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Lock’s Quest APK Android is an exciting strategic game from HandyGames. thanks to its fascinating gameplay and epic battles, which is migrated from consoles directly to Android devices. Test your strategic abilities and become a defending hero by defeating a long and intense war in Locks Quest APK MOD. In this game you will meet a brave hero named Lock, together you have to defend your village from an army of evil fur warriors, get ready for the most incredible battle in your life. Locks Quest is a premium Android game.

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The story of law spiky-haired kid that lives in a peaceful beach community. world is rocked when Lord agony sent his clockwork army to take revenge on the kingdom he once helped build. if that wasn’t enough, lock’s little sister has gone missing in his hometown and has been reduced to rubble. this has not been a good day with family. Lock’s sets out to find his sister and figure out how to stop an army made up entirely of robots.

The gameplay of Lock’s Quest APK Android is simple. You have to construct a series of walls and weapons to keep the robots from destroying the base,killing the guard or taking all of our energy reserves. this is where the rampart comparison comes in you only have two minutes to surround the thing you’re protecting and get ready for the waves of enemies.

When you’re not erecting walls you’ll be running around and going head to head with the robots. this is not your typical tower defense game work. all you do is sit back and hope for the best because this is a game about brawling instead of just mashing on the attack button. lock is able to perform a multi hit combo by reacting to a series of QuickTime events. if you can punch the required buttons in time you’ll do more damage and increase your power gauge. If you like Strategy tower defense gameplay with a story then you will love this game.

Requires Android: 6.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.399



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