Trials of Mana APK Fiery Gorge Fixed

Fiery Gorge Chapter 3 Crash has been fixed in this latest APK+DATA Files. Trials Of Mana A PC and Console Hit game is now arrives on Android devices. You can now play this amazing Adventure RPG Offline game right from your android devices and enjoy console quality gameplay and graphics. Trials of Mana APK+DATA Weighs 5.1 GB and it is much more optimized than earlier Mana android games.
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March 18, 2022
7.0 and up
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Finally Trials Of Mana APK is patched and working completely fine on all android devices. make sure to download Trials of mana APK+DATA and place data in Android/data/ to make it work. This game is tested and working fine on various Android Devices. Fiery Gorge Chapter 3 Crash has been fixed in this latest APK+DATA Files.

Trials Of Mana is an action-adventure game produced and released by Square Enix. “Legend of the Holy Sword 3” was released in early 1995. The original work of the series was first released on “GAME BOY” as a side story of “Final Fantasy”. There are six protagonists with different identities in the game. Epic interspersed to construct three crisscross plot trajectories.

It tells that there are six protagonists with different identities in the game. They are adventurers who fight evil and save the world. Choose your companion , Different companions will have different plots to unfold.

Download Trials of Mana APK+DATA

This remake fully reproduces the game graphics in 3D, and at the same time, in addition to retaining the real-time combat gameplay, many new game mechanisms have also been added. The remake version of the series of classic games, the classic character image and the story remake, the high-definition picture and the smooth action scene RPG system and job transfer system greatly improve the game playability.

Trials Of Mana Remastered Features:-
1. There are currently 6 major roles for players to choose from, choose two partners to take risks together, and the free combination method is flexible and changeable.

2. Pay more attention to the bond power of your partners, choose background music to enjoy new adventures, and let your character level up in the process.

3. Accessories can be added for you, so that your experience points can be quickly upgraded, the conspiracy can be completely shattered, and your kingdom can be rejuvenated.

In the process of leveling up, you can go to a different placed, a dungeon of darkness and light. This makes your adventure more amazing. In the course of the battle, you can try different skills and combos. feel the extremely hard-core gameplay. you can upgrade more in the early stage, and the technology pair can be unlocked with different skills. This makes your battles ever-changing.


Install APK File and Place data folder in Android/data/ and play. You must place data folder in Android/data/ properly to make it work on your android devices.

Thanks to ANIMEDROIDCHAN for The Amazing Patched Game

Fiery Gorge Chapter 3 Crash has been fixed in this latest APK+DATA Files.



378 comments on "Trials of Mana APK Fiery Gorge Fixed 1.0.2"

  1. Pokimobaho says:

    Hi RG. This game doesnt work on POCO X6 pro please help

  2. Anonymous says:

    Update 1.0.3 please

  3. ron says:

    hey rg update trials of mana v1.0.3 new update august 2023

  4. Lucios says:

    Hey, i really want this game and i have looked everywhere. I instaled like it said un the instructions, placed the data folder in data from android and its still asking me for the download of 4gb. I press yes and it gives error (like if i didnt have internet conection for downloading)
    Also, the app version is 1.0.1 not 1.0.2
    Please help

  5. Ginisis says:

    I cant thank you enough, not single site have this full game, mostly have the stupid data half size and I remember this game is around 6GB but every site only have 4GB data and 1GB apk, i downaloded around 50GB but didn’t find a single one working and finally downloaded from here this game here is working, thanks alot u guys deserve more attention

  6. frederic says:

    can you only start at fiery george in this APK? not at the beginning of the game?

  7. Veldario says:

    Force Close when open the game. Any solution?

  8. Deny says:

    But its still 1.0.1 on rar though. Is anyone work till fiery gorge?

  9. TheZeroMinded says:

    Hey RG when i enter a new place while riding vulvas like oblivisle it seems that i go back in the main menu can you fix it

  10. NoNAME says:

    Thank you man

  11. Ristya says:

    Thanks bro, this the game runs smoothly on my samsung a22 5g

  12. Thanks to this RG and to the one who shared it to you. For those who cannot copy-paste the data and does not want to root their devices just use a file manager that has access or can access the Android/data folder like X-plore! This is a dream come true playing with Infinix zero 5g.

