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Dr. Mario World APK MOD is a matching game Nintendo Co., Ltd. This game is kinda like Candy Crush saga where you’ll combine colors and complete different levels. You as a newly qualified doctor mario, it’s your job to get rid of viruses. In order to get rid of them you will have to be matching different colored capsules on a 2d board. Doctor Mario World APK MOD is now finally released on Android and ios. Dr.Mario World MOD APK will be arriving as soon as possible.

Download Dr. Mario World APK MOD Android 1.0.3

All of a sudden we have Mario as a doctor in this Dr.Mario APK MOD. The challenge comes when you only have a different limited set of number of capsules per level. In order to clear out levels you will have to think properly. Limited capsules available in different levels. Since its a challenging game surely you will be facing more difficult levels in the end. Each capsule takes two spaces on the board. you can also rotate your capsules and move the capsule to target whichever color you want to match.

Its a Candy Crush Saga in Mario Style. Just like match 3 puzzles your capsules will disappear when you match them. Dr. Mario World APK MOD also has multiplayer modes and features. You can send and receive multiplayer buffs as well. You can also try out multiplayer PVP Mode where you can battle out other real players in head to head matches. There are more characters in the game like Buzzy Beetle, Koopa Troopa, and Goomba, as well as Dr. Bowser and Dr. Peach. if you like mario games you should check this out as well.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.0.3



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3 comments on "Dr. Mario World APK MOD Android Download 1.0.3"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I played 2 days and uninstalled.Good game,but alaways online + micro transactions. No thanks!

  2. robrob says:

    It’s asking to update to latest to be able to play, but it’s not available on my country. Please update!

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