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Trials Of Mana A PC and Console Hit game is now arrives on Android devices. You can now play this amazing Adventure RPG Offline game right from your android devices and enjoy console quality gameplay and graphics. Trials of Mana APK+DATA Weighs 1.1 GB and it is much more optimized than earlier Mana android games.
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June 28, 2021
7.0 and up
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Trials Of Mana is an action-adventure game produced and released by Square Enix. “Legend of the Holy Sword 3” was released in early 1995. The original work of the series was first released on “GAME BOY” as a side story of “Final Fantasy”. There are six protagonists with different identities in the game. Epic interspersed to construct three crisscross plot trajectories.

It tells that there are six protagonists with different identities in the game. They are adventurers who fight evil and save the world. Choose your companion , Different companions will have different plots to unfold.

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This remake fully reproduces the game graphics in 3D, and at the same time, in addition to retaining the real-time combat gameplay, many new game mechanisms have also been added. The remake version of the series of classic games, the classic character image and the story remake, the high-definition picture and the smooth action scene RPG system and job transfer system greatly improve the game playability.

Trials Of Mana Remastered Features:-
1. There are currently 6 major roles for players to choose from, choose two partners to take risks together, and the free combination method is flexible and changeable.

2. Pay more attention to the bond power of your partners, choose background music to enjoy new adventures, and let your character level up in the process.

3. Accessories can be added for you, so that your experience points can be quickly upgraded, the conspiracy can be completely shattered, and your kingdom can be rejuvenated.

In the process of leveling up, you can go to a different placed, a dungeon of darkness and light. This makes your adventure more amazing. In the course of the battle, you can try different skills and combos. feel the extremely hard-core gameplay. you can upgrade more in the early stage, and the technology pair can be unlocked with different skills. This makes your battles ever-changing.



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Play Trials of Mana APK 1.0.1 on PC

Play Trials of Mana APK 1.0.1 on PC

73 comments on "Trials of Mana APK 1.0.1"

  1. Rtgs says:

    Anyone can upload apk +obb 6gb?? Upload here and help rg so he can patch it as soon as possible

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Rg is it okay now?

  3. huyeh says:

    Is it possible to learn this power?

  4. Sheesh says:

    Is it working now?

  5. Spells says:

    if you wanna bypass being redirected to playstore then go to permissions and enable storage
    whats left is the license check that comes after that hope rg finds out how to fix it and please if anyone got the game running tell us how to do so.

    • Ryuj says:

      I had it working by purchasing it from playstore then download all data. Play for a few minutes then backup everything using swift backup (root needed). I then refunded it and then restored all data from swift backup. The problem is I had to patch the game from lucky patcher (aggresive mode I believe) which requires internet everytime I have to open the game, thus not making me play it when I dont have internet access. I uninstalled it and deleted the backup files tho. You can try it if you’re rooted and has a credit card

  6. Loli says:

    its okay now ?

  7. says:

    i know it clearly says still not patched but im just gonna completely ignore that and still ask like a mindless drone if the game playable now lol

  8. huyeh says:

    Anyone excited for the patched? CANT WAIT TO TRY THE GAME YEE

  9. CHARITON says:

    come on people! stop pestering RG, it will be ready when it’s ready.
    in the meantime pay for it on playstore, show your love for the game, support the developers who by the way have families and other obligations, you know the kind of things you work to pay for.
    would you prefer for the game to be just another p2w gacha trash just so you can download it for free and then cry for its shityness?

    • Troll killer/ two face fucker says:

      Lol if you are that noble then you shouldn’t be here😂😂 if you are here then that means you have no right to critizise other😁😁 save your holy preach to yourself

    • Not noble says:

      Lol, we know we have to support the dev
      It’s just we can’t for now, but we will in the future

  10. SERIAL says:

    yo RG, is it ok now?

  11. Trial of mana says:

    Rg where are you?? Are you give up patching it😥😥😥

  12. fmxre says:

    it need additional data 4Gb RG,I can’t Download with Wifi

  13. badzz says:

    can you upload the initial 6GB OBB?

  14. Bu says:

    how to install file “APKS” ???. My device only know file “APK” or “XAPK”

  15. Adit says:

    how to remove license in game? I used lucky patcher to remove the license but it doesn’t work. I’m still waiting for the trial which doesn’t have a license, please update it

  16. Matthew says:

    You need to buy this game in play store. Verification failed. You can not play.

  17. minox says:

    hey rg when i open the app i’m told to buy the original version

  18. Henry says:

    Patiently waiting for patched version, thanks in advance RG

  19. Alivo says:

    Can i hack with lucky patcher??

  20. wen says:

    Im Waiting till its patched.cant play yet when no patch need to buy from playstore after open the game

  21. Red says:

    Hi RG, says buy game from playstore upon opening…

  22. Nawdil says:

    Anyone confirmed if working or we need to wait for patched version?

  23. I try install it and still failed:)
    It’s easy when the file in rar

  24. atiq says:

    oh, it just an APK Split. im glad i have SAI installed on my device ages ago

  25. ripper says:

    what is this? we WANT to extract rar file instead of installing another apk file just to install another.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes that is what Google is bringing in their new updates. Its for Complicated now in newer games you will have to install Apps like this

  26. Gilang says:

    I hope at least playable at 636

  27. João Meireles says:

    Waiting, thanks for the work

  28. Kai says:

    RG this is what we can say. You’re the best!

  29. Sunflower says:

    YOU’RE THE BEST!!! I will wait the link patiently :)

  30. Rindra Ristya says:

    I have switch and want to buy this game, but when i see preregister on play store, i just waiting for the crack from andeopalace 😇

  31. Joshie says:

    waiting for the download link worries RG..take your time..loveyouruploadsalways..🥰🥰😘😘

  32. JesterCFC says:

    This is a placeholder for when the game becomes available to download

  33. Russel says:

    No download link? Also, can you please add XCOM 2 COLLECTION RG? It’s outnon playstore. Thank you!

  34. Steven says:

    System requirments for this game Rg ? mine is it playable on snap 732g

  35. wen says:

    Need download link please.i really love this game so much,so nostalgic,best remake for android so far

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