"Cytus II" is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It's our fourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of three global successes, "Cytus", "DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to "Cytus" brings back the original staff and is a product of hardwork and devotion.
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Rayark International Limited
September 8, 2020
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Cytus 2,Not to be confused with a certain “Cyrus”, who will keep popping up on the Android/iTunes store. This Rhythm game Cytus by Taiwanese independent Developer Rayark was released on the Play Store and iTunes Store in January 2012 for the price of a measly 2$. Producer Ming Yang explained that the goal of the game was to be a both, affordable and expansive quality entry into the genre, and boy, does it show! Now finally around 2 months later of its IOS release Cytus 2 Full APK MOD is now available on Android as well. Cytus II APK currently is not free at all. But IAPs are for purchasing other songs from the store. Cytus 2 MOD APK will be added soon with all songs and musics unlocked for free.

There are more than 100 playable songs in Cytus 1 that come with the basic purchase of the software on either, iOS or Android devices, and though the PSVita Version of the game. – which was sold at a bafflingly higher prize to the regular version despite being virtually the same, which makes you wonder why they thought anyone would bother getting it in first place. has been discontinued indefinitely, the game is far from done expanding, The game also currently holds the title of most-downloaded Android/iOS music game in a long list of countries, including but not limited to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, the Netherlands and Macao.

Now, you might think: “A Rhythm game Cytus 2 APK MOD with 100 playable songs for 2$? Sounds sweet! Where’s the catch?” Well, there sort of is one, but whether this is actually a disadvantage depends entirely on your taste. You see, Cytus II APK MOD is a very simplistic game, limiting itself to the bear essentials of what is needed for the genre. Unlike many other well known rhythm games, there are no characters to choose from, no videos and next to no animations playing in the background as you play, and nearly no customization whatsoever.

In Cytus 2 MOD APK You open the game, select a song, and bam, you’re playing. No long menus of selections, no score lists, no models of JRPG characters to dress up in swimsuits and seaweed. Just you, the song and the beatmap, plain and simple. To many players, this lack of variety might be detrimental. To me, it’s the perfect approach for an iOS game, since all this stripping down means that the game has very short loading.

What's new

Cytus 3.4.5!

- DEEMO Collab
Brand-New "Alice" Character has arrived, bringing with her 10 hit classic songs from DEEMO for players to purchase

-Brand New Storyline
A little girl who has lost her name waits for someone, the days passing by without end. In a place where time seems to have stopped, an uninvited guest brings a sliver of hope. The little girl decides to search for something that she's lost…

-Brand-New Exploration Function
Use the OA system to search for hidden storyline clues

What's In The MOD:-

Need Modded Google Play+LP.



47 comments on "Cytus II APK MOD 3.4.5"

  1. Kawa says:

    Need root to unlock IAP?

  2. Bernal says:

    RG where can i get modded play store

  3. Mac says:

    Thanks RG. This mod is working, just need modded playstore + LP and internet connection

    Settings in LP:
    *Patch to android (Just apply 3 green patches)
    *Switches (just turn-on licence service to GP, Google billing emu and IA Services to GP)

    In Cytus 2 (optional: internet connection required)
    *Try purchase any paid character, when LP is Pop-up, select save purchase then tap YES.

    and voila it works :)

    Method by Mac :)

    • ROD says:

      hey I tried your tutorial exactly the same, but the LP iap wont pop up when i touch purchase, tried to patch apk with billing emulation but it detect lucky patcher

      global miui, just magisk and busybox installed

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you need to root ur phone?

  4. Zm says:

    Hey RG , i installed Lucky Patcher+Modded Google play but I still can’t do an IAP. Help me please!

  5. unseen says:

    its says buy the game to continue. donwe need lucky patcher for this?

  6. taufiq says:

    its still locked sir pls

  7. Yuu says:

    Rg it says “this app is not compatible with your phone” it was working on 2.8 update idk why it’s not working now ? is it broken, btw i do always put the games obb files on the obb folder like how i install all the games in this site and the previous cytus 2 2.8.

  8. zenoh says:

    hi again, is the characters fully unlock as well?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Post tutorial please

  10. zenoh says:

    Hey RG a NEW update for 2.8.5?

  11. Alex says:

    Hi RG, I have tried using LP + Google Playstore Mod but, not all songs are open, how to open all songs, please help

  12. daimyo says:

    how to mod the google play rg?

  13. Sonso says:

    Can you make a video how to use lucky patcher and modded google play store on your youtube channel?

  14. Dijwar says:

    Hey RG, i spent a lot of time downloading this, and in the end its saying connect to the internet to continue, after i turn the internet on it says buy the app to continue. Please is there any way to fix this ?

  15. Marvz says:

    the app is asking for authentication, any solution for this?? tnx RG

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean the mod only works for rooted phones?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can you please update this game RG??

  18. januz says:

    update this please

  19. Ess says:

    Can you update to unlock Hatsune Miku character pls ??..

  20. daimyo says:

    please update it RG :)

  21. Axa Parhara says:

    Pls update for mod RG 😢

  22. ,UwU, says:

    Ahh limited time Hatsune Miku song…well there’s no hope…no update for mod

  23. Just Telling says:

    Hey RG can you mod ver. 2.3.1…LP can’t hack in app for cytus 2 anymore :(

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