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cytus2-mod-apkcytus II 2 Free APK cytus 2 full version apk cytus 2 full unlocked apkCYTUS 2 GAMEPLAY TRAILER

Cytus 2,Not to be confused with a certain “Cyrus”, who will keep popping up on the Android/iTunes store. This Rhythm game Cytus by Taiwanese independent Developer Rayark was released on the Play Store and iTunes Store in January 2012 for the price of a measly 2$. Producer Ming Yang explained that the goal of the game was to be a both, affordable and expansive quality entry into the genre, and boy, does it show! Now finally around 2 months later of its IOS release Cytus 2 Full APK MOD is now available on Android as well. Cytus II APK currently is not free at all. But IAPs are for purchasing other songs from the store. Cytus 2 MOD APK will be added soon with all songs and musics unlocked for free.

Cytus II APK MOD 2 Full Unlocked Free Download 2.8.1

There are more than 100 playable songs in Cytus 1 that come with the basic purchase of the software on either, iOS or Android devices, and though the PSVita Version of the game. – which was sold at a bafflingly higher prize to the regular version despite being virtually the same, which makes you wonder why they thought anyone would bother getting it in first place. has been discontinued indefinitely, the game is far from done expanding, The game also currently holds the title of most-downloaded Android/iOS music game in a long list of countries, including but not limited to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, the Netherlands and Macao.

Now, you might think: “A Rhythm game Cytus 2 APK MOD with 100 playable songs for 2$? Sounds sweet! Where’s the catch?” Well, there sort of is one, but whether this is actually a disadvantage depends entirely on your taste. You see, Cytus II APK MOD is a very simplistic game, limiting itself to the bear essentials of what is needed for the genre. Unlike many other well known rhythm games, there are no characters to choose from, no videos and next to no animations playing in the background as you play, and nearly no customization whatsoever.

In Cytus 2 MOD APK You open the game, select a song, and bam, you’re playing. No long menus of selections, no score lists, no models of JRPG characters to dress up in swimsuits and seaweed. Just you, the song and the beatmap, plain and simple. To many players, this lack of variety might be detrimental. To me, it’s the perfect approach for an iOS game, since all this stripping down means that the game has very short loading.

Cytus 2 APK MOD Free Download

This game Cytus 2 MOD APK Full Unlocked is just perfect for passing some time waiting on the bus or to entertain yourself in a three minute break at work, since most of the songs are about two minutes long and aforementioned short loading times make it simple to just boot up the game and play a couple of rounds before you go back to business. As a Smartphone game, Cytus 2 APK MOD is entirely touchscreen-based. The player – that is you – is tasked with hitting the notes that appear on screen at the exact moment that the “scanline” – also known as this thing – passes over them, if possible exactly when it is in the note’s middle.

Cytus 2 MOD APK is a very simple and intuitive game, which may not offer the high levels challenge and customization bigger, more expansive Rhythm Games have, but definitely scores points with presentation, atmosphere and enough amazing musics. Cytus II APK MOD 2 Full Unlocked Free Download might be the best music game released recently.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 2.8.1



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play. Need Modded Google Play+LP.



  1. Hey RG, i spent a lot of time downloading this, and in the end its saying connect to the internet to continue, after i turn the internet on it says buy the app to continue. Please is there any way to fix this ?

  2. The game start but all the time is on the screen a window telling something about licence verification and need connection
    That’s window appears without connection and with connection , and I can’t play
    Any way to remove that window?
    (Sorry for my English)

  3. How to play the game and unlock the song packs(latest update) and characters:

    -Busybox module
    -Latest version of Lucky Patcher

    Lucky Patcher settings:
    -[Force set root mode] in [Force set root check] in settings is selected for exotic root methods, like Magisk rooting
    -[Signature Verification status alwats True], [Disable .apk Signature Verification], and [Disable signature verification in the package manager] Android patches from [Toolbox] are enabled
    -[Install Modded Google Play Store] done with the 9.2.11 modded Google Play version
    -[License Service to Google Play Store], [Google Billing Emulation], and [InApp Services to Google Play Store] switches are enabled

    The Lucky Patcher settings will make the game pass the license verification and readies it for the character and song pack unlocking

    Character and song pack unlocking:
    1. launch game
    2. select the character or song pack you wish to unlock. This will bring up Lucky Patcher’s [InApp purchase hack…] window
    3. check [Save purchase for restore]
    4. select [Yes]. This will lock up the game
    5. close the game and relaunch it
    6. select the character or song pack that was selected in step 2. This will bring up the [InApp purchase hack…] window again
    7. select [No]. The character or song pack will be unlocked. It will, however, become locked again after closing the game
    8. repeat step 6 to reunlock the character or song pack for every relaunch of the game

    Do steps 2 to 5 on the other characters and song packs to make them ready for steps 6 to 8 for every relaunch of the game

    • Hello, I am very thank you that you give us the tutorial. But I get some trouble, can you help me?
      I had tried your way, but Cytus II will check your phone is installed Lucky Patcher, and it will be exit and return Error Code (00000021) when it checked Lucky Patcher. So after I launch game it always return error code and exit.
      I tried use Titanium Backup freeze Lucky Patcher and launch game, it is success running and not return error code and not exit.So I freeze Lucky Patcher first and when I run game successfully I thaw Lucky Patcher. I back to game and after a while the game returned error code and exit.After I select [Yes] or [No] in [InApp purchase hack…] window, I freeze Lucky Patcher and back to game, after a while it was returned error code and exited.
      I am very sorry that my English is not very well.
      If you have the way to solve it, please reply me.
      Thank you very much.
      Have a good day!

