Finally PC/Console Game Dragon Quest Builders is now available on Android Devices. Its Basically a Minecraft game with Dragon Quests Stories and characters. If you are a fan of Minecraft and Dragon Quest then you will love this game.
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May 27, 2022
Android 11 and up
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It is an action RPG where players take on the role of builders helping island inhabitants to overcome evil forces. The game is set in Alefgard, the world from the original Dragon Quest video game. The game puts players in the role of a builder tasked with reconstructing Alefgard after it was destroyed. Block-building action role-playing game. Prove yourself as both a Builder and Warrior while helping the residents of the kingdom to rebuild their destroyed land.


The game features a blocky aesthetic style, with gathering and construction elements reminiscent of games like Minecraft. It is kind of like a cross between Minecraft and an average Dragon Quest game, with building blocks and monsters to fight, and loads more things going on. Oh, and lots of summaries are going to be starting If you are into Minecraft–I have never played Minecraft, but it sounds really open-world, and there are quests and missions in this game, so that gives you focus, which I really enjoy.

The first Builders of Dragon Quest starts players slow, with copious amounts of text, teaching them to survive the island of Awakening by gathering and cooking food, building a shelter for sleeping at night, and crafting weapons for killing monsters. The major difference is that Dragon Quest Builders early building mechanics required players to construct and create in order to fulfill specific objectives that advanced the story, instead of simply tinkering aimlessly with construction. For example, the villager might require The player to retrieve an object, collect specific crops, then collect certain materials, leading to an overstuffed level of grinding; in the last half of the first Dragon Quest Builders, these overstuffed missions drag enough that it kills any burning urgency of finishing the story, as The protagonist is too distracted with doing all of that other stuff.

It is hard to imagine Square Enix not wanting to take advantage of a dedicated one, especially considering the Dragon Quest series has had a difficult time finding success outside Japan up until very recently. Another crippled port is the least expensive option, though it is expensive, but because Square Enix has seen fit to drop controller support, you are forced to make do with the games touch controls. What is truly terrible is that Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic game in other ways, and it would have been ideal to play on tablets and Chromebooks, but with no controller support, phones are the only real option for playing the game without having touch controls dangling awkwardly over your screen.

What's new

・Adjustments to some features
・Bug fixes


DLC UNLOCKED / Thanks to ANIMEDROIDCHAN for The Amazing Patched Game



20 comments on "DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS APK 1.0.2"

  1. Bondol says:

    I tried to install but “App Not Installed” occur, can you tell me how to fix? I download from the google drive link

  2. Hugh zhcocman says:

    Hello, i just want to ask if there will be an available 1.1.0 patched(unlocked dlc) soon. Thanks for this one bruh.

  3. Dickhead says:

    Is this the latest version?

  4. Fuad says:

    My phone is overheated playing this games

  5. Pedro Silva says:

    Ok, man, i say the same i did with the game “Watcher Chronicles”. Where is the updated version? Is everything okay with Royal Gamer?

  6. exkingex says:

    Hi RG, thanks for uploading this but i have a question i downloaded the file from mediafire when finished the file is .dlc not .apk is this normal? i cant install it..
    i tried downloading the one from gdrive its an apk file what is the difference? thanks.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Both files are same and .APK file. kindly check properly. you do not have to download files from different mirrors

  7. Khalid says:

    I can find the setting 😢

  8. Pam says:

    Thanks RG,just a question,how to play or access the dlc?

  9. Abaihaqi296 says:

    RG, Can be updated the dlc unlocked?

  10. Pam says:

    DLCs unlocked RG??

  11. Khalid says:

    Rg my game have japanese version. Where the english one?

  12. Virus says:

    Multi-player avaliable?

  13. Albert says:

    Dlc included?

  14. Arzhun says:

    Wow amazing, thanks RG

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