still got unlimited keys with that method? O.o

        Or do you have to still pay every month for the unlimited keys, and the MOD only works for the diamonds?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello RG! Is Facebook the only platform to save our game progress? Or can we use the others like Google or Apple (I see these options too) to save our game progress? If yes, will signing into Google to save game progress work from the MOD? Looking forward to your assistance. Great work, btw.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes using Facebook you can safeguard your progress but you will have to disable or uninstall your Facebook APP first. after connecting to FB you can install FB App

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your response RG! I understand that but my question was if we can use Google account the same way as you’ve described above to save our game progress? Or is Facebook our ONLY WAY to safeguard our game progress using the MOD? Thanks again

  16. Zero says:

    Is anyone having any luck with the VIP mod ? I couldn’t get it to work last update, either.

    • Meep says:

      No, was hoping this update would fix it for me. Hopefully they’ll figure it out soon! Can’t be easy.

    • K4sum1 says:

      You can’t mod VIP. Just as you can’t mod keys. If you want VIP and mod version, you will have to buy VIP first with non-modded version, then un-install it (be sure to be connected to FB first) and install modded version. Then you will have unlimited diamonds + VIP features.

    • Anonymous says:

      The VIP version is so annoying because every time I finish a story I can’t claim my diamonds but if I go out and come back it There And after I finish play 2 chapters it stops working and says there’s a problem😼😼😼😼

  17. Thatguy says:

    Tried 2.4.6 but the VIP still doesn’t work. Can’t collect after finishing a story and have to close the app entirely. Then I get “Version conflict” message after I’ve used up the keys I know I had.

  18. Jellyfish says:

    The vip is visual only.. vip is behind a encrypted pay wall server..

    Paying for it is the only way to access it untill the server’s merger like last time

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