  13. Cloud says:

    Hey nezumi thanks for the information. I downloaded this game couple weeks ago but couldn’t put the game data into the android data folder so what happened is I entered the game itself and it wanted to download a 4 gigabyte file but it wouldn’t download since that server is not around anymore. Now that you told about the Xplore file manager I followed the steps , used it to move the game’s data file into the data folder and now the game works. I am on Android 11. I was sad the first time because I really wanted to play this game. So thanks. And for anyone else just do what nezumi says, get that app and then in the app long press on the games data folder, select copy, then go into the android data and paste. The files should start transferring which takes only a minute or two and then the game will work

  14. Ian says:

    Can play it on Android phones or tablet 🤔
    I can’t find “android/data”

  15. rR says:

    Its work for me on mi 11 5g

  16. DeeCee says:

    Force close on android 12 -_-

  17. evenheizer says:

    so apparently the game is missing obb… anyone have this problem..? i have android 11 btw

  18. William says:

    Y alguien en esta versión 1.0.2 le pasó la parte del desierto que cuando mataban a los dos hombres que guardaba y te regresaba la la pantalla principal

  19. Manigoldo says:

    For me what worked was starting the game after the installation, when asked for the update package,agreed,and when the message of error popped up,THEN I’ve went to copy and paste the data (what’s inside the unpacked data folder) folder to the android/data section.

  20. Rian says:

    Force closed when first time open the game using Samsung a52s with Android 12. Already copied data.
    Any solution?

  21. roger says:

    hey rg theres a posibility to add bloodstain ritual of the night?

  22. samuraituga says:

    Hi RG, thanks for the work, I’m in the middle of the game and when I go to a new part of the game it automatically saves and goes back to the game’s start screen, what’s going on? Is the game incomplete?
    I already have more than 7 hours of gameplay and it goes back to the screen at the beginning of the game, when it automatically records when going from one stage to another, it is the first version that you posted here, that is 1.0.1, this is already 1.0. 2, is that why?

  23. Yoga says:

    Is this fully playable?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes its completely playable

      • Abaihaqi286 says:

        Hello, RG, I really want to update this games using latest updates 1.0.2, and when i download 2 months ago, it still using 1.0.1 version, i heard that one boss like land umber, hit in one hit, it’s incredibly frustrating and i really need fix this. Update 1.0.2, pls.

  24. Anderson says:

    After installation, when starting the game it asks to do a 4gb dawnload

  25. CocainGamer says:

    If you’re struggling to copy to phone storage/data folder use Pc to copy paste, android 11 prevents storage transfer

  26. Vasu says:

    Will it work on low end devices?

  27. Mike says:

    Hey RG, i can’t place the data folder to Android/data. I’m using samsung s20 ultra, android 12. Please help.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      You need to use PC or laptop since data files are huge in size and huge in numbers as well

      • Joao says:

        Olá RG, obrigado pelo trabalho, estou a meio do jogo e quando vou continuar para uma nova parte do jogo ele salva automaticamente e volta a tela de início do jogo, o que se passa? Está incompleto o jogo?

        • Joao says:

          Já tenho mais de 7h de jogo e ele volta a tela do início do jogo, quando grava automaticamente ao passar de uma fase para outra, ele é a primeira versão que VC postou aqui, ou seja 1.0.1, está já é a 1.0.2, será por isso?

        • Royal Gamer says:

          its a game bug. please download new data and place it. only the data is changed. it fixes game crashing bug

        • TheZeroMinded says:

          I have this kind of problem too when i enter a new place it goes to main menu

  28. Sky says:

    Great update 😎 great game with great graphic 😍 and gameplay ♥ 😎

    • Nezumi says:

      IDK if people seeing or read this, but for android user 11+ you need third app for placing the obb file on your phone…

      Search on goggle play X-plore file manager (developer lonely cat games), open the app after that it will ask for permission to “edit” your android folder ( i forgot what it’s says), but just click allow and after that you can copy paste file to your android data/obb folder on your phone…

      Note : you need copy paste the file that you want to put on android folder only from the X-plore app though

    • Gafgarion_21 says:

      Hey RG,

      Data folder filename ending with a googleplay.tom, should I change it to

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