Layton Curious Village in HD APK PAID Full Premium Game

Award winner of Best Handheld Game of 2008 Layton Curious Village APK is now finally arrived on Android. A brain bending puzzle adventure game from Nintendo called Professor Layton Curious Village in HD APK MOD. This is really just a smart dude with a passion for puzzles and that passion has brought him to a strangely European town. where he’s put to the task of solving a mysterious death through the power of mind-bending puzzles. Layton Curious Village APK MOD is now finally arrived. It’s a PAID Premium Version of Layton Curious Village.

I absolutely love the art style and presentation in this game the introduction is is all full motion video of excellent french-influenced animation and the voice acting is pulled off extremely well. Layton and the Curious Village is pretty much just a whole lot of brain teasers strung together by a quaint little murder mystery in a point-and-click interface kind of like a PC game. almost every conversation with the townsfolk in this game results in a puzzle that you have to solve. The remastered HD version looks great on latest android devices.

Layton Curious Village in HD APK PAID Full Premium Game 1.0.3

The puzzles in Professor Layton Curious Village in HD APK are variations of one’s heard back in you know children’s books and magazines. there are about 150 of these puzzles tucked away in the cartridge and I’ll admit that many of them are good little head scratches but many of them are simple. Its a charming amazing offline puzzler from Nintendo and publish on to Google play by LEVEL-5 Inc. If you are the fan of Layton series then you should definitely try this game.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.0.3



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