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Rebel Cops is a turn-based strategy game from HandyGames.
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Oct 5, 2023
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Rebel Cops APK MOD is a turn-based strategy game from HandyGames. Set in the same universe as their This is the Police series, Rebel Cops ditches the management simulation aspects of those games and doubles down on a strategy gameplay introduced in This is the Police 2. There are nods and references to people and places from the previous games, but this story moves the action from Sharpwood to Ripton, a Midwestern town under the control of Viktor Zuev, a ruthless mob boss with influence over every facet of the community, including the police department.

This forces a ragtag bunch of cops to go rogue and employ guerrilla tactics to dismantle Zuev’s operations. It’s a good premise, but the plot feels more like a collection of scenarios meant to reinforce the fact that Zuev and his men are really bad. Your squad of cops are even more one-dimensional. They have individual portraits and names, but lack any backstory or relationships with one another beyond being a downtrodden band of vigilantes.

Rather than having a set amount of health,both your squad and enemies take damage to body parts, like their hands or feet,which prevents attacking and moving, respectively. Injured characters have a bleeding countdown that will kill them in a number of turns.Shots to the head kill instantly.

Like in XCOM, you can reduce the chances of getting hit by taking partial or full cover, but enemies still regularly headshot me from great distances while in full cover. You’ll want to stock up on better gear like bulletproof vests that can soak up extra damage and batons that stun enemies, allowing you to make arrests and earn rebel points that can be spent on tactical bonuses mid-mission.

The main missions offer a great mix of objectives. In one scenario. Side missions offer additional challenges like reaching a hostage in a certain number of turns. Rebel Cops APK MOD is a solid tactics game with a cool premise and fun mission design. The plot may be lacking but it still does right by the genre and stands apart from the series that spawned it.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money/Skills



4 comments on "Rebel Cops APK MOD 1.8"

  1. hubertbeks says:

    Stuck in Black screen after THQNordic logo

  2. Manyo says:

    I just want to say whoever you are thankyou very much.. how about this is the police 2?

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