      • News
        If your phone installed Freedom or running GameGuardian, Cytus2 will return error code and exit. (error code 00000021)
        Have anyway to hide there apps?

      • My root is on Magisk, which can prevent the apps from detecting that the phone is rooted, like Pokemon GO. Maybe that’s why Cytus II doesn’t detect Lucky Patcher on mine.
        I’m not sure if this will fix your problem. In the Lucky Patcher settings, try enabling [Hide the Title]. Unfortunately, Lucky Patcher says this option only works on phones that have hardware menu button(menu button that isn’t on-screen) and even if your phone does have hardware menu button, it’s still not sure if this will prevent Cytus II from detecting Lucky Patcher.

  4. I have just bought the game for almost $2 and used this so called modded app. Still no unlocked IAP chapters…

  5. I have passed the license of cytus 2 in this way.
    Switch on the Lucky Patcher’s switch to the License Service to Google play store and run cytus 2.
    In my case I do not need any other patches and I just passed that one.

  6. HI RG, I can’t even start playing this new 1.2.2 version due to the constant Authentication Failed nag screen regardless my data connection is turned off or turned on…

  7. Hey Rg
    Can u please fix problem where game always checking license on beginning of game so the game can started ….

    Sorry for my bad English

  8. damn.. the first three character reached lvl 25 but still the ramaining three are lock. Vanessa is my opening now i thought the last three will unlock now if reach this level. Despair men!

    • I’ve maxed the three characters still nothing man. You must pay for those guys. I have a friend who has and I gotta tell you. Their songs are totally dope.

  9. Using Lucky Patcher inapp purchase hack, Xenon(4th character) can be temporarily unlocked by bringing up the purchase menu on the character and selecting “No”.
    The character will go back to being locked after relaunching the game, but can be unlocked again the same way.
    Does not work on the 5th and 6th characters, but it might be due to my story progression. Will try again after progressing.

    • Somebody use game guardian and can (temporarily) unlocked the last 3 character. When you relaunch the game those characters locked again but can be unlocked again the same way. Unfortunately you need vip acces to read his tutorial.
      I also tried using game guardian but man i don’t understand how to hack iap with this tools.
      If you succed please share the step by step process.

    • come to think of it, how do you hack iap with lucky patcher anyway? I also use lucky patcher, but none of the patch working. The patch process failed, it said that i have 0% lucky.

    • I managed to unlock the 4th and 5th (Xenon and ConneR) characters with Lucky Patcher temporarily(relocks after closing the game, can be reunlocked the same way).

      My Lucky Patcher setup are the following:
      [License Service to Google Play Store], [Google Billing Emulation], and [InApp Services to Google Play Store] switches are enabled
      [Signature Verification status alwats True], [Disable .apk Signature Verification], and [Disable signature verification in the package manager] Android patches are enabled
      [Install Modded Google Play Store] done with the 9.2.11 modded Google Play version

      After that, I did the method I mentioned before. During in-game, select the locked characters to bring up the purchase menu. It will be Lucky Patcher’s inapp purchase hack. DO NOT SELECT YES, it will lock the game temporarily until it’s relaunched. Select [NO] and the character will unlock.

      For now, I don’t know if there are other conditions that need to be met that I unknowingly and accidentally done to unlock the characters this way. I will post here again if I get more significant findings.

      Some of those settings I mentioned are what enables inapp purchase hack even for other games, especially the modded Google Play patch. It doesn’t always work, like how it locks up Cytus II, but at least manages to get through unexpectedly from choosing [NO], though it does work on Rayark’s previous games, Deemo and Cytus, when choosing [YES] which unlocks the unlockables permanently.

      • What version are you on? Trying this on a legitimately bought 1.2.2 and if I press “No” nothing happens.

        I tried deleting my copy and installing a cracked one with the same result.

        I was more than happy to pay how much I did to get the base game, but these additional characters are just too expensive for me!

        • I also bought the base game and always have it updated.

          Nothing happens to me too at first when doing the Lucky Patcher [NO] method on the 5th and 6th characters. After a few days of occasionally playing the game and fiddling with Lucky Patcher, the method started working on the 5th character too. After a few more days, on the 6th too.

          Like I said, I’m not really sure if there are more to it than the things I mentioned. If you already done all the Lucky Patcher options I mentioned and it’s still not working, try playing the game and gain a few levels on the playable characters first.

    • I unlocked the 6th character using the same method. It’s unknown to me what exactly the conditions I met to enable unlocking the 6th character using the same method, but I do know some changes that POSSIBLY enabled the trick on the 6th character.
      -I update my Lucky Patcher frequently.
      -I maxed out the levels of the 4th and 5th characters

  10. Cannot wait to see the story until the end
    The story so great
    Pls release soon the full unlocked apk
    Where the neko go ?

  11. Once i can install and play, after trying to reinstall again now its always force stopped, can anyone solve my problem? Device redmi 4x running oreo

  12. First, thank you for this very much. I am very interested to when the characters will be unlocked? Take your time, but updates plieaze? :3

  13. i used lucky patcher and it doesn’t work the game got hang and never responded.maybe we need another proper apk for this just like FFXV pocket edition.

  14. Works partly for me. The first three characters are unlocked but the last three are still locked and ask for a purchase.


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