Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is a unique video game that allows players to use their eyes and eye movement to navigate through Brynn's memories, discovering important moments in her life. Through the use of a webcam, the game will track your eyes and blinks, allowing you to move through each moment as if it were real life. As you progress throughout the story, you will unlock more of Brynn's memories with each blink; creating an interactive experience that puts you at the center of the narrative.
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Before Your Eyes is a revolutionary eyes game that uses webcam technology to capture and track your eye movements. This interactive experience allows you to relive pivotal moments in your life with the help of photography, art, music and storytelling. By following the brief storyline within the game, players are able to control when their avatar blinks by tracking their own eye movements through the camera. Every moment that passes by can be experienced in real-time as if it were happening again for the first time.

Before Your Eyes is a short game that invites players to take part in a journey of self-discovery. As you play the game, the camera tracks your eyes and blinks, allowing you to make choices with just your gaze. This groundbreaking technology works on both PC and android platforms and immerses you into the story like never before. Every eye movement is tracked to help shape the narrative – from subtle glances at objects or people, to more obvious decisions that will alter your path forward. Before Your Eyes blends cutting edge technology with a unique storytelling experience – one blink at a time.

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By using your eyes twice – with a combination of traditional control inputs and your smartphone camera – the game creates an incredibly immersive experience. Using someones voice, blinking, and magic, the game turns into a mouse-less button-less adventure. Instead of using a controller or keyboard you use your webcam to control the story with blinks. Every moment is precious in Before Your Eyes and each eye blink moves the story along – from one moment to another. The ability to control with just one’s eyes makes it feel like magic when playing this incredible game. It truly puts you at the center of the story, as every blink brings about a new moment in time for exploration, unlocking secrets and discovering clues that will lead you towards discovering who you really are!

This game shifts the focus from story to gameplay, allowing you to fully imagine what life would be like for Brynn and his friends. As you play, you’ll get to know somebody who has had a very difficult past but is struggling with life’s events one eye blink at a time. It’s your job to help him tell his story by tracking his emotions through blinks that control the narrative arc of Before Your Eyes. You will have unique opportunities as each blink triggers various moments in Brynn’s past that are related to his current situation. The team behind this game have truly outdone themselves with Before Your Eyes; combining meaningful storytelling with innovative eye-tracking technology and beautiful visuals which creates an unforgettable experience that will leave an impact on all players regardless of age or background.

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