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** Winner of Impact Award at IndieCade 2016, Honorable Mention for Excellence in Design from Independent Games Festival(IGF) 2017, Grand Prix Award at Taipei Game Show 2017, Excellence in Narrative Award at BIC Festival 2016, Best of Narrative Award & Best of Game Design Award at Indie Stream Fes 2016 **
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Zero Rock Entertainment
July 13, 2021
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Replica APK is a thriller android game from Zero Rock Entertainment.your name is Tom and you’ve been captured by the government you don’t know where you are or even what’s going on all you know is they have a stranger locked phone your hand your captors are telling you to search it. during the search you will encounter with the secrets,thrill and so many turns in the story.Its a premium game but from Andropalace you can get your Replica APK for Android free.

Replica APK Free Download Best Thriller Android Game

This is not the story of Hollywood’s newest thriller but rather the set up to replica a brand new graphic adventure game that takes place entirely on somebody else’s cell be fair we actually know who this phone belongs to. we’re told early on that were investigating a teenage boy named Ducky.somebody the government seems to suspect has ties to terrorism or task was scouring through every inch of the phone looking for useful information that could link the key to some of the recent attacks before we can do any of that we first need to crack the password and catch up with missing text messages.

It won’t take long before you realize that there’s a lot of useful information scattered throughout the text messages and photo album were able to download social media apps that will fill in even more clues and give a better understanding of what’s going on if you can find the right dates locations and group motto you may just be able to keep the world safe from future strikes.

Although it’s a simple concept i was immediately energized by the idea of snooping through other people’s personal information I couldn’t wait to dig for the pictures and figure out what the rebellious teenager was tweeting and once the thrilling story kicked in I was hooked and ready to see how it all played out.well the story short and straight forward it can be played repeatedly with different results. i played through it a few times looking for different ways to change the outcome and i was pleasantly surprised. I ran into a few dead ends with my actions just made everything worse but there are a few happy endings that are perfectly satisfying.

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