Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.9.1

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK is now available on Android. Hustle castle MOD APK fantasy Kingdom is available on Android and Apple devices. first up gameplay a castle building evil defeating baby making free-to-play base building medieval adventurer. become the ruler of a fantasy nation and build a castle for attacking and defending. create different rooms assign peons to do various tasks and trans soldiers for a game of war. Since its an online game so MOD APK for Unlimited money and currency is not possible. but MOD MENU APK is added for increased damage MOD.

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.9.1

Head soldiers on a story quest and watch them attack then equip gear, expand your base and attack other player bases for bragging rights then continue on for better gear further progression and more baby making. does Hustle Castle MOD APK ‘s gameplay look familiar to you well of course it does. it’s the exact gameplay mechanics seen in fallout shelter. only here you get to see the attacks unfold and you get to cast spells for faster killing although this game is a clone. I still found fun and it’s never any quest to become the ultimate king of the north.

The game provides the usual grind fight, upgrade fight and fight. there’s not much new here and honestly not much more to keep you entertained except for the massive amounts of baby-making. next up graphics all new Sunday nights on Fox from the creators of Family pi and American fad comes hustle Castle MOD APK. a new cartoon about hustling yes the graphics look like the next cancelled Fox animation ripping the look and feel a family guy in reality. it’s a fantastic look it adds a comedic element while maintaining a fluid design. the environments are glorious 3d and the movements are both Tunney and fun. the whole game has a clever theme to it altogether. its animation domination meets mobile game appreciation.

Hustle Castle MOD APK Android

Finally free playability a castle is not complete without a treasury of in-app purchases. the game relies on a loose system that is fun to unlock chest give gear and receiving rare items is easy enough because of hustle castle fantasy kingdom mod apk.soon the game hits a difficulty spike and grinding comes into play however the real threat lies in its premium system basically you pay a price to enter premium status this gives the ability to speed up battles, more Luanne speed production essentially making the grind less of a pain. you can purchase gear packs for an added boost then there are the gems to speed up upgrading as well in the end there are many ways to throw your money away. Now if you are a fan of Fallout Shelter then you will like this game Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK as well.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Auto resource collection
Auto completion of training
Automatic resolution of room events
Automatic Desire Push
Accelerate the bout without premium
Indicates recharge ability
Shows the power of equipment in numbers
Auto start clan wars
Arena auto-farm when you first install the mod for 3 days

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.9.1



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